Iranian musician, soccer player arrested for supporting protests

  1. I heard a woman from Iran explain that the government may not appear to be doing very much about the protesters now but that they were recording every person they could & they will eventually hunt them down & deal harshly with them later...

  2. Sounds likely. Pretty much what happened for Hong Kong. They only start tightening the screws when international interest and attention waned.

  3. The head of the military police has a wife… let’s hope she is on the side of freedom… and knows how to make a delicious tea that would put him out. And let’s hope the second in command, will turn and support the people…

  4. How many times must the people of Iran rise up and be killed by the corrupt theocracy police? Where and when in history will freedom ring for these people?

  5. I wonder what your game plan is? Send in the troops? Launch air strikes? Sanctions? Wait, Iran already is sanctioned. Well, military intervention will do then?

  6. When exactly was that again? Talking like the Supreme Court didn’t just rule that women don’t have the right to their own medical decision. FOH

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