Kremlin says any attack on annexed territory will be an attack on Russia

  1. Ukraine have literally already bombed Belgorod in actual Russia and fuck all happened; what are they going to do this time?

  2. If I'm not mistaken by Russian law conscripts can't be sent outside of Russian territory, only volunteer soldiers can. This allows him to openly send conscripts into Ukraine. Previously they send them in under false pretenses like training exercises or just outright denied they were in Ukraine at all.

  3. This time they are gonna threaten nukes if it continues and if it continues after that they will threaten nukes if it continues and if it continues after that they will threaten nukes if it continues and if it continues after that they will threaten nukes if it continues and if it continues after that they will threaten nukes if it continues and if it continues after that they will threaten nukes if it continues and if it continues after that they will threaten nukes if it continues.

  4. I think it's a boots-on-the-ground thing. There were missile and chopper attacks on Belgorod, but there weren't any Ukrainian soldiers entering Belgorod. It's the same with Crimea.

  5. Yeh but you see, that doesn’t count, because ukraine is not really a foreign country, it’s just a part of russia that has forgotten it is a part of russia /s

  6. Claim more of Ukraine belongs to them. Send children, old people and the infirm to their death. Standard fucking insane dictator shit.

  7. Oh no, the Ukrainians in these border Russian (occupied Ukraine) areas are being oppressed! Guess they need a special military operation to protect them and denazify Russia.

  8. I had a thought earlier today; even if Russia did decide to use nukes, they ‘probably’ wouldn’t want to hit their own forces and supposed territory….yet a major strike on any other part of Ukraine that is strategically relevant would damage a nearby NATO country(even if “just” residual radiation). I really don’t think Russia has the means to effectively use nukes in this conflict without completely opening themselves to destruction.

  9. And the Qanons, Redhats, and brainwashed dolts at the Russia sub will all begin whining about how mean Ukraine is.

  10. I don’t think this is going to work the way Russia wants it to. If they’re defending occupied territories as though they were Russia proper and Ukraine is intent on reclaiming those occupied territories… what’s the red line to keep them from pushing into Russia proper now to address any number of issues (rockets being fired from inside Russia, taking out strategic targets, etc.).

  11. Pointless for Ukraine because they’ve been at war with Russia for some time. And Russia has been shelling their civilian population centers for the last 6 months.

  12. Don't worry friend, Ukraine will only be conducting a special military operation into those lands. No invasion!

  13. They are making these statements because Russian nuclear policy says first strikes are only allowed when Russian territory is being taken. This is 100% posturing to puff the chest against the west to say that nukes are on the table. No more 'empty' threats we all know go against doctrine.

  14. It's like these houses worth 1 USD: sure, you can buy it, but then you need to somehow evict all junkies from it.

  15. Ukraine already attacked some depots in the actual area of Russia, so I think you can take that statement with a lot of salt

  16. yes but now the Kremlin said that it will consider it to be an attack on Russia, and if I've learned anything about the Kremlin saying things, it means that it will definitely not be considered to be an attack on Russia.

  17. Didn't Hussain claim victory in the gulf war that the Iraqi's got crushed in? I guess he could do one of those.

  18. What is stopping countries such as Japan and Finland now taking a slice out of Russia to claim back their stolen lands? If it's good for the goose, then surely it's good for the gander.

  19. there seems to be some kind of double edge here: if he says the annexed parts are russia, and claims ukraine is INVADING russia. then he can't pull the trigger again. if ukraine even pushes on Moscow, they'll already have "invaded russia" once (in the "annexed" parts). those headlines can't just reprint and make sense

  20. When the Navalny's team released that amazing documentary what stuck in my mind the most was the shot of the gate to his Versailles imitation (which is full of mold because Russian corruption, but I digress)...

  21. Now? He came to power by bombing his own citizens and then waging a costly pointless war in Chechnya. The dude has always been unhinged.

  22. Yeah these people seem to forget making grandiose polticial statements means nothing if you can't back it up with your army. As a country that is all about brute force its hilarious to watch them try to weasel their way into victory.

  23. Typically Kremlin strategy: keep saying lies until it’s “true.” They’ll still be talking about their wins and advances even if their military is completely destroyed.

  24. We cannot set a precedent that you can just invade a country, kill thousands of civilians, set up a fake vote, and call it part of your nation now. It doesn't matter what russia thinks is russia it matters what the international community thinks is russia.

  25. That precedenct was set in 2014 when Putin annexed Crimea and the rest of the world whined but did nothing. The attacks were seeing now are a direct result of Putin getting away with that.

  26. Putin is just itching to drop a nuke. He’s a sick dying old man with to much power, someone in Russia needs to intervene before he takes the whole world down with him

  27. What's stopping them from doing this type of shit again in other parts of Ukraine that they somehow manage to take over?

  28. Nothing. Keeping them from getting away with it this time is basically our only option. Otherwise they will just keep doing it like you are saying.

  29. That’s why people who keep agitating the nuclear scarecrow and insist giving in to Putin can go fuck themselves.

  30. This isnt some kind of gotcha where Russia tricked us with a solid loophole. Every sane country will ignore this bullshit.

  31. Maybe don’t go to war with another country, steal territory during the war, and go surprised pikachu when no one recognizes your stolen territory and the country you stole it from continues to work to take it back.

  32. Yes, but I held a referendum yesterday that told me that 150% of Russian voters want to become part of Germany, so any attack on Russia will oblige NATO to move forces there to defend it. Not to invade, mind you, but to defend it from evil separatist forces inside Russia that want to resist the will of the people.

  33. So...Russia starts a war, making people flee. Next, they occupy the area with their military, and heavily destroy the surroundings. Then... they ask the people if they want to join Russia and report 96% say yes? It's all so tiresome to keep up with. Does anyone actually believe these reports?

