South Korea and US fire missiles into sea in response to North Korea

  1. I'm just wondering how much of my tax money each missile costs. Like, North Korea, I guaran-fucking-tee, is aware we have missiles. It's like that scene in a movie where the bully comes up, cracks his knuckles, and asks "Do you know what this is?" shows fist "Oh well I don't fucking know...a ham sandwich?".

  2. It's odd how little it's mentioned in this thread, while any NK missile failure will surely be memed on.

  3. On a serious note, can we not unnecessarily pollute the ocean more than we already are? Not to mention it's literally dumping money as well.

  4. "The launch was designed to show the US and their allies have the "the military capabilities at the ready to respond to provocations by the North".

  5. It's starts as a joke here and in a few months one of my family members is gonna be telling it to me with a straight face along with their other ridiculous conspiracies.

  6. Can we start playing It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday by Boyz II Men and pour some 40s out for our fish homies?

  7. Soon enough both sides will have fired enough missiles you'd be able to walk from NK to Japan without getting your feet wet.

  8. The WORLD is literally having a pissing contest. Not a couple drunk frat buddies. Not 2 50 year old dudes going through a mid life crisis. The god damn world.

  9. It’s sad seeing history repeating itself and proving that humanity will always be its worst enemy. Our race fought for borders, for food, for religion, for color, for money, for land and for the ego of the ruling elites and we are in the same place again and always we fall and never learn.

  10. Gotta spend that $715 billion dollar budget somehow. What better way than tit-for-tat antics that literally won't change anything?

  11. It’s a massive bitch move to be firing missiles into the ocean in a time when the oceanic wildlife is already struggling.

  12. There's not a single government in the world that cares about the welfare of our planet and all of its inhabitants over $$$. It is so messed up.

  13. Did we really have to though? I think the military capabilities of the US are quite well documented. I really feel like it would be better if it went something like this:

  14. I’m aware that this is a calculated step, but it just sounds like such a waste when I’m over here drowning in daycare costs

  15. what a fucking stupid waste. they know the US and South Korea have missles. the fucks the point of shooting it at the water? to pollute shit more? honestly this serves no purpose.

  16. Search for AP to get the real story, I get why this propaganda is being broadcasted but it’s in bad faith. The real story is that the US/S Korea missle launch was a failure and it blew up and plowed into the ground shortly after leaving the launchpad on the military base. I dont expect this comment to stay up for long tbh

  17. US and South Korea: "Look at me! I'm North Korea! Please notice me, Japan!" See it's easy, anyone can do it.

  18. The world is wackier by the day. These long simmering disputes are going to be resolved, with violence apparently.

  19. Nuke threats, wars, protest with deaths, innocent civilians murdered in horrific ways, missles launched from North Korea, missles launched by South Korea, missles launched by the USA and I’m over here just trying to enjoy my life with my family and the fact we can all go away in an instant because of stupid fucking world villains with dementia and boomer lead poisoning leaders going fucking insane 24/7!

  20. The posturing and ego tripping of our nation's leadership looks like a group toddler tantrum in the sandpit. Humanity are primitive, violent, unevolved apes and it's a fucking disgrace considering all the information and resources we have access to. This pissing contest cost hundreds of millions of tax dollars and amounted to nothing.

  21. How much marine life is affected and what other impacts are there from all these missiles being fired into the ocean?

  22. What a productive dick measuring contest. Where are the Republicans asking "how we are going to pay for that?!" when you need them?

  23. Don't these things cost hundreds of thousands of dollars EACH and they're just...Blasting them off into the water as some sort of international pissing contest?

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