Saudi Arabia wants to spend $13B to buy a 'leading game publisher'

  1. I honestly don't think he gives a shit if people know about Khashoggi. He will face 0 repercussions and doesn't give one single fuck about what you or I think.

  2. Countries with strict censorship suck ass at making any form entertainment. How’s the Chinese movie industry outside of China. SA should invest in not sucking first.

  3. Chinese mobile games are flooding the Middle East, it’s the cringe ass ads + become a sultan/harem theme or something.

  4. "strict censorship" you're clearly stuck in 2010, if that were true we wouldn't be able to access things like twitter and reddit, And even when it comes to games we can still play every game that's out there.. Make a saudi steam account and see for yourself.

  5. Well, people play World of Tanks and World of Warships by Wargaming so playing a game by a scumbag bunch of Saudi owners isn't much different.

  6. The sooner we, as a planet, transition to renewable energy, the sooner we cut off their primary source of ungodly wealth. The day really can’t come soon enough.

  7. 1- they have trillions in mineral deposits, gold and copper ore. They haven't even looked at that shit seriously yet.

  8. Oh great, a new vehicle to help share their amazing culture. Bribes, misogyny, religious persecution, and not-so-secret murder plots. 😆👌

  9. They are desperate to diversify their economy but dont or wont understand that their problem is their own oppressive regime and society.

  10. There’s a disproportionately high percentage of avid gamers amongst the royal/sheikh caste in the Middle East. One of them was majorly into World of Warcraft and actually flew out a few WoW pros to the UAE to train him in person in addition to donating hundreds of thousands on Twitch.

  11. All I can think is that this is 6.5x as much as they paid Jared Kushner for his part in selling out his country.

  12. They already own SNK, which is why a case can be made for ethical pirating of SNK and Neo-Geo arcade games. Still wanna play SamSho, but don't wanna give MBS a single cent.

  13. Nintendo is a public company… They couldn’t block it even if they wanted to. According to Nintendo, they learned of the investment from the news after the fact.

  14. they shoot ak47s into the air pretty frequently oh and theres that saudi arabian gun dancing shenanigan oh and they like to sandal surf the asphalt whilst hanging out of SUV type vehicles. wholesome stuff you know.... :/

  15. “Oil rich nation wants to switch from investing in wars and slaves and monuments to their greed in the middle of the desert, to investing in video game development. Redditors disagree however and would rather die in a wasteland caused by countries dropping nuclear weapons on each other and killing billions.”

  16. they want to buy square-shit. i grew up with ps1, ps2, n64, nes, snes ff7/8, R evil, G Turismo, and can say that good video games are dead, specially if that happens. actually died few years ago, we just can't admit it. (38m player).

  17. Ahh yes just a hat we need. Ubisoft owned by SA to produce titles like Call of Allah’s Duty, need for speed SA where you can play pursuit mode chasing any woman who attempts to drive a car, or my favorite GTA VII The morality Police ~ extra points for throwing homosexuals off rooftops and assassinating dissenting reporters living abroad!

  18. This is what capitalism allow btw, if it was a American company buying all of you would be fine but since it's a something foreign all of you are against it.

  19. It's a guy who keeps buying popular things to downplay his crimes and build up a fake sense of camaraderie so that stupid people will ignore his horrible values and actions.

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