North Korea Fires Missile Over Japan in Major Escalation

  1. I was stationed in Japan from 2012-2014 in the Navy and i remember getting alerts on my phone about possible missile strikes from North Korea. Good times

  2. SEOUL — North Korea on Tuesday fired an intermediate-range ballistic missile over Japan for the first time in five years, prompting a rare warning by the Japanese government for residents in two northern prefectures to seek shelter.

  3. I live in Northern Japan. My kids were freaking out this morning with the sirens going on in the neighborhood (and city) every 5 minutes, asking citizens to seek shelter. I am used to this, but seeing my daughter crying and panicking before going to school, that was pretty hard.

  4. Man, posts like yours make me sad that the lives of so many people could be wiped away by one crazy lunatic out there. Hope y’all stay safe.

  5. I mean, the warning siren used in Japan is eerie as fuck. It's made to make you subconsciously uncomfortable so that you actually pay attention to it.

  6. I'm not near the possible targeted area, but certainly seeing every channel on TV have black screens with "Missile fired from North Korea" with an announcer rambling on and on is quite scary. I couldn't imagine what the folks on Aomori were thinking seeing their prefecture lit up as the "targeted area".

  7. Imagine it exploding over Pyongyang and everyone looks up at the sky all freaking out like “OMG NOOO ITS THE END” and then like, fucking quarter pounders land on the ground.

  8. It’s a response to Joint training exercises by primarily the US and South Korea. It’s just political posturing and in a days time it will all be over. Same thing happened in 2017 and this happens every so often.

  9. More like he feels threatened because when one obviously illegitimate dictator is on the verge of being overthrown, it makes all the other obviously illegitimate dictators nervous.

  10. ...which one? Iran making news lately as well, and there's the junta in Myanmar that's been under the radar since Russia.

  11. If risking your country being blown off the map is North Korea's goal or way to impress more power to them.

  12. Realistically, they know they'd never have a chance. They're just posturing to receive more foreign aid. Happens about every winter. If one of those missiles malfunctioned and landed on Japan, they'd absolutely shit themselves and immediately start offering blowjobs to anyone who could get them out of that disaster.

  13. For as dangerous as NK think they are, it would literally be the end of their country if they started a war. This is a country run by a douchebag with weird hair and that can't even feed its people.

  14. Ironically it's this kind of show of force that prevents that from happening. They know all too well because we already did wipe NK off the map in the Korean War. 1/3rd of NK people dead and nearly all surface infrastructure destroyed. Every city leveled.

  15. Remember when a barber shop in Europe created an international incident over an ad featuring Kim? The ad said "Bad hair day? Come on in!" with Kim's picture on it or something like that. Kim was very offended.

  16. This is the first time I've ever received an emergency notification to seek shelter due to the threat of an incoming missile. Not gonna lie, I can only imagine how our parents felt during the height of cold war, drilling for nuclear attack. Between the shit happening in the middle east, intense destruction from changing weather, russia and Ukraine, china and Taiwan, and now NK. Yeah it landed in the middle of the ocean this time but it's just par for the course the world is taking..... Crazies are getting more brazen by the day.

  17. To be fair, I don't have a lot of faith in North Korean technology. I could totally see them aiming for the ocean and missing.

  18. To give your own timeline credit, our parents didn't actually have a missle shot at them..twice like you have. You can relate to the fear, but yours is much more realized than theirs.

  19. We had a false alarm in Hawaii a few years back. Caused by someone basically setting off the wrong notification. Those 15 or so minutes before we got confirmation that it was a false alarm, were pretty surreal!

  20. Yes, each japanese Aegis destroyer has a Ballistic Missile Defense System which uses mainly the SM-3 missile, problem is each missile costs 25 million, so if there is no need to use them as it would also be more dangerous, they just won't use it.

  21. The Iron Dome can calculate whether a missile would hit populated areas or not, and it only shoots those that would. I assume other missile defense systems have some sort of go/no go setup to not shoot down a missile if it's not needed. Saves money for the defender, and shooting down a missile over a city still has its own dangers.

  22. Well certainly it’s an act of war if Japanese citizens get hurt or killed. Sadly I think everyone knows North Korea is unlikely to actually attack given that their country would be obliterated very quickly. They could do some serious damage to Seoul though before being stopped. It does surprise me that countries just typically ignore them though. Imagine if Russia fired a test missile into U.S. water.

