Liz Truss says pledges support for Israel, says she is a 'huge zionist'

  1. She’s dunking on Labour. A lot of prominent party members are openly anti-Zionist, although thankfully that doesn’t apply to the leadership anymore.

  2. Of course she’d want to empower the rich. I can still remember reading articles about most contenders to the Tory leadership conceding under pressure from Tory grandees to back her. Sunak was the last obstacle in the way. Heck, truss wasn’t even in the top 3 of the race back then ! I was expecting her to drop out. we just watched her climb the steps one contender after another.

  3. It's like those temp CEOs they bring in to handle massive layoffs, then they get huge golden parachutes and the real CEO comes in to act like the good guy.

  4. How are the Brits so full of idiots in power? They beat the US so fast in self-destruction it's fascinating

  5. Race ain’t over yet! One of our parties judges candidate quality based on how loyal they are to a cult built around a billionaire con artist.

  6. Umm nah you either know fuck all about Uk politics or absolutely fuck all about US politics tenner says it’s both.

  7. I was just saying on another sub, it's like the Tories found someone deliberately worse than Boris as a, "See what you made me do? See what happens when you criticise me?" move. Real abusive partner behaviour.

  8. Gahdamn the beacons of Gondor must've been lit or some shit bc it seems like all these people know now is their time

  9. I know that most readers don't know what Zionism is and do not intend to read, for example, on Wikipedia, so I'll give a short explanation.

  10. The people who can’t/unwilling to understand this are the people who’re comfortable eating information from “mainstream” Tiktok influencers because is just the trend, no point explaining this to them.

  11. How is it not colonialism? They wanted to establish a homeland for jews in palestine, and lobbied the largest European colonial power to help them force it into existence.

  12. The issue is that Isreal has been governed by right wing governments for decade. If Meretz were to form the government of Israel that would be a different situation, but that will never happen. As long as Isreal is governed by right wing governments that do not recognize the rights of Palestinians and who support settlements then it is fair to equate zionism with the policy of the Isreali governments that have existed since the assassination of Rabin.

  13. Another point that might be interesting to readers is that Muslims outside the war mongering states around the Persian gulf are also very Muslim and completely uninterested in Israel, for the most part.

  14. Today's Zionism is not the zionism of Theodor Herzl. It is a settler-colonial movement that has purposely dispossessed indigenous Palestinians for multiple generations. They continue to illegally annex territory and build settlements in areas that are internationally recognized as not part of Israel.

  15. their own country at the expense of the native population . with every sense of the word zionism is an imperialistic ideology which is hellbent on clearing the palestinian population from the land which is by looking at the various organizations and the UN own defintion of it is genocide . so no i am not going to support zionism infact it is as bad as the term lebensraum

  16. Except for their chosen land they picked a country which has citizens and have created an apartheid regime. They have also relagated the inhabitants as 2nd class people, regularly trample on their rights and seize their property without cuase. Israel has violated many UN resolutions during its existence.

  17. Absolute bullshit. It's like saying German Christians have their own land or ethnic Germans that can trace back to Germanic tribes have their own homeland. It's completely indefensible. I'm Jewish BTW.

  18. They’re just sharing a promotional statement from a politician they like and increasing her exposure. It’s not inaccurate, but it is biased.

  19. It's important to support Israel in its quest for self determination, but can't they be nice to thier neighbors while doing so? I'm just hoping for a better tomorrow.

  20. Israeli history is getting invaded more than once, then having terrorist attacks from freedom fighters in their borders on civilians, so maybe it also is their neighbors too

  21. Pledges support for a country that invades its neighbor and then continues to occupy it - hmmmmm, be pledging support for Putin next!

  22. I can imagine Boris sitting at home, rubbing his hand together, going, "Yes, Liz! YES! Show them the error of their ways! Let them crave the lies and my inability to care about anyone other than myself!"

  23. And the source is Fox News. Figures. Is there by any chance another source that brought this story? One that is not controversial?

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