Iran accused of massacre in South amid wave of protests

  1. Bro, if this doesn’t cause a revolution I don’t know what will. The supreme leader is on his dead bed and there is a political turmoil

  2. There is still some content being uploaded on twitter every day. The protests are still going strong. I saw video of a police station being burned down and huge protest different places all over the country.

  3. There are protests across the globe tomorrow, Oct 1. If you want to help Iranians, you can go to the following ip address and leave the browser tab open. This is for the Tor network. I cannot explain how it works but it is safe and legit. I have had 27 users since Wednesday.

  4. Internet is completely shut down in many areas. I lost access to many of my friends , there is still the possibility to access internet in some cities or public places, but not to every site/application and the speed is like 1990s low, because they don't wany you to upload anything.

  5. The internet is much more sporadic than it was at the beginning of the protest. So it’s harder to get videos out.

  6. If there is truly one way to turn your own people against you and in turn spark a revolution this would be it.

  7. Can we just get all the authoritarian, anti-women, religious zealots in one place? Take them from Russia, Iran, the US and everywhere else.

  8. Problem is.. they get kids. Who decides for them. Thats kind of whats happening in every revolution, young people want change

  9. Iranians....I think now might be the time? Free yourselves from the biggest terrorist in the world....the Ayatollah and his barbaric clan of extremist pigs. The West and Israel support the good people taking back what's there's. The country of Iran. They want freedom. No more people getting executed for being gay. So many sick twisted things are happening right now. I hope they can overthrow him .

  10. Everyone knows that a extremist regime’s fanatical interpretation and use of a religion to justify their own violence means the entire religion is violent!

  11. It's funny how you can't see how the religion is not the problem, it's the barbaric extremists slaughtering hundreds of innocents and prohibiting basic human rights, saying "Dont worry guys, we did it for Islam!" every time. They get away with it because of their firepower while the civilians who believe in the real principles of Islam are scared for their lives. Please do your research.

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