World Cup: Qatar 2022 ambassador says homosexuality is 'damage in the mind'

  1. What if the bribe misfires by bringing attention to how awful the leadership is in a place that would otherwise barely be thought about beyond the immediate region?

  2. FIFA members voting in Qatar's bid to secure the World Cup were paid 1.5mil per vote according to a source recently interviewed in ESPN's E:60 on the Qatar World Cup.

  3. How can such a nation be allowed to host a world event like the world cups.. and who is to condemn the most. FIFA officials? Money talks.

  4. I still cannot wrap my head around why anyone would go to this country. This story is disturbing but yet not surprising.

  5. "A country where it is legal for women to be randomly violated as a standard legal protocol by authorities? Let's have a world cup there!"

  6. The Australian women they violated are at this moment in court over that. They are suing the Saudis, but I’m not sure how far that will go

  7. Abhorrent they did this and even worse they did this to a whole bunch of women. Even if the "guilty" one was among them, they knew they would subject several innocent women to this sexual assault just shows how little they disregard them.

  8. They should have never gotten any rights to host the world cup at all. Especially with how they treat their South Asian labours(india, pakistan,nepal) who are instrumental in building almost all of their architectures

  9. It’s even more ironic that FIFA always claims how much “RESPECT” they have for every person no matter what race, origin, etc. (captain’s bands) and that they uphold players to it. It seems like the notion of tolerance is only enforced with the poor people.

  10. I mean, although I think player shouldn't be quiet, I'm also worried about their safety if they are not quiet about that

  11. Too bad they don’t feel they have to obey the laws of the countries they visit or staying in. Very one sided view, nothing new.

  12. The players on the England team are going to wear a rainbow armband though. AN ARMBAND! The Qatar government wont know what hit them when faced with such a powerful protest.

  13. The number is most likely higher considering that most of the origin countries' refuse to publish data on workers...

  14. I can confirm that they are not aware that violating human rights is wrong. Our entire society grows up with in-house slaves. To realise you’re doing something wrong someone capable of discerning between right and wrong has to raise you. We don’t have that.

  15. Boycott the advertisers and sponsors. It would be way more effective because fifa don’t seem to give a shit about our opinion. But the money stand to lose from sponsors pulling out could be huge

  16. Yet people will. I have buddies who absolutely love soccer and I bring up all the time how bullshit the Qatar world cup is and they agree, but they all just shrug it off and act like they can't do anything about it. Their attitude is "well some one will be watching it so I might as well be one of them", it's frustrating.

  17. It's amazing how much people voice an opinion on whats wrong including modern slavery, covering up worker deaths, providing appalling worker conditions, blackmailing your unpaid staff....but... the same people will still send a team to the world cup, companies like coca-cola will endorse their products.

  18. So, football is like a religion. The game is fun, but the institutions behind it, the advertisers, sponsors, club owners, are like pedophile priests, but instead of children, they abuse finances

  19. These people get so mad when people say the same thing about their religion. I'll never get the dissonance - if discrimination hurts you, why would you ever be fine doing the same towards another group?

  20. In their country they are not a minority that is discriminated against. They are the almighty majority.

  21. Because they believe religion supersedes anything else. Religion in Qatar even supersedes the state. While reality is that religion or "god" is a human mental construct designed to cope with hardships.

  22. those aren't even comparable. religions are obviously a falsehood that spreads across humans like a cancer and has caused an insane amount of harm across the last thousands of years. homosexuality is irrevelant, doesn't harm anything at all, there is no rational argument against it, and anyone that tries to stop others from it is irrational and immoral.

  23. Looks at the guys I've been attracted to I mean you're not wrong but wtf dude? Sure I must be brain damaged, but it's still not polite to say it out loud!

  24. At least you can see the humour in this. As a fellow gay man that’s in his early 20s, seeing this be a widely shared opinion by such large religious groups of people honestly makes me so fucking depressed.

  25. I’ve spent the last 3 days arguing in comment sections with brain dead people, who happen to be of the Muslim faith, trying to explain to them why this is so fucked up. They genuinely do not care. They don’t see homosexuals as people and it seems like many of the devote ones literally want us dead.

  26. Try looking at the comments under ANY major football teams social media when they promote women/lgbt issues and you will see a massive stream of disgusting words from certain parts of the world, all massively liked and with no pushback from others from those areas

  27. I feel there's a silent majority of support for this view among Muslims, one few seem to talk about. It's not like they're all out there shouting or fighting about it, but if you ask them their sincere opinion...

  28. These people, and what I mean by them are Muslims, live in countries that abuse human rights. Throughout history none of their mother countries have ever known peace, they're always fighting. A 60 minutes interview decades old of the Saudi ambassador said it best; the men in the Middle East are insecure and hate to lose face, it's not just them but their faith that binds them to such childish behavior.

  29. What really gets me usually are the people claiming homosexuality to be unnatural, like hav eyou ever watched two male dogs? There are a multitude of animals out there that regularly have gay specimens, it's not unnatural in the slightest and try as you want at the end of the day we are animals just the same, hormones determine our general wants and desires whether we want it or not and if your body chemistry says you are gay then that is the reality of the matter. A person isn't some lesser being just because they have an "anomaly" (not as in something is wrong but as in something is different from 90% of the population) that makes them seek out the same gender.