  34. Sad thing is they still fucked up a lot of life and cities in Ukraine. Its maddening the amount of destruction for basically nothing.

  35. Putin is backing himself into a corner where he'll either have to use nukes or reveal himself toothless. Either choice ends badly for him, granted the whole world loses if he uses nukes.

  36. Basically. I saw a thread on twitter arguing that Putin is trying to draw NATO in. In short, he can't win in Ukraine, and any gains he makes there for a negotiated peace will still be a huge loss, likely fatal al la 1905, for him because Ukraine being weak while Russia strong is at stake.

  37. He himself cant really use nukes. He can give an order to use them, at which point we will see how much everyone in that chain of command loves their children.

  38. Not really, just doing following the same playbook as the Nazis and the Romans and countless others before them.

  39. Point # 165 of the Russian constitution recently approved by Putin does state “All votes are valid even in a form of a signed toilet paper that was used to wipe your asshole and flushed down the drains”. Congrats on the annexation!

  40. This is the logical equivalent of trying to claim you were assaulted because someone fought back while you were robbing them...

  41. So look, all I want to do is this. I just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have, because we won the state.

  42. Imagine spotting your neighbour in his driveway as he is leaving for work in the morning and you just yell across to him "That's my car now not yours. If you get in that car you're stealing." and then you attack him for trying to get in the car.

  43. Sadly I don't think Putin realises that he has pushed the rest of the world into a corner, capitulate to Russian rule backed by the threats of nukes, or fight... Its the same sort of corner Hitler backed the world into that kicked off WWII, only then it was the fear of another Great War instead of the fear of nuclear war that was being banked on.

  44. I honestly think he is doing this on purpose at this point. He can't back out of Ukraine and retain the image he wants for himself in Russia if Ukraine is the only country kicking their ass. I think he wants NATO to get involved at this point, because when he sues for peace it can be spun as an underdog Russia vs NATO story internally in Russia, and that they "held back the west from violating Russia's true borders" when in fact NATO just won't cross into current Russian borders, just remove them from Ukraine.

  45. This is like some kid stealing some other kid's toy on the playground and then crying when the other kid tries to take it back

  46. Well, to be very honest, if this means that Ukraine (and the world) gets nuked if they are trying to get their land back.. then I'll happily evaporate in a blast. I rather die than to live in this kind of a world when anyone can just take my home and life away and claim its theirs, just because they can.

  47. Ok, and?? Russia, your military is inept. Your threats are laughable. You can't even beat Ukraine. There us no annexed territory. Fake elections don't count Vlad. If that's the case, we just held a fake election and we're annexing Moscow

  48. OK, so why would Russia need to do this? It's not actually about nukes since Ukraine has shelled actual Russian territory in the north and attacked crimea, which Russia annexed years ago. It's to justify the draft at home. The Kremlin won't acknowledge those prior attacks, so it needs to generate an attack on Russia that is "safe" for its propagandists to use. That's likely what's happening.

  49. They're justifying conscription in occupied areas, as well as justifying sending conscripts from thr rest of Russia, yes.

  50. Just think, Russia could have NOT attacked Ukraine and they wouldn't have caused countless lives lost (both their own and Ukrainians), wasted billions of dollars, would have a somewhat viable economy, wouldn't have upset the global economy, and would have kept hidden their inept military.

  51. Just out of cusiosity, will the annexation ceremony be broadcasted live somewhere? Fuck that poetin but this is a very frightening moment in the history of men and i want to witness wtf he is up to

  52. I just had a poll and all of russia now belongs to Ukraine. It was super legal so no problems anymore.

  53. Putin, nobody gives a shit. You're a weird old man, and all you talked about in your speech was about how the west does things and why it's bad. You're scared, you're pathetic and nobody likes you.

  54. You know when a kid is getting his ass kicked in a board game, so he just makes up new rules to suit them and pretends those are the "REAL" rules and everybody knows they are just making shit up because they are embarrassed because they are getting their ass kicked...thats Putin.

  55. If Russia isn't bluffing about nuking Ukraine than the country would be uninhabitable and Russia would have gained nothing.

  56. I would fucking love it if the outcome to all this is that Ukraine ends up with more territory than they started with and Russia has to beg to give them back the bits they lost.

  57. -Kremlin uses the argument and logic of a literal child to try and back up its bullshit, won't actually have the resources to back up their claims.

  58. Annexation sounds like something straight out of WW1. Putin’s intervention in Ukraine gets more idiotic as time goes on. He’s destroying his country’s and his own reputation. No one with any credibility is gonna recognize annexation.

  59. If i stole something and then just wrote my name on it, that doesn't mean it now belongs to me. Its still stolen.

  60. Russia? I officially annex russia as part of ukraine. We had a vote, 99.99999% voted in favor of annexation. Russia has been dissolved and no longer exists, time to update the maps.

  61. The west cannot allow for this blackmail. If he is successful this will not end there and incentivize other countries to pursue nuclear weapons. A proliferation nightmare.

  62. These comments make it seem like a lot of people overestimate current capabilities and have some out of touch idea of reality when it comes to nuclear war.

  63. This feels too much like they're trying to justify the future use nuclear weapons without being glassed by wider world in response ('hey, we only did it to defend ourselves').

  64. And? What are they going to do? No one in the power chain will let Putin launch any nukes, they know very well that launching a single nuke means the complete destruction of Russia.

  65. Russian territory has already been attacked, multiple times. Supply depots and logistics hubs on the RU side have been repeatedly attacked by UA missiles, aircraft, drones, and Special Forces. And Russia has done dick all about it. The rhetoric has been turned up, but the status quo hasn't changed

  66. I conducted a referendum today in Russia to join Absurdistan. 6174% voted yes. Russia doesn't exist any longer.

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