Calls grow for China and India to talk sense into Putin

  1. That's rude. Cork actually serves a legitimate purpose compared to Putler. Don't compare that pathetic excuse for a human being to cork.

  2. I believe both China and India just think they can't do anything about it, they know talking to him is pointless and probably threaten consequences is even worse

  3. Damn right. India has already stated its discontent, nothing else it can do. You would not expect it to close its trade when no one else actually it has no other nations to trade with in long term. Though it has remained politically neutral on most situations. As for China, it only does everything that do not harm its interests.

  4. I don’t think either of these two care. They’re getting bargain bin prices on oil and gas from Russia. All the stern finger wagging is just lip service.

  5. "NATO is hoping to encite the international community to send an unmistakable message to Vladimir Putin: Using nuclear weapons can prompt a crippling economic and diplomatic response, even from Russia’s friends.

  6. None of this is going to work without giving Putin a viable escape route. If the plan is to turn up the heat so much that he gets overthrown, he will use it. What does he have to lose at that point. Nobody should expect him to go quietly into the night.

  7. Yeah because as of now it looks like Russia is being excommunicated from Europe economically. If he wants to survive money will flow from the east not the west. They definitely have his ear.

  8. China just cut Russia completely out of its space program, particularly the Moon. Their ability to influence Russia might not be so good. On the other hand, bargaining chips.

  9. One person started this War and that same person just escalated this War. All for his ego and some land he really doesn't need. Now he's talking nukes, wtf. Someone needs to reign this psychopath in before the show ends for all of us.

  10. Putin is the villain, no question there. But it takes far more then one person to start a war. Hopefully one day war crime/human rights violation trials happen because there are a LOT of people in power in Russia who deserve to be held accountable with him.

  11. Putin wouldn't have started this whole debacle without Xi Jinpings blessing.. Only they underestimated how The West would respond or how valiantly The Ukrainians would defend their territory.

  12. China is probably being much more vocal with Russia behind closed doors. They import a lot of food from the US, Russia, and Ukraine and are the world's biggest food importer. They rely on all three countries for food security and escalation will leave them as one of the hardest hit in an ensuing famine.

  13. And you really think he'd listen to them? HA! He doesn't care about anything unless he comes up with the idea....the only way he is goin to be stopped is if someone within his immediate circle decides to come up and end him with a pistol to the head, or some kind of poisoning....albeit that would probably be suicide on their part but if you wanna suck one up for the team, then thats the way to do it. Other than that the military would end up having to take action and take control, along with FSB assistance. Unfortunately he's not going to stop on his own and go quietly

  14. They already did, expressing disapproval, and wanted the war to end. He responded with the partial mobilization.

  15. Somehow after reading this headline I pictured the presidents of the other countries taking Putin by the arms in straight jackets while also trying to calm him down by speaking gently...

  16. People praised her visit but what practical benefit did it serve? Maybe it would have made sense if the US' commitment to Taiwan was in question but obviously that was never a thing. It was just inflammatory for no good reason and I believe even the Biden administration had to tell China that Pelosi did not represent the position of the US government.

  17. Oh yea cause China was being oh so warm and generous with us before we sent an 82 year old woman to visit an island.

  18. NATO has been pushing onto the boarders of Russia since the fall of the Soviet Union. No excuse for Russia, but this conflict has been continuously provoked my NATO countries in years leading up to the Ukraine invasion, is there really no alternative route our western Allie’s can achieve? Are we really only going to accept that Russia looses no matter what and that’s all that’s said and done? Russia isn’t the only one who should be claiming responsibility for this conflict.

  19. I would think one would have to possess this “sense” in order to demonstrate it or illicit it in others.

  20. China wants to aggressively expand like Russia is. They won't say a thing. India is getting oil for pennies on the dollar. They are not going to speak up either.

  21. To be fair (and I can't believe that I'm saying this), didn't Xi, Modi and Erdogan tried to talk sense to Vlad and he reacted by calling the mobilization?

  22. good luck with that, he made his nuclear threats the day after he met with, and was hazed by, his wannabe JV nato team

  23. That article is explicitely talking about the nukes, none of that matters if Vlad decides to try to end humanity out of spite.

  24. Unfortunately, Putin is less rational than the current leadership of China and India, both wanting to maintain the current order of things to enrich themselves.

  25. The international response to this is NOT what China wanted to see with them wanting to invade Taiwan.

  26. India stated on international platforms that it does not want Russia to continue. China said that it should maintain territorial integrity. The other nations in the Indian subcontinent are just too weak to voice out their thoughts to Russia. India has also maintained political neutrality in actions and words, except Pakistan (who train and send terrorists; search Pakistan occupied Kashmir). It doesn't have a reason to be together. As for China, it has always done things beneficial to itself, so seeing as it trades a lot with Russia and Ukraine, it might have something to do... But definitely not India.

  27. Which language? India has many national languages, most prominent being Hindi. China speaks Chinese, with its own accent in every part of the nation. None speak Russian.

  28. reminds me of the meme where an old man (Putin in this context) flares up and a dude comes and says "daddy chill" 💀

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