Russia open to in-person talks with U.S. on nuclear arms treaty

  1. “We will grudgingly reduce our arms by … half. In return, you will stop supplying arms, aid, and intelligence to Ukraine. We good?”

  2. We will put half of nukes in annexed regions you don’t recognize thereby lowering the number of nukes in Russia. Technically.

  3. Meanwhile the half they reduce was already defunct 30 years ago, and they're just realizing it after an arm's audit

  4. My world history teacher in middle school described it as "if I pointed a gun at your head, but took out half the bullets, would you feel any better?"

  5. I am actually worried this is the same shit they did in February when they start pushing out mixed messages to create confusion.

  6. They desperately want the world to see the newly annexed territories in Ukraine as legit. So, there will be some side schmoozing for a bit, with various countries. Until they realize no one takes them seriously. Then it is back to the same old shit.

  7. Likely not, there is a lot of fear going around regarding the use of nuclear weapons, everybody here agrees that Russia have done a lot of fucked up things and broke various agreements but the nuclear one is a line I believe Russia is not willing to cross has it would drag everybody into the war.

  8. He's trying to buy time so tucker and trump can whip the Republicans up enough to start a civil war.

  9. Possibly, but an more likely scenario is Russia is trying to save money. ICBM's are stupid expensive. For reference the US plans to spend 68 billion a year for the next 10 years to update it's nuclear forces. The Russian defense budget is 62 billion BTW. Russia's spending on it's nuclear force might be as high as 40% of it's defense budget. The goal would be to get a new treaty allowing Russia to reduce it's nuclear force to something like 2000 weapons and thus save huge amounts of money.

  10. There isn’t a single sincere thought in putins mind about negotiating anything in good faith. There isn’t a single nation outside of Russia that would believe them. There isn’t any single treaty or agreement or understanding that Russia won’t break. Even Bismarck said never trust the Russians.

  11. Could this be Russia inviting the US in to show them that the nukes they keep threatening us with are up and functional. Like a maneuver to show the US they aren’t bluffing?

  12. If this is real, and not some gaslighting bs, we must have threatened the absolute FUCK out of them in private. How do you translate "total annihilation" into russian?

  13. Feel like of all the common news sources, Reuters deserves my clicks. Same vein as AP, mostly just true facts based reporting

  14. I think they're full of shit. If Moscow wants these inspections, it's gotta because they've found ways to successfully circumvent them, or they just don't have money to make more, and they want to acquire something for nothing.

  15. This stinks of fear. Russia just completed its Sham elections to carve up Ukraine. It will now claim its operation as a success meanwhile as all the men flee the country they attempt to get back inside with the west. These cunts where on Russia tv saying they should nuke the queens funeral

  16. This is why he brings up nukes. So that he can negotiate from a place of strength. It must irk him that the IS doesn’t sink to his level and discuss nukes publicly, he is the only idiot in the world talking about nukes. The US won’t even acknowledge him as a world leader anymore, they won’t talk with him

  17. This really does kinda feel like a worried Putin trying to get back a seat at the adults table before everything gets decided around him.

  18. Putin: If I'm being totally honest, there's like 18 of us left in this country and we're running out of bread. So can we make a deal?

  19. I did not want to embarrass myself in public. Figured we could keep this little mishap between us privately.

  20. So...uh...gentlemen... I made a huge mistake and now my comrades want to cut off my head. Could you, uh... like get me out of here and I'll like stop it...?

  21. It'll probably be: "You let me have ________ I don’t use Nukes. Treaty?" With Ukraine penciled in the blank. To make it easier to copy the next time they decide to try this.

  22. This is for internal Russian consumption. It's an attempt to reaffirm that they're still relevant and trusted by other major players.

  23. we know the habitual behavior from the Russians. When they want to talk it means they don't have any alternative or options. though this is a serious matter. its like an episode of COPS when an obviously guilty guy is cornered and wants to 'negotiate'

  24. Nah it means they want to agree to limit both of our nukes, but then not abide by the agreements. It's a way for them to talk us into doing some action.

