Petraeus: US would destroy Russia’s troops if Putin uses nuclear weapons in Ukraine | Ukraine

  1. Yeah, people who think the US would launch nukes of their own are really missing the point, the US can just gently flex a single conventional digit and end the invasion of Ukraine. They don’t do it because that’s a massive escalation they don’t want to take, and rightly so, but nukes would remove all of the limits.

  2. This. Honestly the US doesn't even have to flex, they just need to have a nice stretch, possibly a deep yawn, and by conventional means Russia would not longer have a fighting force aside from their sub and nuke guys.

  3. Nukes don't even have that much tactical value compared to other weapons.especially in Ukraine where the forces are so spread out. Their biggest value was guaranteeing the destruction of your target, but precision munitions are a much more cost effective way to do that.

  4. For real, nukes are not even our best weapons. I guarantee it. We could make Russia into a sheet of glass if we wanted, sure. Easy. It’d fuck the planet though and there’d be no need. Yeah guarantee you we could push a button and effectively eliminate any semblance of leadership in Russia if we wanted to. Tactically. Minimal civilian casualties. Nukes are junk compared to our tactical arsenal.

  5. At this point the only people afraid of what the Russian military is capable of are Russian fighting aged males living in Russia.

  6. I reckon they’d launch a single nuke to take out a very particular military target. MAD requires a reasonable expectation of retaliation, not launching after what can only be called deliberate provocation undermines that.

  7. You are delusional. What would they do to "end it"? You are right about massive escalation, and that's all it would be, even with full NATO. It would not be quick nor easy.

  8. I find it hilarious that Putin thinks he is fighting a war with the west. The west hasn't even gotten off the couch yet.

  9. I would imagine a rain of Tomahawk cruise missiles would be directed at every strategic building in Russia and every single naval asset they have. Not a single nuke from the US would need to be readied.

  10. I mean, I don't think anyone thinks we would launch nukes because we need them to win in Ukraine, the concern is that we would use them to annihilate Russia out of self-preservation.

  11. surrounded by 'yes men', good info is unlikely to get through... that's - I guess - the most dangerous thing.

  12. Regardless, you can't underestimate him as long as he has the nuclear option. The threat of atomic annihilation is likely the only reason he's still alive at all.

  13. In a head to head conflict, NATO would establish air dominance over Russia west of the Urals within a few hours.

  14. That was the first thing Putin said, there was no conventional way for Russia to win war against NATO. Alo he said "world is no use for us if we dont have Russia". If one nuke falls, all will fall, there is no winner than, only nuclear winter.

  15. Its incredible to see how much both sides love to eat up shit propaganda and are convinced they are right. Do you really think any side 'cant' take on each other? Both NATO and Russia are armed to the teeth, even if half of their nukes dont work everyone is fucked. There is no "fuck around and find out" scenario all reddit warriors love to talk about. If that egoistical idiot decides to use nukes, NATO/US will either do nothing about it to avoid mutual destruction, or retaliate and escale it to the end

  16. I mean MAD is the whole sticking point right… mutually assured destruction is a hell of a negotiation tactic when one side might actually be crazy enough to do it…

  17. He doesn't. The first time he ever brought up nukes which was many months ago, he specifically said he's aware Russia is outmatched against Nato so nukes are on the table if Nato ever directly intervenes. That's the reason behind the periodic MAD scares.

  18. I really don't want this to happen. But I wonder how fast the US could kill 300000 draftees in a country they've been watching with a microscope to a point they have better intelligence than the country itself

  19. Putting aside all other issues such a laws, humanitarian concerns, nuclear weapons and international condemnation… not to mention the cost… the US could wipe out the Russian capacity to wage war in well under a week, never mind killing a few hundred thousand untrained country bumpkins.

  20. I sure hope that's not how it plays out.. Ideally the US would give a few hard punches, the 300k soldiers would refuse to fight then and there, just immediate surrenders and then Putin would deal with the fallout at home.

  21. Pretty fast I'd say. Russian army is about as formidable as the Iraqis it turns out. They can't even hold their own against a country 4x smaller than them in population size. Do we even need to discuss what would happen if US steps in full force?

  22. I dont think US Soldiers wouod be involved really. It would be thr US Air Force. Supporting Ukrainian ground forces which would hopefully put enough leisure on thr Russian milotsry to oust the President of Russia.

