Cuban government asks US for aid in rare request following Hurricane Ian damage despite chilly relationship between the two nations, per WSJ

  1. We even helped Iran when that gigantic earthquake hit. The people ruled by an extremist Terrorist thug...he Ayatollah . It's about humanity and helping the people. They're just like us. Well most of them... definitely not the regime though

  2. The embargo only allows for humanitarian aid on paper - the procedures to prove you're providing humanitarian aid are intentionally obtuse to discourage anyone from trying

  3. I wish theyd end this embargo, just being able to get the lung cancer vaccine would be huge for the US. But the Rum, I need that sweet funky Cuban rum

  4. Funny how United States is being called for help after being told to go away. That’s 3 countries that are treating US like cops and emergency services right now after being told to stop policing and interfering. I agree it’d be nice if US helped, but you can’t tell someone to go away then expect them to be at your beck and call

  5. You would think but instead we cut them off and caused extreme economical distress for decades. But they are communist so it’s okay /s

  6. If Taliban controlled afghanistan can ask for aid from the us only a couple of months after the us millitary whitdrawing, i dont see why cuba cant

  7. Also, gotta say…not fair to compare the two. Modern Cuba has problems, but they don’t deserve the treatment they get from the US. They just legalised gay marriage.

  8. You can ask for anything. If I wanted to I could ask you to Venmo me a months rent (although obviously you wouldn't). The question is should we?

  9. This is one of those rare occasions where politics and disagreements take a backseat. Give them aid

  10. Unfortunately florida politics get in the way of any meaningful progress on that front. Which says a lot about Florida's leaders considering a third of their state now resembles dresden in 1945.

  11. We should be allowed to administer the aid. Otherwise governments and military just pocket everything.

  12. Dictator's Handbook has an extensive section on why natural disasters are beneficial to leaders in communist (small electorate) countries. It's all political unfortunately...

  13. For those that are unaware, Cuba themselves have a significant track record of helping other countries in times of disaster, mainly with qualified doctors and medical supplies.

  14. Nothing really newsworthy here. We've provided humanitarian aid a number of times, the embargo allows it. We are against Cubas governmental ideology not thr Cuban people.

  15. I believe you are over-estimating how close their relationship is. Ever since the Cold War ended I don’t think Russia has had much interest in Cuba other than for a Russian middle class tourist spot. Do you know the USA exports more goods to and from Cuba than Russia? I believe their top 3 importers are #1 Spain #2 China #3 USA. Cuba gets almost all their chicken from the usa. I know that Russia and Cuba have a visa free travel policy, but I really don’t think the two countries are that close.

  16. Because Russia is greedy and they can barely help themselves. Despite everything that you see on Russian state propaganda about ‘Russian grandeur’, there are many villages in Russia where people are just as poor as Cubans.

  17. Cuba is honestly one of the more giving countries in terms of aid historically. And we have a long history of exchanging aid with them in times like these.

  18. The US should absolutely help them. Its a legit humanitarian crisis and the US can provide aid without breaking a sweat.

  19. The US has recently offered aid to cuba these past few years, as long as they could confirm no graft was being conducted-it wasn’t accepted.

  20. My problem with helping out corrupt governments is very little, if any, of the aid is used properly. Most of it ends up in government officials bank accounts. We are only buying them bigger yachts and mansions.

  21. Why does it have to be so black or white? You can hate what the US have done with regards to invasions but also appreciate other things they do on the global stage.

  22. When travel to Cuba opened for Americans there was a huge influx of tours headed there. Several of my friends (Puerto Ricans) went frequently to run tours and they said they felt very welcomed and the people were great. I think that market has cooled off substantially.

  23. I don't think they do. The Cuban people that is. The government on the other hand probably. That being said this might be the start to push Cuba away from Russia especially since it in not mistaken the old guard is dead. Might be a good start to normalized relations

  24. I remember the Obama administration being relatively friendly with Cuba and was moving towards normal trade but the whole thing was torpedoed by Trump. It's reasonable for them to expect Biden to be open to humanitarian aid.

  25. Raul was a lot more genuine than Miguel Diaz. While being a hardliner for so long Raul really started to open the country up and put it on track towards a free and open society. Diaz got handed the reins and immediately clamped down, his decrees look like shit straight from the USSR. The only westernizing he wants to do is bring in private capital to enrich him self and his friends while exploiting the Cuban people for their labor. You can really see how much the country has flounder since Raul handed over power.

  26. "Hey we don't like you, but can we have money?" The worlds relationship with the US is basically that of angsty teenagers arguing with their parents.

  27. The problem is typically what the Cuban government will do with the aid. The US has actually provided aid with Cuba many times in the past and because of those experiences has restricted the types of aid that it will provide. Not too long ago Cuba asked the US to provide them with oil storage... so they could store more Venezualan purchased oil.

  28. No real reason not to? How about this as a reason - the people are starving because the powers been partially out since Monday and what was the Cuban governments reaction to the protests? To shut down all communication on the island so the protests don’t have a voice. Aid money going to get Cuban government does not result in any benefit to the people. If we were actually going to provide aid let’s send free chicken, free rice, and open communications.

  29. We should help a suffering neighbor even if we don't like him. But don't just send money, send engineers and experts (Corps of Engineers?) to make sure it helps the needy not the ones in power.

