Ukrainian diplomat blasts Elon Musk with profanity over the billionaire's peace plan parroting Putin propaganda

  1. Well his logic is. War is bad for economy. Which means bad global economy which is bad for me. Therefore if war ends then better economy and better for my companies. Therefore just end war. 0 shits about how it ends.

  2. Next step: move Russians into the new eastern borders of Ukraine. In 20 years hold fake elections and annex. Repeat until country is taken over completely

  3. Imagine being such a clown that you pisses off a guy whose main job is to stay calm in tense situations. 🤣

  4. Hey Elon, maybe Ambassador Melnyk should be put in charge of giving away 20% of your companies to your most hated business competitors?

  5. This should be very clear Elon is not a politician or a diplomat or a historian or a general or probably even very good at geography. He is an investor with a side hustle of market manipulation. We would be wise to remember that

  6. He's a moron. A Donald Trump-level of arrogant who knows who to look smart for the masses. Let's stop pretending to be surprised every time he says something massively stupid.

  7. Elon always harbored facist views he just kept under the table but now with stock tanking and Russia losing it is coming out in open. He tried to cover it up by making it a poll, In beginning of the poll when it appeared people agreed with his view he seemed to be in a good mood but when voting turned against him he started blaming bots.

  8. I think it is easy to blame it on musk, but who actually made musk relevant are the million people who retweet everything he pulls out of his ass.

  9. I voted no in his stupid poll. I don’t actively dislike Musk like a lot of people, but that was some low IQ edge lord nonsense. Then he goes around claiming it’s all Russian bots.

  10. All agog about an A+ alliteration, thought you might make a somehow similar statement from the start of your sentence but sadly saw signs it wasn't what went down.

  11. He even used lines directly out of the script. "The Kruschev mistake" isn't a phrase or idiom in either the US or South Africa, but is an invention of the Russian government..

  12. I remember when I used to think Elon Musk was an intelligent man who had his eye on the bigger picture i.e; getting humans off this rock.

  13. He did a pretty good job of playing that PR up without cracking for a long time, he took a lot of us in

  14. I recall interviews with actual scientists on movie Interstellar, they liked many things about science aspects but mostly agreed that they didn't like the premise of leaving earth because of it having issues. They kept on responding that it would be easier to fix the issue here then venture into the unknown and uncertain. That puts lot of billionaire wannabe philanthropist brilliant ideas into a perspective. Science offers bigger picture and vision, not billionaires

  15. At least you used to think like that, sadly many still think he's Jesus coming down on Earth to save us.

  16. Same here, I used to really admire the fact he was someone DOING something and pushing the boundaries of established industries.

  17. I think it's funny that "off this rock" is the bigger picture. We haven't even stopped hitting eachother with sticks and you are ready to conquer the universe (as much as taking over a lifeless rock like mars would be anyways). We are on course for a collapse of civilization, don't expect the wealthiest of us to have a way out of this

  18. "Getting humans off this rock" is not, not has it ever been, the big picture. We need to solve our goddamn Earth problems first, or there will be no humans left by the time we actually have the technology to colonize another planet.

  19. The Simpsons episode back in 2014 or 16 started with him burning a bird to death with his rocket landing in their backyard, Lisa liked him, but his persona seemed accurate to a T,

  20. The good news is that completely worked and nothing bad happened from 1939 to 1945 and it definitely didn’t end with millions dead and nuclear bombs being dropped.

  21. Ukrainian diplomat TEARS Elon Musk's ASSHOLE ASUNDER, causing him to VIOLENTLY SHIT BLOOD! In response, Elon Musk BODYSLAMS Ukrainian diplomat in his COCK!

  22. Unlike the old civil time when Dumbledore just calmly ask his student if HE FUCKING PUT HIS FUCKING NAME IN THE FUCKING GOBLET OF FUCKING FIRE.

  23. Imagine going from "I'll fight Putin 1v1 in a physical battle to the death" to "eh guise just do what he wants already" in a matter of months

  24. Appeasement didn’t work that one time, but since that’s all the history people on Reddit know they think this means it never works.

  25. Why does this guy feel the need to comment on Ukraine-Russia war... doesn't he have enough to worry about? I haven't heard a lot of good news from his companies lately.

  26. Why do you think he’s on Twitter talking about Ukraine, and not Tesla dropping 10% after missing earnings?

  27. "I demand my workers to spend 12 hours a day 6 days a week, but before you criticize me I too spend that time at my workplace and, really, do you realize how tiresome 12 daily hours of non-stop tweeting, running pump-and-dump crypto schemes, and sexually harassing workers is? Sometimes I wish I had an easier job down there in the OSHA-violating racially segregated plants."

  28. his cars have looked the same for ten years. There's nothing new coming besides his shit tweeting about things he doesn't know much about but reveal his right way way of thinking.

  29. No clue. Any other day, I’d say he was simping in order to secure a SpaceX contract with Putin, but I believe that particular well has run dry.

  30. The people still supporting musk are the same who listen to Rogan and think they're smart. You're never going to reach them.

  31. Elon Musk, like anyone with billionaire levels of wealth, is a piece of shit and the people that worship him are idiots, in other news, water is wet. More at eleven.

  32. What an idiot. Russia invading Ukraine was the best thing to happen to the US. Russia has been attacking the US and funding corrupt politicians for a long time to destabilize the region. The US was rubbing it’s hands together like Birdman when Russia initially invaded so they could back Ukraine and weaken Putin’s regime. It worked. Russia’s military is severely weakened, there is unrest brewing in Moscow, their economy destroyed, and NATO is as strong as ever.