  25. Actually looks like reason for Putin to feebly try to justify using nukes. “They won’t accept treaty on fair terms, they are preparing to attack!”.

  26. I'd read this as Moscow trying to temper the western response to the annexation of eastern Ukraine. They dangle the carrot of a nuclear arms controls but can take it away if we react too strongly to the annexation, so in their minds we're tempted to hold back.

  27. Sure it’s separate and distinct until they are negotiating. You can’t imagine they’re thrilled that their negotiating counterpart is all but single-handedly funding the defense of the territory they are trying to conquer.

  28. Thank you for actually knowing what you're talking about instead of fearmongering. I learned about the old START treaties in school like 15 years ago. These inspections aren't anything new or any kind of ploy by Russia. This is something we should all be thankful for that we have.

  29. Ukraine gave up their nuclear weapons with the promise that Russia would recognize them as a nation and never invade them...

  30. I for one, think doing anything because Russia said something is a bad tactic. Homicidal lunatics running a kleptocracy like life is a video game. It's wild. And tragic.

  31. Translation: If you let me keep this new land I have acquired. I promise I will stop talking bullshit. For a while. I swear.

  32. Russia has shown they don’t honor nuclear treaties by invading Ukraine. Don’t trust a proven liar….

  33. Russia should give up all its nuclear weapons in exchange for a commitment from the US not to invade them.

  34. If the US wants to hear Russian politicians lie, they don't need to meet them in person to hear them lie about a new nuclear arms treaty. They just need to put their public statements regarding Ukraine on replay.

  35. Lol sounds like to me that putin checked his nuclear arsenal and most of them don't work anymore, and wants to see the US downsize

  36. Russia is rather quickly moving to become a North Korea type of closed and isolated state No agreement with North Korea EVER produced any positive outcome

  37. Nuclear weapons are literally banned, what is there to talk about? Also, signing anything with Russia and expecting them to stick to it is laughable.

  38. I'd rather arm Ukraine with ever more sophisticated conventional weapons. All those body bags going back to Russia will eventually catch up with Putin.

  39. This news makes me nervous. I could see Putin making outrageous demands during such talks with the intention of letting them fall apart. Then, when nukes are actually deployed, he can turn around and point here for the "missed olive branch" as some sort of insane vindication.

  40. Reflexively that’s why you shouldn’t be nervous, this is absolutely not going to be considered in any meaningful scope

  41. Which is why this is concerning to me. Since even just before the war began, it's been a smear campaign for non-allied nations, many articles naming NATO and the U.S. specifically. He has been threatening nukes up until this very moment. What is the actual point of this?

  42. Why does every lose their shit about stuff like this? “YOU CAN’T TRUST RUSSIA, GAS LIGHTING, IT’S A TRAP, etc…”

  43. They are stalling for time. There is something going on, and they just aren't quite there yet. And the West plays into it every time...

  44. If the desire for these talks is genuine (unlikely), they’re going to use it as a bargaining chip for Ukraine and other NATO concessions.

  45. It’s all bs. Putin has already decided how this is going to play out. He knows exactly what he thinks he will be ‘forced’ to do.

  46. There is no point wasting time or resources on any discussion whatsoever with Russia. They are blatant liars and don’t uphold any agreement with anyone if they don’t want to. Russia is not trustworthy. They also won’t do anything unless they are gaining something. This is probably an attempt to get sanctions dropped to say that they require that for an agreement.

  47. It would be irresponsible of Biden not to engage Putin on this. Whether putin is serious or not is beside the point and can be determined after opening of discussions. Simply opening a line of communication has no real downsides.

  48. This is message posturing, making it look like they are the ones looking to de-escalate even as they ramp up the violence and mayhem elsewhere. It's purely political posturing and not an olive branch.

  49. This is like when you're playing civ and the country who started the war with you and is now undeniably losing; tries to negotiate peace.

