Ukrainian economy will shrink at rate eight times that of Russia, World Bank forecasts | World Bank

  1. Country who is fighting off an invasion, while it’s major cities get bombed is going to have economic trouble. No shit. Next you will tell me that it has infrastructure issues that are not being addressed.

  2. Maybe they can have reparations out of Russia’s sovereign wealth fund held collectively by the western alliance. I think if Ukraine sued in the world court they’d find for Ukraine and fine Russia for the rebuilding and the war crimes. Take all 600 billion even if you only need 400b.

  3. Considering the aid they’ve gotten from the west already, one could suspect that Ukraine would get a lot of help rebuilding both the country and the economy. Kinda like a mini Marshall plan perhaps?

  4. Post-disaster periods for regions with support do tend to show explosive growth, but considering cities and towns are being destroyed and people are dying, the instability created by that will absolutely wreck their economy, regardless of whether they have financial help. It's still gonna hurt like hell.

  5. They certainly will get one (at best) or some kind of Iraq-style boondoggle (at worst), but once this is over, it's inconceivable that Ukraine won't be firmly Western-aligned and with Western reconstruction happening en masse.

  6. People cry out about 5bln dollars donations in military, i think doing the rebuilding part will be political suicide

  7. Yeah talking about Ukraines economy during total war is bonkers. Their economy could drop 100% and it doesnt make a difference to the war.

  8. It's probably legitimate. The IMF made a similar projection of 6%. That is a substantial decline that wipes out several years of progress. Considering this happened during a pandemic recovery year, we could be talking about their economy getting tossed back an entire decade.

  9. On the other hand we have this study of satellite night photography and it’s correlation with gdp and how dictatorships lie about their numbers

  10. Ukraine is on the lend lease act. It is in is a lot of people's interest that it is successful. How will they repay they ask? In resources, at a certain price we say,

  11. Very unfortunate, but what's most important here is that Ukraine is fighting for national survival, which trumps other concerns. I hope the post-war recovery will be substantial.

  12. The big difference here is that when all this bullshit ends Ukraine has a long list of countries willing to help them get back on their feet and rebuild.

  13. but the world will support them more than Russia... especially if they join the EU... russia and russian allies need more sanctions including ccp and india

  14. Russia wasn’t invaded and its citizens raped and murdered as we speak, hard to worry about economic growth in such a situation. This is an idiotic comparison

  15. i’m sorry but ukraine needs to defend themselves and stop relying on the west to rescue them. the west is quickly crashing and burning, and it won’t play out well for them.

  16. Pretty sure they didn't take into account 750,000 [to a] million working age Russian men and women leaving over the last 10 days. Since most of them are from the European part of Russia, that will likely have a roughly 2% impact on GDP alone.

  17. The ukrainian economy will probably very soon be as good as dead, left in absolute ruins and forgotten, but it does not matter - the USA will directly supply them with everything they need as long as they keep on fighting. With that they do not need to manufacture anything or to keep any shops or businesses running, they can forget about sustaining normal life, have total control of their government over everything and have it all used just for war efforts. And the infinite resource is what Russia does not have - it can can only afford to keep on fighting for a couple of years, 3 years at most before it will need to reduce military spendings, to restock its reserves and to reballance the economy or internal debt crisis will emerge like in 1998. I am pretty sure that with the clock ticking we will see it ending next year.

  18. Ukraine's long-term prospects are much better, though. The rebuilding will be a huge, multinational effort, but they will get a major upgrade to infrastructure eventually. They will be firmly aligned with the west, a member of the EU, and out of the control of Russian hegemony and corrupt oligarchs. It will take a while, but their future looks bright.

  19. It's ok, between the aid the West will shower them in and their newly acquired land called East Ukraine (formerly known as the Russian Federation) they will be fine.

  20. That sounds pretty good for Ukraine, to be honest, seeing how one of those two countries has had the absolute shit bombed out of it by the other recently. A x8 factor isn't so bad.

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