Iran says waiting for US to unfreeze $7 billion after releasing American detainees

  1. And they are handing them the money at the worst possible time, when the people seem completely fed up with the government and could possibly overthrow it.

  2. Their government stole millions from my family and even killed a couple of relatives. Where can I claim some of these billions?

  3. It's not giving them 7 billion, it's just unfreezing the money that was theirs. The international courts have ruled in Iran's favor multiple times that we need to release a lot of these funds they've been seizing, so at least the US gets something back out of this instead of doing it for free later.

  4. Its definitely part of a larger effort to build good will on both sides in order to work towards reimplementing the deal that Trump unilaterally abandoned for no reason other than “Obama did the deal so it’s bad so I’m going to undo it and that’ll be good.” Trump also assassinated one of Iran’s top generals which led to Iran (predictably) retaliating against US military bases in Iraq. Then, expecting further response from the US, Iran was so on-edge they accidentally shot a commercial airliner out of the sky. Innocent civilians died because Trump wanted to… who even fucking knows what he was trying to do. Show Iran that America is the big swinging military dick? We sure were dicks. Big ones. That whole series of events obviously eroded a lot of trust that had taken years to build.

  5. Contrary to what some people may think, the United States will go to extremely great lengths to bring home POWs, hostages and in this case governmental detainees

  6. Reddit users please be our voice . My fellow friends in Sharif University Of Technology are now being surrounded by Islamic Republics police and other horrifying forces in the university. They are shooting students in their own university because they were protesting in it against the regime:) people from all around the capital rushed to them and as im speaking they are trying to fight with the forces outside and take students out. Similar to this event there was another horrific event which occurred on July 1999 and so many students got murdered in their own dorms. Please be our voice . Sharif University of Technology is one of the prestigious universities in the world and so many graduates of it are currently working all around the world in great companies such as google,meta and.. Help us. They shut down our Internet we are trying so hard to communicate with the world. Be our voice . Thank you .

  7. Time to make some Molotov cocktails and booby traps to injury or kill the police entering. You can't fight them with words but they will run when you get dirty

  8. It’s time to grow up. You have 2 options. Either organize, arm yourselves, stand up and fight oppression, and take the risk of dying; or get the fuck out of that country.

  9. They let an elderly gentleman receive medical treatment, and for that they want 7 billion dollars. They behave like decent human beings, then they spoil it all by demanding 7 billion in payment for it. Nice.

  10. Please stop the betrayal of your countries to the people of Iran. Cent by cent of the money that reaches the hands of the Akhunds (Mullahs) is used to kill American troops and disturb the peace of the region.

  11. They froze the money of Iran in South Korea. This isn't giving them money, it's stopping the temporary seizure of it.

  12. Negotiating in bad faith is so much worse than releasing those funds dude. You basically guarantee that the next time no one considers any path but violence.

  13. Where are American troops being killed? Aren’t you a bit dramatic? Your country sends drones and sells weapons to terrorists:) They are to cowardly to be on the ground

  14. “a guy who was sizing-up God in a conversation. He asked, “God, how long is a million years to you?” God replied, “A million years is like a second.”

  15. By all accounts those drones are being shot down like fat ducks, I don’t think anyone is paying Iran to stop the flow of garbage.

  16. Very well could be. It’s a pretty large amount. So I doubt an 82 year old regular Iranian American and her 50 year old son are state department priorities with a pariah state. There absolutely is a back room deal tied here. Who knows what it is. Could be they were CIA which is super common with these cases of regular seeming people being arrested. Obviously Washington denies it, as they do with spies, but more often than not these political hostages aren’t just random people but intelligence assets that the USA then denies but works hard to get out.

  17. Hostages. The word they are looking for is hostages. The leadership of Iran are no better than the despotic fecal sacks running China who practice hostage diplomacy. Fuck them.

  18. I'd keep saying "we're having an issue with the bank but are working on sending it no worries bro" until the protests in Iran stop. Would hate for the 7B to be used to suppress them.

  19. This is not a solution. Even after Iran suppresses the riots, the 7B will be used to fund terror organizations outside of Iran and kill people. It can also be used to upgrade Iran's military and IRGC, which means even less of a chance for the protestors next time. You have to think ahead.

  20. The ramification of not honouring this deal means no country will negotiate a prisoner swap with America in the future

  21. You need to use your head a bit. Do you think the US will want to damage it's reputation by not honoring a simple deal?

  22. Ummm, please delay, as much as possible. They are cash strapped, and that is hurting their ability to do many things. In fact, now is the time to seize the assets of the ayatollahs and their children.

  23. And how many billions of dollars were given to Iran in exchange for NOT pursuing a nuclear program. Is that money being given back to the United States?

  24. Not to be that guy but this thread is a perfect example of how immediate thinking and small minded the reddit discussion base can be.

  25. You don't negotiate with terrorists. It's been proven over and over and over again that it emboldens more such acts

  26. shoulda kept the money and spent like 100 mil on PSAs saying dont go to [email protected]$in Iran, NKorea, Russia, just don’t cuz we gonna leave you there.

  27. You would imagine that they would know by now, that the US doesn't really care about being faithful to deals.

  28. Betrayal of Iranian people. STOP! call your representative. Stop the US government from giving money to the dictatorship in Iran.

  29. Unfortunately I don't see things changing until the people are willing to be as forceful and brutal as those who would oppress them.

  30. Every single penny of which would go towards butchering more Iranians. Thankfully the US government has already called them on their bullshit

  31. Return it to Iran, by giving it to the various organizations supporting the protests and women's rights in Iran.

  32. yeah Biden administration wants to pay mullahs so they can keep torturing us. just like Obama did. and Biden does this amid severe protests to save Mullahs.

  33. Wouldn't surprise me if they are trying to figure out if they can keep it under the civil forfeiture laws......

  34. Hey at least the USA no longer has the most expensive health care system in the world! $7 billion for medical treatment release of 1 old man.

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