  23. Japan has ballistic missile defenses, including AEGIS with SM-3 block IIA interceptors and also operates Patriot PAC-3 batteries. Short answer for the Patriot is that system's engagement envelope is terminal phase (missile incoming to target) at 40-60km. This missile was launched on a lofted trajectory (like most of NKs ballistic missile tests) up to 1,000km. That is within the range of a midcourse interception with a SM-3, but your answer on why it wasn't intercepted is because radar likely determined from the trajectory that it was not on target for Japan. No point in wasting an expensive missile and giving away valuable data on potential intercepts for something that was already determined to not be a threat. Plus, missile defense is hard, it would be embarrassing to Japan if it missed or didn't engage correctly, so politically it's a liability.

  24. The rocket flew up to a maximum of 1000km(700ish miles) and was outside of the atmosphere before it reached Japan airspace. This whole thing is really being overblown. With that kind of altitude for a launch, a few small wording changes and it's an orbital delivery system test and not a missile launch.


  26. Yeah, seriously. Living in the downtown part of one of the largest cities in the US I've already told my family that if it comes to nukes just assume I'm dead.

  27. Currently in Tokyo on vacation from the USA, absolutely nothing from my family but to be fair my mom doesn't look at the news anymore.

  28. Russia invades Ukraine. China threatening Taiwan. North Korea doing their dumb shit. Why the fuck is this all happening at the same time?

  29. I mean in North Korea's defense they're always doing dumb shit. China is threatening Taiwan to divert attention away from their own internal problems. And Russia has been after Ukraine since Ukraine left the USSR.

  30. dont forget Iran is having issues and Armenia is heating up as well and poland wants 1.3 trillion from Germany

  31. I feel like one day I am going to die from a war that's broken out near me that I had no idea about because news sites require you to register and subscribe to read their shit.

  32. I completely forgot about that idiot from North Korea lol. Than man-baby is crying for attention 🤣🤣

  33. And they always want the attention from the rich first world country, they don't bug some poor African country!

  34. Does Japan not have the ability to shoot it down? I always thought that’s what would happen and not let it fly over they’re country like that.

  35. Yes, but that might actually lead to real escalations. As it is, NK does this fairly frequently. Japan just kind of lets them play their stupid games, since there's no real reason to turn it into a full blown shitshow.

  36. Literally was scuba diving off the west side of Okinawa when this happened. Didn’t feel anything but damn, what a quick end that would have been lol

  37. I wonder what the NK's game plan was if that thing malfunctioned and crashed into Japan. How insanely reckless.

  38. Man, with all the BS going on around the world, the last thing we need is Kim being more of a dick than he usually is.

  39. If the 2 wanna be hitlers in the world could not manifest themselves at the same time that's be great

  40. Why can't we all just freaking get along. I am so sick and tired of all the strife in the world. Every day it is something else. We all deserve to live stress free happy lives.

  41. Goddammit, again? So tired of this shit. I was stationed in Yokosuka when I was in the Navy and missed some dope WoW raiding when my ship was sent out to "show force" in response to their 2017 chicanery. It's created a very personal beef with them for me.

  42. Can the world just fucking fuck off for 10 minutes? I’m just now getting my shit together and suddenly it’s APOCALYPSE time.

  43. The No. Korean regimen is like that tiny little runt of a fuck, screaming in your face and kicking you, as you're fighting his big best friend.

  44. I dont think its coincidence that Kim Jong Un waited until after Antonio Inoki died to fuck around and find out.

  45. Wonderful. I got voted down but let's be clear. I would rather be dead than live through what they can all do. Fuck putin. Fuck North Korea ..fuck them all. 51 years of worrying I'm over it. I know the US has done horrible things. Just throw it already. Hiding under my desk in 1977 made me realize....what will this help? Glory to Ukraine.

  46. North Korea is like: remember me? I used to be the most crazy ass fuck on the block! Fuck this Putin guy, look at me!!!!!

  47. North Korea feeling like a red-headed step-child getting no attention while bitch-boi Putin owns the world stage.

  48. They're probably running out of food again. They raise a stink, we give them food aid then they stfu for awhile. Rinse/repeat.

  49. Too many people didn’t believe in the pandemic. So now the powers at be must go to war. They’ll still be deniers though. “There’s no war in ba sing se” they’ll say.

  50. N Korea is like the older children when the family has a new born baby. They were so used to getting all the attention then act out just to get any form of it.

  51. More saber rattling. Stop kowtowing to his demands for attention and making this news.

  52. Why doesn't anyone attack North Korea as they have done for Iraq and will probably do so for Iran? Because, they really have weapons of mass destruction.

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