Putin's top spokesman slapped down warlord Kadyrov's call to use nuclear weapons

  1. "Russian President Vladimir Putin's top spokesman delivered a rebuke to chechen warlord Ramzan Kadyrov on Monday after Kadyrov called on Russia to use "low-yield nuclear weapons".

  2. Wouldn't surprise me if Kadyrov's statement caused a lot more back channel diplomatic heat than Russia was willing to deal with.

  3. While the US has officially declined to publicize exactly what they've communicated to Russia regarding the potential consequences of using a nuke, it seems all but confirmed that the US would directly enter the war against Russian forces in Ukraine including strikes on Russian forces in Crimea and the destruction of the Black Sea Fleet.

  4. Check ISW's latest assessment. Beside the nuclear bs, Kadyrov's text is interesting because it overtly criticizes some of Putin's decision (in particular not sending more defense to Lyman). Peskov's comments are probably directed at this part of his message, not the nuclear threat.

  5. Yeah cause Russia is using it as threats to other nations to back off whole full knowing the consequences and redlines for different nations behind the scenes.

  6. Because the Russian government know that it's for their home people. They control the narrative but if someone takes it from them, they will get more pressure to use them. That's the issue.

  7. I’m convinced they don’t have working nukes. Russia is afraid of nuking themselves by faulty equipment and then getting nuke-flattened if they attempt anything.

  8. Nah. He was told to say that. Good cop, bad cop. Listen, we don't want to use nukes but we have this crazy warlord that definately does. Don't worry, we'll keep him in check...unless we don't, you know.

  9. Imagine your dad being killed by a vicious dictator and then you simp for him for a little bit of power. That beard only hides that weak, weak chin.

  10. Humans do some weird stuff. I've got a neighbor/old coworker who has basically made a hobby out of ruining dudes then taking their sons under his wing. He's got a private equity firm that is straight up notorious for cannibalizing mid sized companies. There are 4 people who he has forced out of their own companies, 2 of whom I think literally ended up bankrupt, that have sons who now work for the guy and treat him like the second coming of Jesus. I'm friends with one of them, and he basically just says "how can I blame him. It was just business and my dad was weak".

  11. He isn’t a simp for Putin. Putin needs him to suppress Chechnya and for wetwork, in return Ramzan has had free reign and essentially lives as a despot. He’s always on the radar as possible successor, especially if Putin dies violently and there’s a war of succession.

  12. sounds like the behind-the-curtain warnings from NATO about the response from the west if nukes are used by Russia was well received. good! this shows that the times they mention it, it's only for their domestic audience for the purpose of brainwashing and projection of patriotism

  13. Add to this the new borders that don't actually exist and I agree. They don't fancy having their army obliterated and their Black Sea fleet at the bottom of it.

  14. I think the Russians are wakening up to the fact that using nukes would be the end of Russia as a country. They see how much of a failure their military is and know that many if not most of their nukes will not even work. They got the message from NATO that while they fucked around and built personal ships NATO figure out where their nukes where and how long it might take them to deploy those nukes and prepared counter measures. The US alone could likely take out all of Russia's launch capabilities before the Russians could prepare a payload. The Russians are finding this out. They are realizing they cannot even reach Berlin and if they deployed a tactical nuke in Ukraine then their country would cease to exist by the next day.

  15. US Intel has been on point throughout this entire process. My hope is that they have someone close enough to Putin that if the nuclear order is given, then Putin is taken out before it happens.

  16. Russian citizens should take a long hard look at just how readily and EASILY the United States pulverized Iraq in 1990, and what a living hell that country has been ever since, and consider if they REALLY want Putin to take a page out of Saddam Hussein's book and lead them into THAT future.

  17. There is really only one way this can end now, regime change. It took me a while to figure it out but this is why all the old guard Gorbachev oligarchs have accidentally fallen from 6th story windows one by one.

