U.K. PM faces ‘brutal’ radio call-ins amid after pound collapses

  1. Shorting the pound was planned, her backers have made countless billions the last three days because of this. These are obviously the only people she cares about, she isn't even trying to hide it. She probably knows that she is unelectable now in a general election, but she has been a very good girl and made all the extremely rich people even richer and has brought in tax cuts for them that probably won't even be overturned that much when she inevidable does lose her position. This has never been about being a good leader of the country, she couldn't care less about the state of the nation.

  2. At least other leaders pretend to care, gosh. In less than a month she has already killed the Queen and crashed the Pound to give some extra £££ to her cronies. For fuck's sake at least pretend to care for two or three months and then rob the country - that's how Boris did it.

  3. I'm somewhat confused, according to Google she took office September 6th? Also, though the whole "tax cuts for the rich/trickle down" economic theory has been solidly disproven to accomplish anything other than making rich people richer, I'm not seeing a big connection with it and the Pound/Dollar exchange rate. The pound was at $1.38 on October 20 last year and fairly steadily declined to $1.15 by the time she took office on the 6th of September. It was at $1.13 when she announced this cockamamie plan and immediately dropped to $1.08, then crept down to $1.07 by September 27th. If my math is correct, that's a 4.4% drop the day after the plan announcement, and a .9% drop in the ensuing few days. It bottomed out on the 27th and is currently back up to $1.11, so has almost completely recovered from the plan dip.

  4. Newly elected politicians do have a honeymoon period, she would have received the divorce papers halfway through but for the prenup

  5. Kwarteng is doubling down, insisting that these changes are "protecting people" all over the country by putting money in people's pockets. If interest rates spike upwards as predicted then a £900pcm mortgage payment may balloon to £1500 or so.

  6. The stupid thing is, if there is going to be a U turn, I bet anything its the 20p change, or the 20p plus energy price freeze—these combined, you are talking about an NHS-funding-scale cost. That 45p change is irrelevant on the scale of those other two. I am sure it will be conveniently forgotten about when they revert the 20p change.

  7. Even if she did care she would have failed. The UK was already in crisis. That's why she and Sunak were the final two candidates for PM.

  8. It’s insane that people think she’s doing anything in good faith or even attempting to better the UK economy. She’s there to make a handful of people filthy rich, who will then scratch her back and make her just normal rich. I get Hanlon’s razor and all that, but she’s not singularly in charge of policy. This is intentional.

  9. She's trying to keep her campaign promises. Tax cuts for the rich is why the paid-up members of the Conservative Party voted for her to become PM.

  10. Ah, your mistake was assuming that right wing politicians actually believe the propaganda they tell the rubes. She knows what she's doing, she's robbing the country to make her friends richer, same thing as conservative robber-barons do in every country.

  11. I don't think she genuinely thinks that. This is about something else and she's covering for it. Probably just about lining her own and her friends pockets, but she can't say that.

  12. It’s not insane. It’s what she’s there to do. The previous persons hands got tired, now it’s her turn to wring the people dry for her friends.

  13. LOL very generous of you to assume she cares about the 'commoners' she only cares about her friends hence why tax cuts for the rich

  14. She doesn't think that will make anything better, except the bank accounts of the rich. And that's what she wants, and, is the only thing she cares about.

  15. All I can think of is the meme where its like “Reagan in hell waiting for heaven to trickle down on him” whenever I hear of “trickle down economics”

  16. But she doesn't think that. What she thinks is that she needs to pay back the people who put her in power so she'll have cushy private sector jobs for her and her family once she's eventually removed as PM. What the country needs doesn't even enter her peripheral field of concern.

  17. No, I think people's view of trickle down economics is entirely influenced by their political philosophy, the only exception being economists, who may study the subject and write papers about it. Those studies are then embraced by people who can fit the results into their philosophy, and ignored by those who can't. So I doubt anybody realized anything. Given that the concept of trickle down has some truth to it (which I think is quite obvious, since rich people spend money), it can chime with the right wing philosophy where wealth is the lifeblood of everything. Equally, in any respect that there's something wrong with it, that chimes with the left wing philosophy where compassion is at the heart of everything. So a rational, technical evaluation of it is only part of the story, and can and will be used as a bludgeon in a vain attempt to beat philosophy into your enemies.

