Russia hits Ukraine's capital with wave of 'kamikaze' drones

  1. great quote I read on twitter "A lesson from history: when a failing aggressor desperately fires its “weapons of retaliation” that inflict meaningless damage to civilians to no military effect whatsoever — the end is drawing nearer."

  2. Therefore absolutely no accident they are targeting residential areas, the pilots can see exactly what they're doing. Disgusting terrorists

  3. There no pilots, it's fire and forget drones. And yes they target residential because they want to put whole country out of electricity and so they target energy company offices too...

  4. Not only capital. They plan to shutdown electricity and so target everything connected to it I whole country, today was massive and it still continues

  5. kamikaze involves the death of driver. So this is really a poor mans guided missile, which was used many times before, including US.

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