[UK] Liz Truss to resign as Prime Minister, Sky News understands

  1. No one thought to ask "How fast can we get through a PM cycle" before, but the British Conservatives have really made strides in optimizing the routing here. Electing someone with policies that are utterly irrational but nevertheless popular with the base, and then immediately trying to implement them in maximal form, really seems like it must be the dominant strategy. I don't know if even TAZbot can get much more out of this.

  2. Johnson announced his resignation on 7 July and Truss became Prime Minister on 6 September - 61 days later.

  3. Imagine a primary election like you have in the US, but with a party that only has about 100,000 members, and they’re all nutters (that last part shouldn’t be too hard to imagine).

  4. Inept? Dude, she did what they set her up to do: tanked the economy and made huge gains for hedge funds who knew her plans and bet against the pound, increased the interest rates on mortgages and made them unaffordable for a lot of people (ready to be bought out by hedge funds), lifted the fracking ban and opened the door for her rich sponsors to profit at the cost of the UK environment to name a few. Now she will be used as a most convenient scapegoat by her party to be blamed for anything and everything.

  5. Similar issue here in Alberta, Canada. The Conservatives elected the worst Premiere we'd ever seen, and when he finally stepped down people thought it could only get better. Instead they elected the Laura Boebert of Canadian politics who has been doubling down on controversial viewpoints/conspiracy theories and issuing fake apologies on a near-daily basis. The right-wing surge across the globe is born from a place of ignorance and idiocy, and it shows. I suppose that's how one winds up on that side of the political spectrum to begin with.

  6. Brexit is such a bad idea that only the worst mps will lead it. Since the party doesnt want to change tack and abandon brexit then you are stuck with only the most horrible of the con mps who are willing to be the leader trying to swallow a turd.

  7. Imagine being the longest-reigning monarch and dying during the term of the shortest-serving PM. Astronomical odds.

  8. If the tory party keep this up, Charles might have more PMs to his name than his mom by the time of his coronation

  9. “Who was prime minister when queen Elizabeth II died” is gonna be a really good trivia question in the future

  10. “There are decades-long premierships where nothing happens, and there are month-long premierships where decades happen.”

  11. Genuinely not sure what response she was expecting with the "tax cuts for the rich" line in this economic climate. Possibly the dumbest real-life example of "surprised Pikachu face" in recent memory (and that's saying something, considering the abundant competition lately).

  12. That reminds me I’ve had an onion in my fridge longer than her PM career( idk if I wanna call it a career).

  13. Hard to believe the Queen had to meet her and swear her in only for her to resign weeks later

  14. Well they might put in boris, technically he has a democratic mandate, and I can't quite believe I'm saying that.

  15. What we need now is a experienced, level headed individual who knows the ins and outs of Downing Street. There's only a single individual who can possibly save the country now.

  16. Liz Truss is the first Prime Minister not to have had an episode of Doctor Who air during her premiership for the first time since the show started in 1963.

  17. I feel like if you fire the PM this quickly, it should be grounds for a general election. Like, if you can’t make it 90 days before being turfed by your own party, something is so clearly rotten that the public should have a say, not just the party faithful (who, it must be said, have been doing worse with every successive candidate).

  18. It's such a bizarre decision imo. It's one thing to have a Prime Minister who looks weak and quite another to make the entire Conservative party look weak.

  19. Lol Thatcher wasn't embalmed, they only need to do that to preserve something that was originally alive and made from organic materials

  20. She’s down a lot of damage in a short time. But I’d wager others have done more harm by staying in longer and getting more bad shit done.

  21. Wow England has been in a spiral since they decided to leave the EU. Almost seems like voting for a bunch of xenophobic losers doesn't work.

  22. The absolute cheek of Liz Truss claiming that she was resigning because she could not “deliver the mandate” on which she was elected.

  23. Dumb question here; Did she physically move her stuff into Downing Street? I'd hate to have to pack again after just 45 days.

  24. I'd hate to have some tenant walk in, kill a monarch, cause £45 billion in damage then make like a lettuce and leaf before their deposit even cleared, to be fair.

  25. No, the Tories store their personal possessions in the shadow realm and only summon things if they need them

  26. If you're not familiar with British politics it might look like she chose to resign but the BBC reported that, prior to the announcement she "met with the chair of the 1922 Comittee" and those are the people in the party that have the power to call a vote of no confidence in the leader, so the only conclusion is that she was told that she was going to be removed as leader and if she wanted to save face she should just resign.

  27. They'll put us through this as many times as it takes before it gets to 2024. The gigantic, blue turd that just can't be flushed.

  28. I just want to offer my congratulations to the 81,326 Tory members who managed to pick the shortest lived PM in UK history.

  29. Honest to God, Britain's recent history, 2016 onwards; The History Books for school will have more Drama & Fantasy than GRRM's Song of Ice and Fire.

  30. 44 days, Almost crashed the Economy made her rich friends richer and quit and now gets 115k of tax payers money for life.

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