  18. Not sure if this is better or worse, but the new PM wasn't elected by the country and was instead chosen by the party

  19. Unfortunately the stupid fucks that vote for this shit are too stupid to comprehend that the party is the problem, and they'll simply go "Oh this next conservative will be better surely" it's already happened so many times now, it won't change, these people are beyond changing

  20. UK is target of sophisticated propaganda campaign run in social media. The British have no clue what's happening and why it is happening, because the vast majority live in their own social bubble and echo chambers. Everytime they think surely the next election will be better and most of the people they know are just as progressive as they are. So why do those conservative fucks keep winning?

  21. How dare you. We are a nation of stupid fucks, and this is what we voted for. And we'll do it again goddammit. And again.

  22. Liz Truss has nothing to apologize for. She doesn't care about the average person. She doesn't represent them, she represents the richest of people. She gave them a tax cut, and they're happy with that.

  23. She also destroyed the value of their property and financial holdings in the UK. Even for the majority (though not all) of the conservative financiers that's a bad thing.

  24. Actual old fashioned conservatism wasn't anywhere near as bad as it is today. They we're much more fiscally responsible. It's the new brand of far right, paid for, rash conservatism, that's a complete opposite of what it means to be Conservative thats the problem. And our new leader was a lib dem, that voted against brexit, and swapped to Conservative and for brexit to gain cash in her pocket, and a better job in the tory party. She also has no idea of what a nuanced conversation or decision is, and is a rash decision maker. Even 10 years ago the Tory party in the UK wasn't half as bad as it is now...

  25. I wonder if people would be more sympathetic to conservatism if the world defined it as a medical condition rather than a political philosophy?

  26. This isn't small c conservative this is radical libertarianism. There is a good interview with Rory Stewart who is a conservative and he explains this is very much not in his way of thinking. Although he got kicked out of the conservative party when the lunatics grabbed power

  27. Clueless amateurs doing stupid things. Absolutely shocked that as a G7 country we’ve been warned by the IMF to reverse this mini budget. That’s the stuff that happens to emerging economies. Not the fifth largest economy on the planet. I actually saw a Tory MP trying to pin this on the Bank of England, his reasoning was that they were forced to buy up bonds due to a weak and nervous market??? Sick of these uneducated politicians trying to defend their precious beliefs and party that they’re willing to go toe to toe with someone who actually knows what they’re on about.

  28. I don't follow much UK politics but I saw an interview with an MP explaining why the crash, that only happened in the UK and no other country, right after they announced the budget, had absolutely nothing to do with the budget they just announced. I kept thinking, "Do you think UK voters are that stupid?"

  29. They are not clueless. They know exactly what they are doing. Putting a fuckton of money in the pockets of the rich from the pockets of the poor. This is on purpose and by design.

  30. It's the 5th largest Economy of the planet in absolute terms, not per-capita and most of that you can thank those britons in the 19th Century who made the country very rich by pillaging other nations but also by investing it all in first rate education and science as well as into world-class institutions, many of which still very relevant today.

  31. Why does it feel like the UK is just politically backward. We surely need some kind of reform? Maybe a new party? It’s baffling that a party in power can legitimately even make such rash decisions in policy making without repercussions.

  32. We need to reset the world. So what we do ... and stay with me here! ... we raise the price of bread in France and let them do their thing! It worked well last time!

  33. Protests without consequences are pointless. Unless people do something which prevents or does something, its pointless. A restaurant sit-in prevents the restaraunt from operating.

  34. That's worked so well for the past 20 years. It's almost as if people picketing is par for the course and doing so achieves nothing bar making the protestors feel good about themselves.

  35. As cataclysmic as it is, this is one of THE best ways to show that she and her party is unfit to rule. The next election will be a disaster for them.

  36. The one time in which the british people rebelled was for religious reasons and they had been egged on by the elites for ages.

  37. Not directly. The UK populace did vote for the Conservative party, but its the Conservative party that selected Liz Truss without consultation of their voters.

  38. Because Cambridge Analytica, not-so-latent institutionalised racism, British Exceptionalism and billionaire oligarch CUNTS.

