[Iran] Leaked documents reveal top-level orders to armed forces to ‘mercilessly confront’ protesters

  1. I would like to say to the Iranian people. I wish you to have peace, happiness and prosperity. My best wishes to you, your family and country. My heart breaks for you.

  2. They need to finally do this now. They need that Taliban-like regime of terrorists neutralized. A revolution against the Ayatollah. The absolute extremist maniac. I'm sure the United States and some allies are likely helping them secretly. Even Israel. This Psychopath is the biggest threat to Israel's very existence. He arms, funds, and sponsors Hamas, Hezbollah, and Islamic Jihad. We should not be surprised if this escalated into something big, Israel will send in the Warplanes to destroy Iran's nuclear capability for a very long time. This will all play out sooner than later. A month from now, it could be civil war in Iran. The allies of Israel are arming the shit out of Iranians with weapons. People there want the Ayatollah gone

  3. Seems like it shows a crack between leadership and the military if secret orders to violently quell protests are being made public.

  4. Yeah, I've been following Amnesty and HRW on this. They hardly care. They did, however, write a report against Israel during this time, so I guess that's more important for them.

  5. I think it's fair to assume that the Kurds in east Iran are already being supplied by their cousins in Iraq. Rojava, which was a long term battleground of Kurds vs IS is just across the Iran/Iraq border. And there have been public demonstrations there in support of the Iranian protestors. Which the Iranian government is

  6. Is it really leaked documents when they have them on video saying that on national television? The protests are still ongoing, and unfortunately, internet blackout is working in suppressing information.

  7. People are aware of that and hopefully they won’t stand down. They need to chase all mullahs and rich kids of Teheran. Government officials and associate will fly out to Canada and the US, because yes they all have American citizenship.

  8. Funny, how in 2022 bots repeat the same message, whataboutism is a standard response from terrorist usurpers of previous regime as if it can get worse than theocratic morality police.

  9. This is close to slander. His generals practically begged him to crack heads time and again and he basically refused and left the country.

  10. If the Shah had been using the same tactics as the current Iranian government is, he would have never lost power. He abdicated rather than use the full force of the state to put down protests.

  11. The level of ignorance on reddit re my country, especially anything remotely related to its history is mind boggling. The Shah was ultimately deposed because he refused on multiple occasions to order the military to crack down on protesters and he himself physically left the country in order to reduce or eliminate that type of violence (the second time he left btw).

  12. Not as ruthlessly as the mullahs are suppressing the people now. Getting rid of the Shah was a walk in the park compared to this. There will be thousands of deaths before the regime can be ousted, if at all it can be done.

  13. The regime is a group of Godless, ruthless thugs without any fear of God hiding behind the cloak of religion.

  14. Funny, hadn’t the title explicitly state “Iran”, I would have thought and convinced this just happens in US.

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