Israel election results put Netanyahu’s right wing coalition back in power

  1. The FAR-right wing party - the party that lost power due to mass corruption LAST YEAR, is set to regain control with all the same people...stay tuned for the election results from the US next.....👀

  2. How will this impact the proposed confederation of Israel with Palestine? Is that now dead in the water, or is that still viable?

  3. Increases the chances as Israeli government formalizes it's annexation of the remnants of Palestine, which will then lead to increased ghettoisation and oppression of Palestinians, few bloody decades, then maybe a civil rights movement will succeed in bringing equal rights for all.

  4. The former government fell because it was an abomination. You can't have a Right wing party sit with a left wing party. It's black and white.

  5. This is a good result for everyone, They will have a government for 4 years without elections every half a year. The right wing block have a majority over the Left.

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