Iran's Fourteenth Night of Protests: Children Deployed as Security Forces

  1. Yes... because using children to quell protests against your government policies will surely get those protesting to stop hating you.

  2. This is not a new thing for this fucked up government. Look into the Iran-Iraq War of the '80s. They used children to clear mines on the battlefield.

  3. Not a novelty: they were used in 2009 and some of them went so far they had to be reined in, much like Red Guards.

  4. It’s pathetic it only took two weeks of protesting before they had to bring out the child soldiers. They act so tough like they in charge. But the moment the get threaded they have to scrape the barrel to remove to defend themselves.

  5. I recall reading stories of how they used children to clear minefields. They would give little plastic keys to them beforehand, telling them that they were the key to Heaven.

  6. Not exactly the same situation, but the right-wing terrorist** convoys that occupied the capital of Canada and blocked international borders for weeks

  7. The people Iran and Russia use as fodder tells you all you need to know about their governments.

  8. Need Galadriel, Or Zelensky … to come fuck some Mullah shit up. Or At least for Jon Stewart to make fun of the clerics in an effective way… .

  9. These are the guys that literally sent children ahead of their armored units to detonate mines with their bodies during the iran/Iraq war. So no surprise there.

  10. People here acting like this is a new thing for Iran, they did this shit during Iran-Iraq war too, except they put the kids on the front lines

  11. How does Khamenei see this and think “great idea guys, this will surely end the protests and certainly not make everyone even more pissed at us”

  12. They are repeating what they did during Iran-Irak war, the ayatollah regime is so fucked up, back then they will conscript male kids (ranging from 10 to 17), give them a uniform and put a necklace with a key around their neck supposedly representing the keys to heaven then send them unarmed to face iraki soldiers, most of the time they were sent upon minefields to clear the terrain for the iranian army.

  13. And the other fucked up thing : the "martyrs" corpses were put on a marital bed simulacra before burying them, the rationale ? Because those kids were virgin, they cant go to heaven.

  14. If it means they can’t find enough adult police willing to fight the protests, it’s ultimately good news.

  15. These protesters need to organize on a national level or this will all come to nothing and all the deaths of these brave protesters will be in vain. They need to syncronize the protests so they are occuring at the same time, and they need to rally the population and get all disgruntled sections out in support, the teachers, the miners, everybody with a grievance. Stop making it about hijabs and more about revolution.

  16. Pretty sure I can take a kid with a baton, any day. Just grab it out of his hands. An 8 year old certainly isn't gonna overpower me. Tho the guy standing behind him with a shotgun might do something.

  17. Or you know just kick the little shit as hard as you can muster, a kid in body armor will still take a hit like a kid.

  18. It's Iran...this isn't unexpected or surprising. They have been using children like this, and worse, since the revolution. They sent waves of children at Iraqi forces during the Iran-Iraq war specifically in an attempt to force Iraqi solders to either mow down ranks of children or die when the explosive vests the children were wearing detonated.

  19. How surprising, coming from the same govt that once shipped kids to war with plastic toy keys on their necks saying they'd need it to open the gates of Jannah once they fell in battle.

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