Russia vetoes UN Security Council resolution on Ukraine annexations

  1. Pretty common, unfortunately. It's sort of the whole point too, without that the UN probably wouldnt exist.

  2. At any point in time the most blatant violations of sovereignty are being committed by at least one of the members of the security council.

  3. The permanent members of the Security Council are basically the most bellicose nations on Earth.

  4. It's the winners of WW2, although for some reason they gave the seat that should've gone to Canada to France. Since Russia inherited the Soviet Union's seat, they're there. Unless you're putting Sweden and Switzerland and whoever on there, there's always a chance someone on the council could be involved in something shady, some nations are more likely to be shady than others of course.

  5. My hope is UN and EU drop the veto. Then it no longer will be possible for regimes to hold the world hostage.

  6. I was just gonna write the same!! Really doesn’t make sense.. it’s like being able to be a judge/jury of your own crimes.. I think if it’s something you’re country is directly cause of/involved in, that vote/especially veto doesn’t count!!

  7. The purpose of the UN is well-defined in the UN Charter, the only problem is that Russia is abusing the position of trust it was given after WWII. That position needs to be suspended or revoked, so that the United Nations can continue to fulfill its purpose:

  8. God, I'm so fucking tired of people moaning about nukes. Guess what we have them too and unlike the russian junk, ours are guaranteed to hit and work.

  9. White countries don't give a single fuck about conflicts in other parts of the world, why should these countries care about a war in a distant country and indispose themselves with an important supplier just to get a few brownie points with white countries?

  10. There is quite a bit of hypocrisy from the UK then with Northern Ireland. The Russians learned from them as this is exactly how it was created.

  11. This comment section is the most uneducated shitshow I've ever seen on Reddit. I am so, so glad that each and every one of you have no political influence or you would get us all killed.

  12. The fact that they were forced to veto this shows just how strongly the world stands against Russian aggression. But we won't go to war to fix it, and that's the only thing that would.

  13. "The United Nations was built on an idea that never again would one country be allowed to take another's territory by force," well i guess it's collapsed now then.

  14. A country shouldn't have veto power over resolutions to condemn them. Make it go to vote in the council. If the majority agrees that said country is in the wrong it is absurd that just veto their way out.

  15. Even though their nuclear dick-wagging and threats are totally a violation of their signature on the U.N. charter. Land-thieves, rapists, murderers, kidnappers on a grand scale, the most dangerous terrorist state in many years.

  16. You see. This is what is wrong with having veto power in UN resolutions. They can't expel Russia because Russia has power to veto such resolution. How totally ridiculous.

  17. The same platform the US uses to veto condemnation of Israeli annexation of Palestinian lands. Not very nice when it happens to you, is it? History with a dark sense of humour as always.

  18. That doesn’t make it useless, but yes it certainly has weaknesses, such as countries having a veto power at all.

  19. It’s high time for Russia to be removed from permanent member status. Frankly no nation should be exempt from having the power to single handedly veto away their atrocities. Even us in the US shouldn’t be exempt in the event our government gets hijacked by a madman or an extreme ideology. I realize how unlikely that may be but with how the world is these days I can’t help but to be cynical enough to entertain the possibility.

  20. well to be fair, the years before Biden felt a bit like that the US was taken over by a madman. at least in my opinion

  21. Are you telling me a mechanism built on the assumption that goodwill is the only way to solve conflicts is unable to solve any conflicts?

  22. This should serve as a good reason to revise the way the veto works. It's bullshit that a country can start an illegal war, illegally annex parts of that country, and then just say nah when the UN tries to tell them they're wrong

  23. This looks like a vilage with 193 people in which there are 5 guys which have big weapons and do anything they want, while the rest can watch but do nothing about it.

  24. This is your friendly reminder that the UN exists to prevent World Wars, not this kind of local conflict where one side has the backing of at least one veto holding security council member

  25. Keep in mind "UN" in front of a word makes it the opposite. Unpeace keepers.... unfood program... unsecurity council

  26. You can't lol, security council cannot be dissolve, and even if it could Russia has a permanent seat so useless

  27. And now it goes to the UNGA and a hundred and some countries are gonna vote that its $h!t and say hell no, but what's that gonna change? It was the same thing when the RF vetoed the last thing and the general assembly met in march about it Yeah, it's on the record RF should kinda eff off but in reality what comes out of that? (Honest question).

  28. Why the absolute fuck are the even allowed the in the room. Is the head of any other terrosits organization allowed in?

  29. That’s what being a permanent Security Council member means and why the UN is a shit organization and will always be a shit organization.

  30. It's mad that this is all that's needed, lucky foe the UK the UN didn't exist in this form when they partitioned Ireland in the exact same way. Well I'm sure they would have had a Vito anyway

  31. U.N will always be useless nothing new here. If the u.n saw a baby in a basket on it's front doorstep they would kill it and drink its blood just to try and live longer to steal more money from us

  32. Hol up. I read your comment and clicked off only for your comment to register in my head. I came back just to correct you. Nato is a defensive alliance of nations predominantly centered around the US, Canada, and most of Europe. It was an alliance created in I think the 50s to directly oppose communist expansion in Europe and promote peace and unity between member states.

  33. Vetoes were a fucking mistake. The last time the UNSC was actually useful was when Russia and Communist China weren't on it.

  34. Is there a good reason for the Security Council to still exist? What exactly is it accomplishing that the UN as a whole couldn’t just do instead?

  35. What would you be achieving by kicking russia out? You know have no more diplomatic channel to talk to russia. It would be a loss rather than advantage.

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