  50. Nothing will materialize and this is just going to be used as a political weapon by Putin as an excuse as to why he used nuclear weapons once he does. He’s building justification for nuclear retaliation to a Ukrainian “invasion” of the newly annexed regions in that he “tried” negotiating with the US to his fullest ability.

  51. Either he’s senile and thinks he can solve all his problems with Russian Tea ™️ or this is just to prove to his country via fake state media that the US thinks they are a worthy and terrible opponent

  52. This really makes me wonder what condition their nuclear arsenal is in. I’m sure Putin has gotten reasonably up to date information on their own capability due to the war. I wonder if they are scared about potentially not having MAD with the US anymore.

  53. And that's the problem. Biden can't waive a paper underlining nuclear non proliferation one day, only to have Russia drop a bomb on Ukraine the next. Putin simply can not be trusted under these conditions.

  54. Think most of us can agree Russia shouldn’t have nuclear weapons. I mean no country should but this would be pretty good start.

  55. i honestly think Putin is dying and this is his last ditch effort to be remembered as much as Stalin he's seems so desperate

  56. They are trying to move away from the perceived role of aggressor. They annex these remaining areas of Ukraine and begin offering “talks”. This way if and when they get smacked in the mouth again they can act as the victims.

  57. Why do people act like nukes aren’t the ultimate negotiating tool? It’s always the same responses “they probably don’t work”. Having nukes or ability to get nukes allows you to negotiate. That’s been proven over and over and over and I mean over and over and over again. So of course Putin will mention them every time he can. It would be beyond idiotic not to from a negotiating standpoint. And if it affects your anxiety (which judging by Reddit..I mean it does), that’s even better for negotiating.

  58. Yea remember that treaty they had with Ukraine? The one where they took all of Ukraine's nukes in exchange for some assurance they wouldn't get nuked?

  59. Russia is broke. They can’t afford to maintain the weapons they already possess, let alone engage in an arms race. No deal, now is the perfect opportunity to squeeze them even harder.

  60. Send a nuclear warhead as the ambassador. I'm serious. Make them sit in a room with it. Talk to it. Plead for forgiveness.

  61. ya l trust CCP'S word on anything limiting U.S. ability to defend themselves worked with Russia even though all s300 and s400 against MAD treaty....treaties at this point are weapons for russia and china to make other countries defenseless

  62. Who cares man? If they launch a nuke they also die so if their stupid enough to do that and destroy the entire world so be it humans where always a pathetic race I just wish it was different.

  63. A treaty with Russia is useless. They did this with Ukraine (forcing them to get rid of all their nu Lear weapons, and in Return, Russia will never invade)... This voiding THAT treaty.

  64. After last few months all we know is that signing any treaty with Russia (at least under current government) is pointless because they keep breaking deals.

  65. I really honestly believe that the US pretty much told Putin they know everything about their Nuke capabilities and show him a step by step guide on how we will counter it or preempt it. I really think Putin has no way out now.

  66. Didnt russia pull out of pre existing treaties on nuclear arms...isn't this just a "open to return to the table" situation?

  67. Absolutely not. They are only coming to the table because they can't maintain their own stockpile. No deal, and they'll have to unilaterally disarm.

  68. Sure thing, Vlad. Get all of your troops, weapons, and equipment out of Ukraine and confess to the war crimes, turn yourself over for trial and resign from office. Give all of your wealth to the people you've harmed with this land grab, including some of your own Russian citizens. Go away, never show your face in public again. For that, we will decommission one fighter drone. That work for you?

  69. Was their treaty with Ukraine not in essence a nuclear arms treaty? Ukraine gave their nukes up in exchange for the promise of peace and then 30ish years later Russia invaded without genuine provocation. As long as Putin is in power, nothing the Russians sign is worth more than the ink.

  70. I'm convinced most if not all of Russias nuclear arsenal is defunct at this point. Judging by the state of their ground troops, air force, and navy, I just don't see them having done the required maintenance to keep the arsenal in a ready state.

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