  30. Yes the Castro family is a mafia. The great son's travel all around the world eat food that no Cuban person has ever eaten

  31. When there is someone asking for help that typically wouldn't ask you because of an icy relationship....that's when you fucking help fast.

  32. I’m thinking of a quote I read once. It’s in regards to the US, something along the lines of “you bit my hand, I fed you with the other” it’s a long quote that I wish I could find again.

  33. Funny how a lot of people are against Cuba getting aid when they offered to help the US on 9/11. No country, government or political system is perfect but life is easier when people are willing to work with each other. Let the grudges go and help the people who are in need.

  34. Cuba literally supported Russias bid to annex chunks of Ukraine this past week. I was feeling bad for them and people often wonder why there is even still an embargo to begin with but they’re little cocksuckers whenever they can be, then they come crawling back asking for help. If only there was a way to send aid to their people without their shitty government taking it and repurposing it for their rich buddy supporters

  35. Dear U.S.A. You aren't still mad about the whole missile thing are you? We could really use some help. Your neighbor, Cuba

  36. It’s be cool if the just applied for statehood. Life’s instantly better for everyone involved if the joined us.

  37. my parents and my grandparents continue to cause problems for cuba, really it's been how long, and ya'll old people cant let go of past and let a country get on it's legs and give it help to get there. ffs this is not soviet cuba any longer.

  38. The embargo only applies to the US, the rest of the world can trade freely with Cuba. The Castros have just stolen all the wealth.

  39. Everyone cries that the US meddles in every other nations affairs.. yet we’re the first one every country crawls to for help when they’re down bad.

  40. Typical communist government. It's all "US bad muh oppression!!" until they need money and aid then all of a sudden we're expected to enable them. We aren't a bank, go ask someone else for your bailout.

  41. I love this type of shit. If the US gives aid to Cuba. It's like "yeah we ideologically are polar opposites" but we aren't gonna let you die. Faith in humanity restored. Polos opuestos no me importa.

  42. Russias a bit preoccupied right now. Better to take advantage of this to ease tensions. We don’t need to give Cuba more grief against us. This is an easy W for us. To be bitter at this point would be monumentally stupid.

  43. Russia is not capable of doing much right now. They cannot even successfully protect their newly stolen land in Ukraine.

  44. I hope we do help then they wont be so chummy with Russia. The more friends we have, the better.

  45. I think we should always give humanitarian aid. It's who we are as Americans. No matter what government someone has, the citizens need food, water, and shelter, as human beings. We should never decide who to give humanitarian aid to, based on how much we approve of their government.

  46. Has Cuba done anything recently (last 20 years) deserving of our diplomatic reservations? I’m not familiar with recent Cuban history.

  47. There was the Havana Syndrome stuff that we haven't completely figured out. The theory is it was an experimental microwave weapon being used on embassy staff in Cuba

  48. Problem is Florida and the Caroline’s - mostly Florida, just got hammered by the same storm. A lot of resources are going to be tied up there I imagine no?

  49. Or maybe - here's an idea - we just lift all the sanctions we've had on Cuba for decades and stop needlessly crushing their economy.

  50. You mean the same Cuban regime that almost caused a nuclear war over 60 yrs ago. You want to go through that again with this Russian dictatorship? All it takes is for Russia to sneak in nuclear weapons to that island and we can have N Korea on our doorsteps.

  51. This will be a good idea, if the reason that the "sanctions" started weren't the expropriation of USA businesses in Cuba. So what the USA has waited is a democratic, free speech, Cuba. Until Cuba has all of this the sanctions that really do not do anything will be lifted

  52. While we’re at it would should just abandon the sanctions as well. It’s been 61 years since the sanctions/embargo were introduced on Cuba. The idea of forcing a government change through economic pressure has long since passed. At this point why continue to isolate them from the world and markets?

  53. No Cuba, is under a dictatorship a if you give them aid the will continue killing Cuban people. The entire island doesn't have any electricity and the people is on protest because of it.

  54. Exactly. Not only that but the Cuban government has shut down communications (internet, vpn, etc) on the entire island to disrupt organization of the people protesting.

  55. More people vote in Cuba than in America, they also have more Democratic control over their communities than we do.

  56. Yo, Cuba doesn't rant about the US cause they're crazy. It's because the US is committed to burying Cuba.

  57. The "gay marriage" referendum was just a charade so the useful idiots outside Cuba buy the crap from the dictatorship. It was not just a "gay marriage" referendum, it was a code to regulate families, giving the government more power. Also, the media is controlled by them and it was illegal to promote voting "no".

  58. As a Canadian the embargo has seemed excessive for ages. The humanitarian aid given by the US has been great in the past and I assume will still be but the embargo will still hinder a rebuild.

  59. So did Biden have no ambition to replicate Obama’s move to warm relations? I understand Trump undid that, but I thought Biden would undo everything Trump did.

  60. I hope we give it. Typically all of our aid has labels on it “From the people of the United States of America.” It just might be a turning point.

  61. I know it's probably a pipe dream, but I hope we aid them with no strings attached. Regular citizens are suffering and it's precisely these times that we should help how we can. Dunno how happy the GOP will be if we answer their request for aid or if they can block it.

  62. More than just give aid, the US should end the embargo. Of course that will never happen because it would be electoral suicide because so many Americans are psychotic about 'muh gomnunism'

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