  23. Thing is, I don't think Putin gives a shit about the draftees. He might give a shit if the US takes out their entire command structure though.

  24. The US would take longer to get themselves in the air than it would take them to completely level all air defenses on their way to leveling the Kremlin.

  25. Russian troops are basically treading water against a bunch of non-military farmers and civilians who became soldiers after their country was invaded.

  26. The, kremlin controlled, Wagner Group attacked a US outpost in Syria resulting in horrendous casualties for the Russians.

  27. Let's not overestimate. Even Dessert storm needed a few weeks. Got the Job done but still took weeks.

  28. I support the US and NATO because I want this shit over already, too many unnecessary deaths because of another power hungry idiot.

  29. I mean, our equipment is 2022 and russias is 1960s…. And like, conscripts are trained by nobody and carry tampons…..

  30. I mean, you can train a 45 year old factory worker for two days and send him to the front with tampons for medical kits, but is he really a soldier?

  31. It amazes me how little people understand how much the US military outclasses literally every other military. We have progressed to the point where we don’t even need to mass troops. We fight with drones and from hundreds of miles away.

  32. This....and laser cannons mounted to planes and ships to take out russia's hypersonic missiles.

  33. Right. It’s hard to grasp because we tend to think of everyone moving along at roughly the same rate of improvement but it’s not nearly the case. When the F-22 came out the debate was “why the fuck do we need this?” because it’s so advanced compared to other nations. Combined with training, the US would have air supremacy in short order. Be it over Russian forces in Ukraine or Chinese forces trying for invade Taiwan.

  34. No it wouldn't be, an American backed and allied Russia is almost the exact definition of China's worst nightmare.

  35. It wouod also continue to use up valuable nato war stock. Limiting a response if China decided to do something.

  36. Take this with a grain of salt cause I'm not the most informed on this topic, but from my understanding Russia is already "ripe" for China due to all the sanctions. China is helping prop up what's left of the Russian economy and there's potential for them to get more involved and have more influence moving forward

  37. The scary thing to consider is this could be exactly the exit Putin is looking for. He's not a complete idiot. I think by now he knows that Russia is not going to win militarily in Ukraine. Launching tactical nukes at Ukraine would invite at the very least a conventional NATO response. Once Russia is decimated and pushed out of Ukraine, he can go back to pointing the finger at NATO. It's much easier to explain to all the hawks and warmongers at home that the U.S. intervened in Russian domestic affairs than to explain that the Ukrainians defeated the "mighty" Russian Army.

  38. Say what you will about David Patraeus and how he fucked up, he's still one of the best US generals and military minds of his generation if not the best. He knows what the US military is capable of doing in conventional warfare. I just hope it never has to come to that.

  39. Cold hard truth, the US wouldn't even need other countries to dip into their arsenal, all of Russia would be gone, at the cost of quite possibly billions of lives.

  40. From what I've read, it seems unlikely that Russia could even effectively deploy their tactical nuclear arsenal. The missiles are probably fine, but the trucks that they'd be transported on are likely rotten, and their positions are well known to the international community. If any of those trucks were to suddenly start to make moves towards the Ukranian border, they would probably be destroyed by precision long-range missiles. I don't think NATO intends to just watch it happen.

  41. I don’t know they really fine or not. Nature of nukes - is corrupting the missle and requires a really hard maintenance. But even non toxic russian is corrupted or very outdated. So I just hope nukes is broken

  42. He is not saying anything outlandish. That would be the most likely response to a nuclear attack. NATO would establish air superiority over Ukraine, and then do a systematic bombing campaign over any Russian asset in Ukraine.

  43. If Russia uses a nuclear weapon we should be looking at taking out Putin in addition to other measures in order to send a message to any other leaders mulling the same thing.

  44. The US and NATO versus an extremely damaged, incompetent, and already demoralized Russia is not a "World War."

  45. Can’t believe that Russia is losing and keeps making threats. Crazy how that works isn’t it? If they can say ‘we’re defending ourselves’, what are we supposed to pretend like we can’t? Fact of the matter is, if Russia fucks up, they will be fucked back harder than they can ever imagine. They should have thought about this before they invaded. Your whataboutist logic is self-defeating. Peace in the world doesn’t just happen, it’s actively maintained.

  46. Half the Russian troops are criminals and the other half are farmers. They wouldn’t stand a chance. It would literally be a 21st century military vs a WW2 era military.

