Iranian forces shoot at protesting students, lay siege to university

  1. Just so you know they are chanting “Death to Khamenei” not Khomeini. Khamenei is the current supreme leader, Khomeini was the leader of the Islamic Revolution in 1979.

  2. The cop just casually shooting a plastic bullet at the women driving by makes me sooo angry all I can imagine is if that was my wife or sister or mother some piece of shot just casually decided to shoot cause he knew he could.

  3. Man I know this is silly and not possible, but I wish there was a way volunteer protestors from around the world could join in Iran and help fight . We could outnumber the police so fast

  4. This has happened before in 1999 during student protests, which were also followed by a massacre. Some students to this day who partook in those protests are missing.

  5. Reddit users please be our voice . My fellow friends in Sharif University Of Technology are now being surrounded by Islamic Republics police and other horrifying forces in the university. They are shooting students in their own university because they were protesting in it against the regime:) people from all around the capital rushed to them and as im speaking they are trying to fight with the forces outside and take students out. Similar to this event there was another horrific event which occurred on July 1999 and so many students got murdered in their own dorms. Please be our voice . Sharif University of Technology is one of the prestigious universities in the world and so many graduates of it are currently working all around the world in great companies such as google,meta and.. Help us. They shut down our Internet we are trying so hard to communicate with the world. Be our voice . Thank you .

  6. Breaks my heart reading this. I've followed the situation for a while now. Talked about it with some people from all over the world. May not mean much from a random guy on the internet but i hope you stay strong and above all stay safe over there!

  7. The sad part is all they want is the people who oppose them dead and by protesting you simply put a target on yourself. I am not sure what you can do in this situation other than choosing to stage full on urban skirmishes against the government groups that come to murder protesters, because they will just continue thin out the population of the moderate critical thinkers leaving only radicals and uneducated.

  8. How exactly are you communicating if they shut down your Internet? Just curious, don't mean it offensively.

  9. You don't need a voice. You need a weapon. They are making unambiguous, literal war with you. You are morally justified to protect your life with like force. And if reddit deletes this comment, then reddit is part of the fascist regime who murdered these students! FIGHT.

  10. I hope your friends will be able to arm themselves. This regime doesn’t seem to have a problem with killing protestors. I hope they take a page from Ukraine’s book on how they took back their country.

  11. I am so sorry, this is horrific. We are thinking of you all and your bravery 💗 Look after yourselves as much as possible, even if it means escaping now and fighting another day in a different way x

  12. Stay strong - we are here with you . You are the future and we are so proud of your actions and your voice.

  13. Goddamnit that makes me sad. They know what they're doing, they're making the most hurt that they can and this is it, not just murdering women/people but the future of the country.

  14. Totalitarian regimes have always hated the educated since they're the ones most likely to question things.

  15. Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge went as far as murdering anyone in the country that WORE GLASSES because of it's implication of intelligence and critical thinking

  16. They've had the biggest rate of brain drain in the world for decades, they don't care about their brightest.

  17. Islam has no need for smart or educated people. Religious institutions thrive from the lack of critical thinking.

  18. You still need humans to pull those triggers. Eventually, some folks in the military will see the writing on the wall and attempt to overthrow the regime.

  19. Religion is cancer on human consciousness. Rots the brain, makes people do insane things and lets dictators and demagogues hide behind so-called holy men.

  20. Well this isn't going to make people very happy over there... look how mad they got when you killed one person... start shooting students en masse and now their parents are going to be out protesting too.

  21. 1 person dying is a tragedy. 100 people dying is a statistic. Hopefully things already have enough momentum at this point that the movement isn't relying on renewing it's outrage

  22. They have been killing since the first day of protest The number of deaths as of now is around 1000

  23. Criminal governments are gonna do criminal things. Any government that is illegitimate and dictatorial has to react with the atmost ruthless brutality because it lacks any accountability. Any criticism threatens the very existence of the political elite which can never be tolerated.

  24. Unfortunately it's worked out for Mexico... straight up kidnapped 43 students and I'm sure the cartels and govt together have "disappeared" more journalists and activists than we'll ever know about

  25. Generally, killing the educated is a favorite technique of dictatorial regimes because it keeps the rest of the population too ignorant or too disorganized to fight back.

  26. It’s just a sad but true realization that when it all comes down to it, this is happening and could happen in other places too

  27. If you are attacking the best and brightest of your future, you're really fucking up.

  28. Students were the catalyst to help topple the military junta in Greece in the seventies. The bastards brought a tank into the polytechnic school of Athens and killed students too. Nothing is sacred to fascists, you do well to fight against them!

  29. Remember when it was Iranian Students laying siege to the Iranian government back in the Islamic Revolution of 1979. Now many of those students have become the oppressors.

  30. Wouldn't work. Some parts of population is westernized but other half are anti west. People aren't looking for big changes to their system. They are oppressed by religion and they can't envision throwing it away.

  31. A Goverment that shoots at unarmed protestors is no longer a legitimate goverment but a criminal dictatorship. Fucking Feral animals need to be removed from this existence for that kind of barbacity.

  32. Fuck their stupid regime. I hope they’re making a grilled cheese and bite it and it’s too hot, and they go aaaah hot hot hot but that distraction is enough for a beautiful woman to slide her hizab off and wrap it around his neck

  33. Normally platforms like Reddit are like "noo, you can't just say that other people should be killed! that's not something you can say!". However, I find it very difficult to not encourage the cold blooded murder of all of these police forces and the people behind it.