  18. Except everyone in the chain of command from Putin to silo trigger-man is probably brainwashed beyond saving, and has been told that their entire extended family will be murdered instantly if they fail to comply.

  19. And it is worth pointing out here once again that Russia is a poor, weak, utterly corrupt country. Russian per capita GDP is comparable to Kazakhstan and Venezuela. Nobody would pay Russia any attention if they didn't have nukes, and if they can't use their nukes, they may as well not have them and should be treated like any other Eastern European shithole country.

  20. Man, I don't know if that would happen. If Russia uses a small tactical nuke like they've been saying, I wonder if NATO would respond and nuke the shit out of Russia. It would be a ton of civilian blood on their hands, and would definitely cause Russia to respond with the big nukes of their own.

  21. Russia has been explicitly told what would happen if they use a low yield nuke. No threat. Plain fact. You nuke, this will happen. They won't nuke. And they will leash their dogs.

  22. I’m very curious what the back channel talks were like between the US and Russia on their nuclear posturing. Because it seems to have muted Putin slightly.

  23. Not going to happen. He's a key to keep Chechnya low. Last thing Putin needs now is some separatist activity raising there.

  24. Not quite. His statement is in line with shit Putin has hinted at already, and he's a very useful tool in Chechnya.

  25. Everyone on the planet knows what’s going to happen if Putin is stupid enough to deploy nukes. The whole world will come crashing down on him and Russia will be no more.

  26. They will be branded as a State Sponsor of Terrorism. That will effectively make them North Korea 2.0.

  27. You should watch those Russian political commentators. Probably a lot of it is just empty talk, dictated by their propaganda overlords, but they talk of throwing a nuke on Kiev as if it's the most sensible thing to do.

  28. Seems a lot of people expect nukes to be used in retaliation, which is very unlikely - destroying civilization is not generally considered a good idea.

  29. The environmental effects would spill over into the entire world, it would be stupid of him to use nukes but it would be even stupider for the u.s. to respond with nukes.

  30. Good thing Putin has setup this warlord to be a scapegoat. Plant dirty bomb, blame the loudmouth as going rogue.

  31. This is a man who pays MMA fighters to come to his gym so he can shoot videos "beating" them while sparring for his social media.....

  32. It could be that the Russians are actually taking the US warning seriously and are now pissed that that this guy basically ignored the warning.

  33. Based on the amount of TikToks his troops keep making (literally their only contribution in this war), i’d say he’s more edgelord than warlord these days.

  34. On the topic I recall reading several months ago Russian doctrine lists reason for nuclear response is existential threat to Russia. I'm not sure if any formal criteria exists to decide on what might constitute such threat. Any ideas?

  35. If Russia launched any nuclear devices against Ukraine, it would be seen (appropriately) as a declaration of war against the entire human species. And the result would be the immediate and total annihilation of Russia as a sovereign region.

  36. From what you could read between the lines, NATO pretty much told Russia they would fuck their shit up with conventional weapons in a matter of days if Russia attacked Ukraine with Nukes. That would be a huge escalation and the threat of ww3 would be immense, but we'd have time to hide in the woods and squirrel away some TP and water.

  37. No it wouldn't. In the case Russia uses a nuclear device in Ukraine, NATO would not use a similar weapon against Russia. That makes absolutely no sense, they would be killing themselves too.

  38. Probably not. It's still 'just' Kiev and in the eyes of the other nuclear-armed countries that still leaves plenty of room to not have to respond in a way that result in Russian nukes for them as well.

  39. Go tell that to the brainwashed lunatics full of ego who sit at the Kremlin and those who roam the streets of russia (the hardcore MAGA Putin Supporters).

  40. I agree with your first sentence, but not the second. Attempting to annihiltate Russia would be met with ICBM retaliation, which in turn would be met with our response; MAD. Even 1% release of our respective arsenal of ICBM’s would effectively end humanity.

  41. ...What's the over/under on the number of days until Putin's spokeman falls out of a perfectly good building?