  39. A large part of it is down to the press. Tories have a stranglehold on it and a decent chunk of people don’t really understands what’s actually going on - they get a twisted version from the Daily Mail, The Sun, Telegraph, Express etc. That’s how a lot of opinions are formed and it’s an absolute poison on our society.

  40. The whole country feels like it’s back sliding into the 50’s. We had discussions at home about how to save energy over winter and they included lots of blankets and clothes, keeping the lights off, and drying our clothes on a clothes horse. We have three kids! It’s the 21st century and we’re talking about measures that wouldn’t be out of place in a ruined post WWII Britain! These shysters, these conmen, these greedy, self serving, devious, bullingdon club crooks, liars, and thieves should be held to account.

  41. It boggles my mind that a nation with a living legacy of a class system and a 100+ year old socialist party has continued to elect a conservative majority government for the past like 90 years.

  42. Countries really do be electing right wing politicians and keep getting surprised when the people get shit on.

  43. Hear her out. England is still standing, and they are trying all they can to make sure it’s economy, geopolitical standing, and populace is as broken as possible so the rich can make money. Is that so wrong?………wait it is? Wait they don’t care about any of those things or people? Oh, well carry on screaming at her then.

  44. Tories in the UK, Meloni in Italy... populists selling poor, often less educated people a bright future, only to screw them over the second they are elected to make policies benefitting the rich.. a tale as old as time itself.

  45. Right wing parties are designed to sabotage democracies. It's very clear that their intention is to destroy or severely weaken the government. It's no coincidence that right wing parties get a lot of their funding from Russia. Russia wants to weaken Western countries and their allies in right wing parties are making it happen. Right wingers are TRAITORS. All the noise they make about being patriotic is a BIG LIE. Right wingers are the biggest liars on the planet.

  46. So.... Who else has just been eating popcorn and watching them burn since the moment Brexit was announced? "Oh, I know, we'll cancel all trade and deport a quarter of the workforce! That should really give the economy a boost!"

  47. Sunak campaigned on this very same issue, that this is not the time in their economy to give out tax breaks for the rich. But guess Tories didn’t believe that, and went with Liz. And now the implications of Liz Truss $43 Billion tax breaks for the rich is there for all to see. Trickle down economics didn’t work in America, that was a smoke screen for the rich to not pay their fair share of taxes. Britain may find that out the hard way.

  48. Hey Boys 🇺🇸, time for that vacation. For $10 Merican, you’ll get a 30 day stay in Buckingham Palace, groceries for 60 days, and unlimited Uber rides for the first 21 days. /s 🤣 💷

  49. As an outsider who lived there for a few years before Brexit happened, don't the people who voted to leave the union have some responsibility for this? Serious question.

  50. She doesn't give a shit. She saw what trickle down did to the US economy and workers, she wants to concentrate wealth to the already wealthy. She's doing what she " thinks " is right for the Country is a bold faced lie

  51. Only because the bank of England has said it will buy the government bonds. If the BoE did nothing we would be in the shit. The GBP would have dropped like a rock, it's still at a very low point and it'll take a short while before we see the effects of this. Anything imported will become more expensive including energy. So therefore even less in your pocket. Those with mortgages will be paying more as the interest rates rise, so less for those people to spend. If we're not spending in shops etc, they close, more out of work and so on. It's a vicious cycle and this bunch of useless fucks have decided to tax the rich less. They still believe in trickle down economics, even though we have 5 decades worth of information that proves that it doesn't work.

  52. When will we take to the street and riot, we need to take heed of the Frances attitude towards democracy, become a democracy of the people instead of a democracy of the hedge fund managers and the CEOs.

  53. No mandate for this whatsoever. We've just gotten ourselves a new government, but only Tory members were allowed to vote. Look where it's gotten us.

  54. Sorry but any market analyst worth their salt could see that the pound was going to break those lows for months. Truss had nothing to do with it

  55. Bongino mentioned this yesterday on his show. He had some very interesting insight into this situation.

  56. Tory’s can get fucked, fuck the monarchy and fuck the apathetic right. TRUE DEMOCRACY FOR ENGLAND! dissolve the UK

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