  30. You’ve been dealing with it for 3 days and you seem to be tired. Imagine doing it for your whole life as many of us exmuslims have done. Come to the

  31. They're blindly following shit that hasn't evolved since the dark ages. Their scholars are taxi cab drivers nowadays. The extra sad thing is statistically how many gay Muslims there would be.

  32. Everyone who visit this event are supporting such stance, and putting some dumb game over basic human rights.

  33. Don't even watch it, not even with illegal streams. Fuck the sponsors too, you expect it from the betting companies, but everyone here is complicit.

  34. Same here. I used to agree when people said sports and politics should be separated. Unfortunately countries like Qatar (and Russia, and China, and others) are using sports to promote their politics. And while I have no power to change their politics, I can refuse to watch their sports.

  35. FIFA, one of the most corrupt organizations not just in sports but in general, could give two fucks about anything other than money.

  36. Any country, athlete or fan that participates in a single match of these games are morally bankrupt.

  37. How are people able to condone this? You are literally supporting fundamentalist bigots with this corrupt WM by watching it

  38. May sound harsh, but I can’t wait for the day when there are enough viable alternatives to oil, like fusion energy and organic syntheses, so the US can finally stop covering the asses of these hideous perverted neanderthals in the opec and the ask for oil on the world market plummets.

  39. Well believing in a sky fairy is a little damaging to the mind too, but I’m not going to behead you over that claim.

  40. It’s bullshit they ever got a World Cup to begin with. Why go to a place that’s openly hostile to a large segment of your audience? No gays? No “dating”? No alcohol? Women must dress modestly? Fuck Qatar and all religious fundamentalists!!

  41. Any footballer worth his weight as a human being would use any pre or post match interviews to solely talk about this and the slavery deaths, and refuse to speak about anything else. See what happens when they run out of players to interview

  42. Anyone going to Qatar, or paying a cent to watch the games are condoning everything Qatar has been doing abd saying.

  43. If you support the World cup this year you're supporting the deaths of 6500 migrant workers that perished building that God forsaken stadium!

  44. Not watching the World Cup. I recommend everyone else do the same. I did the same with the Olympics when they were in China. Don't add more money to their pockets.

  45. As a Latin American homosexual that grew up watching soccer like it was a religion. Fuck Qatar (govt and the ambassador) and fuck FIFA.

  46. This is the first World Cup in my life that I don’t wannna watch or even care about. Qatar, like ruzzia, gave huge bribes to host. The dates had to move due to hot, inhospitable weather. The same can be said about their government: hot and inhospitable.

  47. As a gay soccer fan, I’m not sure what a better protest is - boycotting The World Cup or just enjoy it as usual, by jerking off to all the hot players.

  48. Almost feels like Qatar are just getting off on this now, as if their anger at a world that refuses to respect their homophobic, backwards dictatorship encouraged them to piss away a bunch of money bribing FIFA as a sort of fuck-you.

  49. Don’t care + didn’t ask, my gay ass will still love and cheer for my team in the World Cup, fuck you homophobia, ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡VIVA ECUADOR!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Honestly, i'm tired of this narrative. Where was this supposed media lynching at the time Russia and Qatar were awarded. Wasn't there an investigation done at the time?

  51. Friendly reminder that Quatar police regularly catfish gay men, lead them to a hotel room, then proceed to brutally rape, detain, imprison and finally, if they are from another country, deport those gay men.

  52. Don’t get me wrong, the extreme homophobia is bad enough, but over 6000 immigrant workers who for all intents and purposes were slave labour during construction, died building the facilities. The fact that few people seem to care floors me.

  53. I don't know if it's Qatar specifically but I remember reading a few articles over the years (probably here on reddit) how some middle-eastern countries still stone to death gays and lesbians? I think I also read an article about an unfaithful woman who also got stoned to death. So fucking backwards!

  54. It's mind-blowing to me that people with the worst societal takes seems to never miss a chance to let people know how they feel about a topic lol.

  55. Just a reminder that if you watch the World Cup, you're saying that the enslaving and killing of people to build those stadiums doesn't bother you, because your own enjoyment of soccer is worth it.

  56. Any sponsors, advertisers, vendors, teams, media or players participating in this world cup are complicit in these atrocities. Full stop.

  57. Even if it was, we also don't want you persecuting people with mental illness either. Mohammed, this isn't that complicated. Just don't be assholes to people different from what you want to be normal.

  58. Im expecting a complete shitshow from this tournament. How the hell are they going to enforce their laws on more than a million tourists?

  59. Question: how do you boycott something that you’ve never even watched before? How do I boycott the Qatar World Cup when I’ve never seen any World Cup?

  60. Should you become aware of any world cup related advertising note the company and drop an email to their customer facing accounts, alerting them that you'll not be availing of their goods or services due to their support of backward and oppressive regimes.

  61. There are a lot of homosexual football players that still havent come out, this should be a catalyst for them to do it and just say "you know what? fuck your worldcup"

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