  34. If I know something it's that when the state turns against students it's failed and it's life span is limited without heavy damage on public.

  35. I mean it’s a top story on BBC still and that’s why I came to Reddit to see what Iranians in the comments were saying. Also second story on Reddit atm.

  36. The protesters should probably start fighting back and hitting them where it hurts. I’d start with the clerics and their homes since they are responsible for this.

  37. Governments don't attack universities, mass murderers do. They have squandered any opportunity to be viewed as legitimate.

  38. This is my question too. I’m lucky enough to have had my parents immigrate out of there to Canada. But I have tons of family there and feel helpless. I just don’t understand why no one is helping the protestors. They’re just sitting ducks for those monsters

  39. Write to your local outlet, sensor, any legislator, to talk about this and support. They very much fear wide foreign pressure.

  40. A revolution without guns is like punching the earth itself hoping something answers from the inside. Iranians need to arm themselves and declare a full on war against the government

  41. This will only end in more repression. Today's goverments seem to have too many tools and too little restraints to be toppled from inside.

  42. They’ve decided to murder their future. People simply want a society that involves sharing ideas with the rest of the world. Fuck religion and government

  43. I’ve always felt “peaceful protest” was popularized due to how easy it is to deal with unarmed people.

  44. The thugs need to pay the price for their crimes against the students. Treason against ones own people will fire back. Iranians do not put up with that anymore.

  45. if your gonna protest in a country run by a dictator/presitator a protip would be to be ready to shoot back

  46. So when do we start sending Iranian citizens copies of the Anarchist's Cookbook and teach them how to fight back on a level playing field?

  47. Right now the protesters are banking on a strategy of gaining the sympathy of Iran's conventional military, or Artesh. The rank-and-file of the Artesh is mostly conscripts so there's a possibility they might refuse to kill the protesters or switch sides. This is what led to the Shah's downfall in 1979. However, in my opinion it's unlikely this strategy will succeed, because the IR has already anticipated this possibility and put in measures in place to prevent it, such as stuffing the ranks of the Artesh with IRGC loyalists. Armed uprising may be the only way.

  48. In repressive countries, Police, Secret Police, and the military are the worst of the worst that humanity can become. For a little extra freedom and luxuries, they are happy to torture and kill their neighbors and even family when their masters snap their fingers.

  49. Yep. The fascist Christians of America will have nothing but hate for Islamic governments (understandable) but be blissfully unaware that they’re the same form of evil, just with less power.

  50. I wonder if this is just gonna be another repeat of tianaman square, where people send thoughts and prayer but never actually any action to discourage said behavior.

  51. Im a chemist and let me be honest the only reason i didnt use my knowledge on this was not to send people specially young ones to their death. But with this events and at this point the lives of all of us are in serious danger so maybe i will be reconsider. But the thing is because of the poor economy chemical materials are now having high prices here and low qualities. on top of that in our labs we usually don't store big batches of chemicals. We just buy them in grams :)

  52. The time for protesting was two weeks ago. You are in the middle of a war, whether you choose to see it or not. Fight. Do it quickly as your leader is most likely already dead, your government is currently negotiating that truth and incentivizing next steps and aid with foreign leaders. Fight.

  53. Would be a remarkable year if the people of Russia and Iran can dissolve their dictatorships…very unlikely that will be the case though 🙁

  54. I never thoght I would ever say this, but I think this got out of hand and there should be a military intervention. Not the typical American-led invasion, but some sort of coalition with clearly defined goals and timetable. The abstract "soverignty" of a piece of land shouldn't be more important than the human lives that reside in it.

  55. Why are we conditioned to care less about anything in the middle east/ upper Africa area? Hong Kong got a ton of attention, Ukraine is getting alot as well. This should be getting just as much attention and help, why isn't it?

  56. Imagine being so weak you let the state kill your kid. If my kid gets shot at a protest im instantly joining the protest even if i originally didnt agree with it.

  57. Never understood how you can be part of something supposedly honorable, then kill innocent people as part of it. Must feel real big and heroic shooting unarmed students.

  58. Mullahs replaced the military high ranks with IRCG loyalists and executed the army officers through a couple of months at the beginning of revolution of 1979.

  59. Hopefully this doesn't end in bloodshed like the past few times students protested. If it does, I hope Iranians won't let them die in vain. Sad truth is that Peaceful revolution is very hard to come by.

  60. Any Dumbass that thinks god wants women’s head and ankles to be covered deserves to die the most gruesome horrible death. Fuck these fucking idiots strength to you all.

  61. The Iranian government is more than willing to massacre every last civilian in order to stay in power. It's truly sickening. I'm wishing so hard that the people are able to overthrow this disgusting, pathetic excuse for a government this time. I do worry because currently it's unarmed civilians against the heavily armed government. With enough protesting, I'm hoping the Iranian people will be victorious despite this. Stay strong Iranians. I'm so incredibly sorry that you're in this predicament but I believe in you. I support you 1000%. I love you all.

  62. Yeah, how did that work out for you the last time, Iran? You know in 1979 when the last regime went up against students....

  63. How do people really think that when these men, exposed to this culture for decades, suddenly become peaceful and safe when crossing imaginary lines drawn on a map?

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