  42. Why the FUCK does this guy look like a literal Russian clone of every "I fucked my sister" grade redneck extreme right wing supporter that ever existed? The resemblance is uncanny!

  43. If this guy was a real Muslim he would not sit there and say use nuclear bomb on innocent people. I’m a Muslim and I say ramzan kadrov is a terrorist and he should be jailed. He is a scumbag for even fighting for Russia. All for the wrong reasons.

  44. Kadyrov is a legitimately terrifying human being. As an mma fan, I hate how much dick sucking there is for this genocidal maniac because he throws money at fighters, it’s absolutely disgusting

  45. Kadyrov is not terrifying at all. He maes crazy statements daily, outside and inside war. He said this knowing full well that the Kremlin won't do it. And the Kremlin responding is a sign they're pissed at him and telling him to stfu if he knows what's good for him, because his threats are NOT helping anyone, especially not Putin.

  46. Would it be correct to think that Kadyrov won't do well politically in his home nation if Putin falls? Serious question.

  47. Either this means they’ve got more common sense than we thought, or (most likely) their nukes don’t work or don’t exist.

  48. Lets not forget how close we were last week when all NATO planes turned off their transponders and went dark while Putin flew around Moscow for 4 hours.

  49. Comrade neck beard can’t comprehend the Ukrainians wanting to defend their land….. maybe he should go visit…. And for those that say he was there it was bullshit…. Photoshopped…. Fuck him!

  50. Slapped, slammed, bashed… oh my semantic satiation. People with 10 word vocabulary writting articles with big words for clicks.

  51. We keep on hearing speculation about Russia’s nukes, but apart from being suicidal on so many levels, what would happen if Putin decides to unpack his arsenal of biological weapons? After all, isn’t that one of the specialities of the Russians?

  52. Has Kadyrov been walking near any windows or staircases recently? I wonder why the war-mongerers are so willing to poison the earth?

  53. Its about having somebody who seems crazier than Putin, to make Putin look like a measured, rational statesman…

  54. Good that not all of Kremlin is completely nuts - even if they are just a bunch of yes-men. Today there was also this picture posted of some of the closest people, they don't seem to be very happy

  55. I genuinely believe that there is no sensible person in Putin’s inner circle that believes nuclear war is a sensible path. I have to.

  56. It means you are a ball-less loser if you think it's the only way you can live. I think you should run with your tail between your legs.

  57. Ya'll really haven't learned anything huh, there's no way Kadyrov said that without Putin telling him to. They made him say it so Russia can walk it back and look more sane. But him saying that does add to the overall nuclear tension which was Russia's goal.

  58. now if only we could get someone to give him a physical slapdown with a sniper bullet. the man is evil incarnate, unhinged and thirsty for desolation.

  59. It would be very cash money if we all just calmed the fuck down about nuclear annihilation for just one week.

  60. I mean let's be realistic here , if they nuke Ukraine, the radiation will probably spread to Russia as well and the regions they wanna capture, and worst case scenario it spreads to a nato natio , sooo idk how much it's un their favour to use nukes

  61. Also, it invalidates the claim that Russia is trying to "liberate" Ukraine from the so-called Nazis running the country fron Kyiv. There is literally no strategic problem that nukes would solve on the battlefield at it currently stands, just using them because Putin got in a temper.

  62. Heh yet there has been a faction on this sub screaming "OMG WE'RE GONNA GET NUKED" everytime the west so much as glances angrily at Russia.

  63. Putin is referring to the Ukrainians as "brothers". While this might sound like a good thing, he sees the Ukrainians in patronising manner as little siblings who are lost and need to return to the family home. After all, Putin thought Ukraine becoming independent was a geopolitical mistake. Nuking the Ukrainians would be counter to what he perceives as close kins.

  64. Warlords are so third world and last century. If you wanna be a world class villain try becoming a billionaire or a president.

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