Iranian students defy security forces after violence at university

  1. The protests evolved now and people want regime change. The woman killed has become a symbol and she was the straw that broke the camels back but even children are out in the streets chanting “death to Khamenei” now.

  2. Good for them. If I’m not mistaken, Iran has one of the youngest populations. Hopefully this is the turning point for that country. Such a shame what religious fundamentalism can do to an incredible culture and country.

  3. That’s actually the regime’s fault, early on they heavily emphasized having large families, IIRC.

  4. Especially when their options are: (1) follow the oppressive rules and risk death when the misogynists assault you anyway or (2) protest the oppressive rules and risk death when the misogynists assault you. What did Iran expect would happen? And why does the government think killing protesters will stop the protestors from protesting government killings? The beatings will continue until morale improves mutiny ensues, I guess.

  5. If the people of Iran are making it this clear they prefer death to another day under this regime then I frankly don’t see how this regime survives this. No matter how many people the Revolutionary Guard kills, maims, or imprisons, it only invigorates the protestors. If I were the Ayatollah or his inner circle I’d start making plans to flee the country about now. Iran will be free.

  6. I can’t say I would be capable displaying the same defiance in the face of death, but today’s people of Iran are far braver than I, and that gives me hope for the free world

  7. I worked with an Iranian man that had his citizenship taken away just for refusing to sign up for the draft. Any one who opposes those corrupt leaders and their abusive security forces are heros and martyrs if they lose their lives.

  8. I wonder if the lack of Soleimani has any effect on the governments response to these protests, he was Irans man of terror and head of the Revolutionary Guard. He was the one who put down the unrest in such brutal fashion in the past and this is the first major incident since before his death.

  9. At least Iranian women are protesting. In USA States where abortions are now banned, women simply rolled over. Abortion is now banned in 14 States. In 14 States abortion is banned with no exceptions for rape or incest, which is worse than the abortion law in Iran! I never thought I would write this, but here we are. In 14 States abortion laws are more draconian than Iran's!! WTF!

  10. Why does this have to be a comparison ?. It's not about the US. These women are fighting for their right to live as free as possible. Let's keep the US or any other country out of this one..

  11. In the U.S., there is still a political process through which to accomplish these things. Not so, in Iran. Violence is an absolute last resort. I don't know why we glorify it.

  12. Cutting your hair is a symbol of great mourning in Iran. They are mourning the deaths of those who were oppressed by the regime.

  13. Basically just flippantly said you can’t keep women happy, if they didn’t blow up about us killing them it would have been something else.

  14. Some there have told me they have weapons. Sadly the women are not trained in their use, as most of the men have no spine. Except for the ones whose family members were dragged out and shot in the middle of the night.

  15. Iranian universities are pretty hard to control and they have had issues with controlling the universities in the past. They specifically hated my university, University of Tehran. It's very big and it's smacked down in the middle of one of the most populous sections of Tehran and the students are all surprisingly well trained in the art of fucking with the regime's dogs. You just learn it when you enter the university for some reason. That's yet another shit that we have to put up with as Iranian.

  16. sad that this kind of countries never advance coz of human greed, and also sad that humanity's technological advance is kind of hindering opposition? how can you fight against gunfire when you only have a knife?

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