Saudi Arabia just won a bid for the 2029 Asian Winter Games. The $500 billion city they're set to be hosted in doesn't exist yet.

  1. So lemme get this straight they’re gonna build a city from scratch big enough for the Olympics in just 7 years along with engineering a method to actually host winter games.

  2. Don't forget it's in a desert, no snow, and doesn't get below freezing. This makes as much sense as hosting the summer games in Antarctica.

  3. The as yet built city was announced about 5 years ago, and is a part of a broader effort by KSA to get away from oil. My understanding is they want Neom to be like Dubai. Make it attractive for foreigners with professional skill sets to live and work (obscene salary and a blind eye to the strict customs applied to everyone else).

  4. That’s the part I don’t get. Sochi 2014 and Beijing 2022 both make sense. Pay the IOC a massive bribe to have the Olympics in places that have neither snow nor mountains. Cheat at all costs so that it shows as a point of “imperial pride” right before the invasions of donbas and Taiwan (had it gone to plan an Ukraine fell in 3 days as projected).

  5. I agree with you but the IOC doesn’t govern the Asian winter games. So, add a third corrupt organization to your list I guess.

  6. Fuck another wasteful sports spending spree. Looking to outdo the wasteful Sochi Games I guess. Winter sports, Saudi Arabia, lol

  7. Stop letting these fucking horrid countries host international events, Jesus fucking Christ. It’s really,really, REALLY not hard to choose countries that don’t have a vast record human rights abuses.

  8. The city is actually one mile long building, IIRC. But, yeah, probably… a lot of the delays with construction in the west are due to building regulations that don’t exist in other countries (which is why collapses are common elsewhere in the world), inability to have a singular focus (KSA will focus all its infrastructure services on this project), and of course everyone having their hand in the pot (try to build something in CA… I dare you)

  9. Their pitch "Remember the gas shortage of 2022? Let's show you how much we really made from that hot mess"

  10. Games? There? Why not just go to Russia and the athletes can “jump” from the windows? It’s known that the Saudi’s are trying to remove themselves from the list of top 5 countries with the worst offenders of human rights by sportswashing - why enable this by participating?

  11. Any responsible body would not have accepted this bid seeing the amount of stupid energy that would have to be wasted to enable snow in a desert

  12. It's alright, they just need to grind all the dead slaves and mix them with the concrete to have enough material to build all the infrastructure they need to host the games.

  13. it would be awesome if the world somehow boycotted it and they lost all that money building a future ghost town.

  14. No worries they can do it they have all the money and no brains but the rule runs true there he who owns the most gold make the rules PERIOD

  15. Stop complaining. They're just trying to do their part to curb global warming. Once they freeze all that sea water for the venues the ocean levels will drop. And it doesn't matter how much electricity generated by fossil fuels will be used to keep it all frozen. They've got PLENTY to keep the power on.

  16. I find it such a slap in the face to athletes for this going to a country without a cold climate. Shows the corruption in selection committees perfectly.

  17. Who knows what the world will look like 7 years from now. Currently however, I refuse to support this and intend to withhold my viewership.

  18. this is so unsustainalable, it hurts. and the polititians are telling us to behave eco friendly? this cannot be for real.

  19. Oh my god, we're short on resources and we're trying to save our home planet from climate change and nuclear annihilation. And these guys are doing this. This is so fucking out of touch, and such a human thing to do. Fuck this species, we deserve our downfall.

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