NATO says Putin's "serious escalation" will not deter it from supporting Ukraine

  1. It's absolutely fucking baffling. It's like Putin thinks war is like a slot machine and if you keep inserting money and keep pulling the lever you'll just eventually win just by sheer luck.

  2. He's delusional as well. In the off chance the public in the USA all decided they literally hated Ukraine and wanted nothing to do with it.

  3. Sunk Cost Fallacy is absolutely a thing. I know I've had to fight that very feeling in many aspects of my life, financial, work, romantic etc.

  4. the disinformation is so strong in russia you have to believe that Putin is also being fed lies because people fear telling him the truth. amazing irony if you ask me. too bad so many people have to suffer and die because of this terrible leadership.

  5. i don't think its sunk cost, i think he knows the moment Russia officially loses he's literally dead. he's extending his own life by throwing away thousands of others

  6. I think at this point Putin is suicidal. There is no way he’s unaware of the ramifications of his conduct. He’s willing to crash head first in a game of chicken. Just because it’s crazy doesn’t mean it isn’t calculated.

  7. At this point, even if Ukraine loses the 4 regions, the West pumping weapons basically means this is gonna be a long and drawn out fight for Russia decimating their economy in the long run. Russia is gonna come out of this war weaker than most developing nations.

  8. His gamble is based entirely on a belief/assumption that the ‘West’ is not the single minded entity that it is made out to be. He cannot pull this off if the ‘West’ remains a unified block committed to unified action and unified acceptance of basic principles of international law.

  9. You’re not wrong, but at the same time IF you’re in his position and “you”, as Putin, has chosen this course then you would at least have to hold out through winter. If you’re banking on the west “giving up” due to pressure from its populace then you couldn’t possibly just give up before winter rolls around. If this is still going on next spring, I’ll be curious to see what he has to say then. He has no cards to play at that point, (to his one people) what are you going to wait for next winter and hope for a different result? At some point he’s going to have to be pressured by his own people, whether that be the populace or his own associates, and like I said he won’t have any cards left to play once winter comes and goes.

  10. At this point the West cannot stop the support for Ukraine even if they wanted , it would be suicide. If Russia gets it's way then China might take over Taiwan and then we're really fucked .

  11. The sunk cost fallacy is him continuing the war, sending hundreds of thousands of Russian young people to the meat grinder without adequate supplies.

  12. The problem is now with the changes of the law and the annexation he can throw people at the problem until it goes away. Despite Russias shockingly bad logistics and leadership. This is something neither Ukraine or NATO can do.

  13. germany has a decently diverse political landscape but in a recent poll, 73% of the population support the government helping Ukraine 🇺🇦

  14. If we have any society left to study it... Your statement is likely true but this is one of the most dangerous moments in modern society..

  15. The US developed all these weapons specifically to fight Russians. It's amazing to see just how effective they've been.

  16. I wonder is there a running count of how many times russia (or its proxies) has issues their nuclear threats? It must be in the double digits by now.

  17. Could the next US elections change the dynamics of the Republicans take over the House? There has been a love fest with Russia among some politicians - perhaps they may no longer be best buds with the gravy train of Russian funds drying up.

  18. I mean… Ukraine with the help of western equipment has been beating back Russia as of late. Russia. The place every one thought is only second to American for military might. Kind of nuts to think they’d just back down now after a speech when you’ve been illegally occupying territory and now illegally claiming it for your own as Russian territory which they want back. He lies through his teeth at every event, he’s been crying wolf for way too long for people to take any of his words seriously outside of Russia. Sunk cost fallacy needs a stronger term at this point.

  19. I mean, Biden has something to protect in Ukraine. The whole Trump impeachment, in hindsight, kind of revealed where interests lie and neither party was for the American people.

  20. Yep. In regards to using Nuclear weapons, if Putin uses them then there will be swift unprecedented reaction by NATO to snuff out Russia. This is the only solution because if otherwise left unchecked it shows the whole world that if you are a Nuclear power then you can just invade other countries using them and nothing will happen. Putin knows this.

  21. "Bring it on" from someone with no skin in the game.... The amount of lives that are hanging in the balance on this deserve better than these types of comments from keyboard commandos.

  22. At this point we have no choice. Otherwise you set the precedent anyone with nukes can bully the world into what they want.

  23. 15% of Ukraine annexed is gonna make Eastern European countries very nervous. If they don’t get their land back, it might give others ideas.

  24. Everyone was still scared of Russia because of the cold war but we didn't know that they haven't gotten any more powerful since then.

  25. Eh, it depends on how well they maintained those 50 year old Nukes over the years. Doubt they could function, but that’s a risky take especially when dealing with a Dementia patient at the helm of it all

  26. WBT are powerful, Ukraine has adopted them perfectly and look what they are doing. The USA would be able to dominate Russia on they’re own, the sheer capability of the US is scary with the technology you guys possess right now, maybe add us UK to the fight and it’s certain as our navy and naval tactics are within the best in the world, then add all these other powerful NATO nations, it would be over within 2 weeks

  27. Don’t kid yourself. Russia, the rest of Europe, North America, and maybe Asia will all “fall” within half an hour if there’s an actual war between NATO and Russia.

  28. The serious escalation of annexing the territories wasn't there to deter NATO. It was there so that legally speaking, conscripts can be used to defend "Russian territory".

  29. Which doesn't really accomplish anything anyways, even to drive support among fellow Russians. Any Russian who thinks of territory they just stole as their own would just as willingly steal more just as well.

  30. From what I've seen and heard, it's a bit of a mystery because it doesn't seem like good strategy and he's backed himself into a corner internationally and domestically now.