  47. They can't find someone better than David Petraeus to interview? This douche gave classified documents to his reporter girlfriend (he was also married at the time). Dude should be a convicted felon.

  48. You say that but they had a bit of trouble destroying the North Vietnamese and Taliban for a country that could wipe out a civilisation if they merely wanted to.

  49. If they drop one, someone have to step in and destroy all their remaining nukes, and make them agree to not make new ones.

  50. To be clear, this is the response Russia wants. Moscow wants to make a potential US response about nukes as cover for conventional escalation.

  51. Russia doesn't have the means to support conventional escalation. They were already having problems with logistics for their initial invasion force.

  52. to do what? they get humiliated by ukraine this month. even their propaganda machine is not fast enough to adapt. they want to scare but its not working anymore. that is putin last option.

  53. If Putin do that the US would go into Russia with all they got. But Putin nuking Ukraine would probably “only” get a response of NATO going in to save Ukraine. Putin is willing to go as far as possible but without risking an attack on Russia, sending a nuke to US would be a quick end for Putin.

  54. Do you really want war with Russia? Stop listening to all the war mongers. Why is everyone talking war and only few mention winning the peace. Think what happens to a beast that's cornered with no means of escape?

  55. Why is the guy who sold US secrets while the director of the CIA commenting anything? He should be in federal prison on treason charges

  56. He didn’t sell secrets. He kept classified docs and was using with his girlfriend journalist as references for writing his book.

  57. You would have a lot of retired veterans coming back to serve if this happens. Id be super pissed if Russia pulled something like this.

  58. What does this have to do with left/right? Is that an american thing? Cause right wingers here in Europe vehemently support Ukraine. Maybe you guys should stop being so partisan about every single fucking thing.

  59. How did you come to the conclusion people that are “beating the war drum” are leftists? You’re one of those people who brand people a certain way with little to no proof just because you disagree with them.

  60. No one is beating the war drum. We're just saying, factually, if Russia dares to use a nuke, that will be the end of Russia as a nation within days.

  61. And then what do you suppose Vlad will do? He’ll still have nukes. And he’ll have been attacked just as he claimed “the west” was doing.

  62. within ~15 minutes of a nuclear detonation being detected, every first strike ICBM on both sides would be airborne

  63. The Russians may appear weak due to their performance against Ukraine, but what’s with all this talk about turning Russia into glass in under 10 minutes? You couldn’t even beat the Taliban ffs.

  64. There is a large difference between liberating a country strategically with minimal collateral damage and erasing a country from existence with no concern.

  65. I do honestly believe those black projects from skunkworks and Lockheed would easily surpass our imagination. So yeah , us would beat Russia in a blink of an eye

  66. No they wouldn't. That's fascist propaganda. No one is going to allow Putin to use nukes to take land from our allies and neighbors. It's not a precedent anyone is willing to uphold when it's their turn.

  67. Pay attention to Kadyrov, he's now calling for a low yield weapon to be deployed. As has been reported elsewhere, it was him who cried for mobilization and Putin duly followed suit.

  68. kadirov is putin's mouthpiece, just like lukashenka. it's like "i didn't want to do it but they forced me to do it, it was not my idea" scenario except putin calls all the shots

  69. It's like sharks smelling blood in the water. I mean the dying prey could strike back and kill the sharks, but it's almost instinctual right now to circle around - waiting for a mistake. There is weakness, and politics is full of sharks.

  70. Well it's been shown that Russia lacks Air defence and air forces. Ao the US would remove any potential threat from the battlespace to US Air Forces and then systemicly do what they are really good ar. Bomb the ahit out of the place.

  71. I think these out of touch old men are hilarious in thinking the best way to take down a country is still the conventional boots on the ground, mortar and shells method 🙄

  72. With what Russia has shown during this invasion, they could have 300,000 perfectly trained mobilized units with the needed equipment and the logistics would be so shit on the Russian side, as well as the general strategy I imagine it wouldn't matter.

  73. In the unlikely situation that Russia uses nukes in Ukraine, the initial U.S. + NATO response will absolutely be with conventional weapons. They really wouldn't have a choice at that point. The problem with Putin is that if you don't stand up to him, he'll continue to try to take more and more.

  74. I bet there is a back end convo between Russian and China where China is saying “don’t do it bro”

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