  33. News sites need to pin an article with this as the headline to their front page and then never write about anything he tweets ever again.

  34. He's just trying desperately to stay relevant. But he should also shut his big mouth about affairs he has literally zero experience in.

  35. this is why he tried to buy Twitter. and once that blew up in his face he had to go looking for another hot topic to shove his nose into and become the center of attention.

  36. Ukraine has spent their blood defending not only their homeland, but Western Civilization, they don't need to listen to fucking shit when it comes to peace talks. They should roll Russia right off their map.

  37. can they see the war with russia is hurting baby musk's aluminum import? you gotta think about the billionaires and not inconvenient them with your silly stuff like protect your sovereignty! /s

  38. Musk only cares about his business. He invested and built a Tesla gigafactory in Germany. Production cost are off the charts. He wants the energy crisis over ASAP. That is it.

  39. Again with stupid comments and ideas, maybe he is a good bussinessman, but regarding moral, basic human empathy and everything regarding humans, he is acting like a typical robot. This man shouldn't be able to manage people as he has shown that he is not a good leader.

  40. People have been saying "Stop feeding the trolls" for nigh on 20 years now, and it still happens. Case in point...

  41. When I heard this on the radio my first thought was, what if we gave Florida back to Spain? But you know, I'd be cool with that.

  42. I went from really wanting to Tesla to feeling nauseous at the thought of owning one because of this asshat. I don't know how he could possibly think this shit is good for business. No, not all publicity is good publicity.

  43. Same, used to want I just cringe at the thought when I see one. Thank goodness I never followed through, plenty of options coming out that are nicer in my opinion, inside and out, and will likely be much easier to get serviced, buy parts for, more durable, etc. anyway. Can't help but just see Teslas as douche canoes now when I see one. I know plenty of good people drive them, buy I'm just saying that's what Musk has done to their reputation IMO (on top of everyone now realizing how shitily made they actually are) just opened his mouth and made his cars into nothing but cringey douche canoes.

  44. Could you elaborate on the poor build quality? I drive a M3 but outside of panel gaps most airliners could fit through, I've had zero issues

  45. Uhhh, Elon dude, think twice… Kremlin friendly experienced lots of self defenestration lately. Better continue to pump & dump doge

  46. This Musk guy is angry because he thought he will get more fame than he got ..this child is moping for more attention and this ofcourse he is doing it in a negative attention he got his ass kicked. Stupid......if you want to be a samaritan, you do this with respect

  47. Elon is not an elected representative of anyone ... he should have no opinion and keep his mouth shut ... hes nothing more than the deniable arm of the cia

  48. Why do billionaires think that they're good at everything just because they're billionaires? This guy is just trash. A stink filthy rich trash. But trash all the same.

  49. Musk has called the outcome for Russia’s winning like it’s a certainty. War is always unpredictable including the outcome

  50. “One Ukrainian official told Musk to "fuck off" while a member of parliament said it looked like he'd "unexpectedly gone mad”

  51. Russia is losing and Ukraine will be whole again, but we cannot be sure that Russia will remain as it was. This is the real probability. Musk should eat a bag of dicks.

  52. I do worry about what will happen if Ukraine regains control over all the occupied land. It's undeniable that, thanks to force, Crimea is Russian. It's been undergoing that transition for 8 years now, and it will be hard for Ukraine to ever get Crimes back, especially as it was always pretty heavily populated with Russians in the first place.

  53. This is nth posting of the same story. Musk, being the richest dude on the rock has a solution for all problems on the rock. But, similar to the situation of the Indonesian cave rescue, Musk's solution is kinda like what reasonably intelligent ppl dream up in an altered state of mind.

  54. Why is anyone listening to musk. This is a guy who owns an automaker, falsely advertises it is ‘full self driving’ when there is a disclaimer that says it isn’t and you must pay attention, and said function is so poorly designed/software written that it kills people. This guy should pay attention to his own shit first

  55. He never was a boy genius. What he is good at is seeing the potential monetization in tech that others create... Nothing more nothing less

  56. His only “genius” was picking good companies to invest in and put his name on. Tesla and space X benefited from his willingness to take massive risks with his money. That doesn’t make him a genius.

  57. I hope one day the number of musk worshippers will decrease so much that we won’t consider a tweet from a rich asshole as a newsworthy thing.

  58. The interesting thing that has happened, was that Russian propaganda initially was about de-nazifying Ukraine. But in the US, many alt-right people supported the Ukraine side, not Russia, and are fans of Musk.

  59. Musk is from South Africa. So of course he thinks he can just decide what is good for people he has no personal nor cultural connection with.

  60. None of the things he's credited for making he actually made. He was just a rich shithead kid who bought a company with ideas.

  61. You're giving him way, way too much credit. All of his revolutionary ideas are just stolen from someone else. He's a fraud.

  62. I wish he’d just shut the fuck up and die. These bastards who think they need to opine on everything are ruining the world. Musk is among the worst and the dumbest simultaneously.

  63. What did he expect from a guy who takes shit over and pretends it is his. Putin's playbook is probably prime jerk off material for him.

  64. I like Elon but the man needs to learn how to stay out of topics that he has no qualifications or is in any position to opinionate on.

  65. Aren't bulk ethnic Ukranians being shipped to all corners of russia to depopulate the areas Russia is trying to annex?

  66. Maybe we should get some redditors together, perform a special visitation operation on Musks home and then hold a vote among all present to determine who it belongs to.

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