Putin’s Ratings Drop on Ukraine Draft

  1. Surprisingly, yes. Even the Nazis were careful never to let their ratings drop too Low (for instance they ceased their killing of disabled elderly after the news broke and outrage swept Germany) If anything it’s even more important for Putin not to have his support drop too Low, since he needs support to beat down any kind of uprising, unlike non-dictators who won’t literally die if their support vanishes.

  2. No because if they did matter than it would contradict one of the fundamental purposes of being a despot; that is, ruling regardless of ratings

  3. Eh. Major changes to heads of government don’t tend to change when the majority of a nation doesn’t feel worse than “meh” about them.

  4. Well we also know that millions of people are fleeing/ have fled the country, chances are if you disapprove of Putin you’re packing your bags not filling out surveys.

  5. The Moscow Times is considered a reliable news source. It has been banned in Russia, which lends to its credibility. The accuracy of polling in Russia is steeped in mystery, however.

  6. Yeah, unlikely. These are not anonymous surveys, and Russians openly critical of Putin suffer for it.

  7. How many in Russia do you think actually responds to those polls if they dislike the government? And how many of the ones responding do you think are actually being honest?

  8. Still 77% approval? So sorry for the 23% decent Russian people here. But. 77% of your people deserve all the miserable shit coming their way.

  9. Putin is planning some kind of super USSR take over of Russia, so many high profile executives are being killed…the Ukrainian war is the smoke and mirrors to distract the Russian people

  10. Why do they never make these polls believable, though? You get a group of people in a room and most of them can’t even agree if the sky is blue, let alone huge things like this.

  11. Whoever’s polling his ratings is going to be dropping (insert phrase: down stairs, out of a normal window, out of a hospital window, something “into acid” related, possibly “wake up dead”) until the polls go back up

  12. The fact that it’s still high considering what’s happening is the reason why every state that is now being inundated by Russian nationals of fighting age mind you should definitely be cautious. You have enough Russian speaking people in your state and that’s all Putin will need as a pretext to invade “ to protect the Russian speaking peoples “.

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