Palestinian deaths toll in West Bank hits 100 this year

  1. Is Toronto known for being particularly violent? From an American's perspective, it certainly doesn't have that reputation

  2. I was just about to say here is saint Louis we usually around that number for the year by the end of summer lol

  3. Because according to stupid people, israel is to blame for everything, and if we solve the Israeli Palestine conflict there will be world peace.

  4. It's supposed to be "journalistic neutrality." It's also supposed to avoid the grey area of paramilitary and militia groups and civilians who just decided to take up arms. But when we just say x amount of Israelis killed and y amount of Palestinians killed it just leads to readers speculating and using their imagination which is problematic for many reasons.

  5. If everything is reported the way it would be for any other country, it would interfere with the basic purpose of using Israel as a scapegoat.

  6. Well yes.. it doesn’t say “Palestinian citizen”, it says Palestinian. The terrorists are still Palestinians

  7. Yes, and that's much higher than usual because terror attacks stepped up this year. The UN takes the numbers from the Palestinians, so they are inflated, but even these are very low:

  8. If you open the wikipedia page for active world conflicts, in spite of all the media attention the Israeli-Palestinian conflict gets, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is among the least deadly conflicts there are.

  9. Yeah. I mean I don’t condone Israeli behaviour but I’ve had it with edgelords thinking I’m biased for being far more concerned about Ukraine right now. We’re talking the amount of deaths each day as a few years in Palestine. If Putin was prime minister of Israel, Palestinians would be a distant memory.

  10. The fight for Palestine won't be won through hard power, through media and misinformation, with that said I hope families of innocents on either side find peace.

  11. This thread is wild! There's people here defending Palestinians who use their own citizens including children as human shields.

  12. Which people? I have not seen anyone defending Palestinian militants here or any evidence of any comments being removed. I do see a few people trying to dismiss the numbers of deaths at the hands of the Israeli army as meaningless, because more people were killed by gang members in some American city.

  13. That's about equal to the bodycount from crime over the course of a month in Chicago. Those Palestinians need to step their game up.

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