Front-runner Lula close to outright win in Brazil election

  1. The USA has already said they would not support his coup... Which is the first time to my knowledge the USA has not supported a coup in South America

  2. January 6th was just a bunch of idiots storming into the Capitol building , bolsnaro might actually do a real fucking coup. He might not tell people to protest peacefully like trump did, he might actually use to military to remain in power.

  3. Brazil's economy, respectability and HDI increased a lot during the eight years when Lula was in power. The living standard for the most poor regions of Brazil were also raised a lot, and it was tge biggest effort to diminish the Amazon's destruction.

  4. As a conservative even though I think Lula will do nothing substantial to help Brazilians, hell yeah he's still better than Bolsonaro. That guy is an idiot.

  5. Lula was not going to be my first choice, but given the circumstances, I'm gonna vote for hin smiling. Besides, coming from a family from the northeast, I saw closely how much he improved the life of people there.

  6. Even if Lula were no better, having fair elections with the loser honoring the election is a huge thing. Assuming it happens.

  7. I dislike Lula because he sides with many of the dictatorial/authoritarian socialist regimes in the region, and because his administration was outrageously corrupt, but at this moment any candidate will be more presidential and reasonable than Bolsonaro. Populists are the worst. I’m afraid none of Brazil’s current candidates are very inspiring…

  8. Thank god! Lula was a victim of political assassination spent time in prison, and then comes out on top! I fucking love to see it!

  9. Good for Brazil. We'll have the same dilemma in Turkey next year. A fucking shoe horn is better than Erdogan at this point. Not to say Lula is a shoe horn but yea, enjoy it.

  10. I think of Lula in Brazil as being like Bernie Sanders in the US. Hasn’t Lula been around since the 70s, never quite able to pull off a win? Or have I got him mixed up with someone else?

  11. He was like that until he won in 2002, yeah. But unlike sanders, he helped found the leftist party whereas sanders was independent.

  12. Lying media as usual. Guy is "up 14%" in the polls yet only a 2 to 1 favorite on booking sites. It's clearly a lot closer, other polls that this article doesn't mention have Lula losing.

  13. Wow. I hate being in a technologically advanced world that doesn't have electronic voting. Glad at least 1 country is making the effort.

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