"They can't arrest all of us": Why Iran's defiant young protesters "want the change today"

  1. Imagine killing school girls in cold blood. I can’t. Because I’m not a fking psychopath like the iranian regime and anyone who supports them

  2. How can you not imagine the meaning of the words you just wrote? Is that really possible and why ask others if you really found it painful. Like ouch I got burned, here hold this hot coal for me…

  3. This philosophy isn’t taught or used enough. Sheer overwhelming numbers the general public has as a real power/weapon against governments. They are completely correct, they can not arrest them all. There are just physical limits to space.

  4. I think the Iranian culture has more potential than it often gets credit for, as we saw back in the 70s. They need to turn the theocracy way down and they will do far better.

  5. Correct. They'll just start killing you. I'm not trying to be vulgar, but the protestors do need to understand what's coming. This isn't going to be about signs. It's going to be about guns. PLEASE be aware of your surroundings!

  6. You really think these people don’t know what their own government will do to them??? Especially after 2 weeks and 130 killed?

  7. Your comment comes off very ignorant as if these girls need to be told how oppressive and violent their government is. They’ve been living this their entire lives

  8. Oh boy. I hope they receive real governmental change as a result of all this and move away from a repressive theocracy. Good luck to all those Iranians fighting in their home and abroad against their government.

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