  31. Putin’s speech at the annexation ceremony was unhinged. The dude rambled on gender surgery, 17th century grievances to pillaging of India. The dude also claims to speak on behalf of non-western countries. Suspect the dude better not get close to windows above ground floor. Someone on the inside is gonna pull the trigger soon.

  32. Tbh I think the USA is already inside the Russian government, look at all the leaks before the war, they knew months and months before it started. If putin makes any moves that will make a huge war or nuclear retaliation, then they will or someone will just take him out

  33. Appeasement has never worked and only allows the imperialist to get even more brazen and comfortable with annexing land.

  34. Does Russia have enough functioning nuclear and chemical weapons to take on the rest of the world? Highly unlikely considering the very poor deployment of their full time troops and weapons into the Ukraine. Did the west suddenly forgive and forget for all the Russian transgressions over the past 20 years? No, they watched and kept tabs on their capabilities. This was never about if Russia makes a play to make claims on Europe. It was always about when. Russia figured their political destabilising influences in other countries was enough to weaken resolve. They will be defeated and put back into their naughty corner until they learn to play well with others.

  35. From what I've heard Russia has the most nukes of any country on earth (6,300 nuclear warheads), but not more than all western countries combined. In either case they have at least enough to destroy the U.S. and the U.K. both.

  36. They very likely have a core of active nuclear weapons that are very reliable. At least enough to destroy the economy of any of their adversaries.

  37. Even if the war ends and goes back to the same borders people are gonna hate on Russians for a long time. All puti ns fault.

  38. Putin will take many with him, but he’ll be wiped from the planet in the next five years, hopefully by his own people.

  39. NATO: "Now that Ukraine has been officially annexed by Russia, we will cease and desist support operations immediately, as they are illegal under Russian law."

  40. Pretty sure the only thing Russia knows how to do is increase threats of violence. Just look at what their government does to their people and businessmen who don't fall in line with their bloody rhetoric.

  41. Not sure making a wish and chanting "russia" while holding hands with 4 normal sized humans counts as a serious escalation.

  42. I dunno, Putin’s right in pointing out that the Russian population as a whole is used to doing without a number of creature comforts while the West, ESPECIALLY the US, is not. Putin’s banking on the “feeble” west to blink first. I hope we prove him wrong.

  43. When Republicans take over the House in the US in November, he'll lean on his supporters there and try to derail any additional aid to Ukraine.

  44. It’s nowhere near Ukraine - but if Russia uses nukes, then NATO should take Kaliningrad - because they could not rely on them not using nukes again.

  45. Russia cannot win this war, its near impossible for them logistically compared to NATO + US. Their words are empty.

  46. I recently had a problem with my bank and held a referendum and I now own the bank and subsequently I can live life like a Russian oligarch

  47. Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty. - John Kennedy

  48. “Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny, consume you it will.”~ Yoda

  49. This was probably what he originally wanted - secure the land, declare it's Russia, offer a peace treaty. Thing is, it's literally only a few years since Russia annexed Crimea, promised that's all they wanted, and then began this invasion.

  50. Better make sure that does not happen then. You do know that the Republicans received Russian funding ?

  51. War will likely be over in somewhere between three months and a year from now, and for that matter GOP chances of snagging the presidency aren't looking too good at the moment. Although two years leaves room for a lot of unknowns.

  52. The Russians aren't the French. You're forgetting to include the human factor. And nothing ever really happened before either. Matter of factly, there's nothing one can do to stop a country that has nukes.

  53. If Russia can annex the Donbas to “protect their territory”, Ukraine can also join NATO and trigger article 5.

  54. Not sure NATO wants this just yet. Most NATO countries are relatively close to Russia. Putting all of their biggest/most important cities in grave danger isn’t exactly the smartest thing to do.

  55. I think he found out he’s dying and wants to make sure he’s in the history books as more than just “was president for a million years”. Just my personal opinion. And I don’t trust the look of that priest they have telling people they will go to god if they join.

  56. Why not do damage control and avoid at all cost a war, I feel like they are giving more reasons for a war to keep going and escalate

  57. Seems like the options at this point are nuclear war or nuclear war. Poutine isn’t going to accept defeat without killing off a huge portion of everyone.

  58. How does this illegal "annex" benefit these terrorists?, and how is there no accountability for their daily war crimes?. As 99% of the world will not recognize their " referendums" what point is there to it? Also, Putin and the Gremlin need nuked.

  59. the thing is threats of using nukes doesn't matter in an aggressiv expansion. if back down due to this threat they will only become more aggressiv and more likely to use said nukes later.

  60. How come nobody comments on how short that crazzy fucker is,I noticed during his so called speech he looked like a skinny hobbit. If I was a dick tator I would execute anyone taller than myself.

  61. Ukrainian troops were becoming demoralized as they were running out of targets to shoot at. Many more targets now, the brave Ukrainian Soldiers are very happy.

  62. Our own internal political parties that are paid for by Putin may do it, but Putin won't get to do it directly.

  63. This was done by the US to make sure the rest of Europe keeps supporting Ukraine. The prospect of Russian gas is no longer there so they have to ensure Ukraine remains independent and unconquered.

  64. Why? NATO will curbstomp Russia within a few days via conventional means, Russia can't even handle Ukraine armed with some insignificant surplus from NATO countries.

  65. The terms gave not changed. I think there is an excellent chance that NATO would welcome in Ukraine - when the time is right.

  66. I don't think virtue signalling about how much we support Ukraine is going to affect the outcome of the war. For Ukraine to win, it needs weapons, and the US just happens to have by far the strongest military on the planet.

  67. Clueless virtue signalling. Nobody cares for that. The price to pay for NOT helping Ukraine will be much greater, just like it was with Poland 80 years ago

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