As invasion slows, Russian media turns to antisemitism, listing names of Jews faulted for lack of patriotism

  1. From what I understand, to Russia, being a nazi has nothing to do with antisemitism and everything to do with being against Russia. That's all that matters to them.

  2. My Ukrainian coworker tells me all of Eastern Europe is incurably racist and homophobic. It's just that Ukraine keeps its cultural dysfunction mostly to itself, and Russia seeks to push their crappy values onto others, in a similar fashion as Western Europe and the United States.

  3. I honestly thought he'd blame ol' Trotsky sooner, considering he blamed Lenin for "creating" this fake country of Ukraine a few days before the start of this war.

  4. he can't!. would have done if he could. if he ever tried to have some facial hair he would look like a teen stuck in puberty..

  5. What the fuck is everyone's issue with the Jews all of the time? Like how did they end up the default scapegoat for everyone?

  6. Among other reasons, the blood libel, the lie that Jews used the blood of Christian children for religious ceremonies, was around for centuries…

  7. People tend to forget that Europe, especially Eastern parts, has a long history of antisemitism. Jews have practically always been our go-to scapegoats.

  8. It's an old Russian tradition. The short of it is "they were a minority that could be picked on, and one that often had a bit more education and a bit more money than average, while never being in charge."

  9. Its a minority that you can find all over the western countries and for which preconceptions are present in all cultures. They are just the perfect scapegoat for thousand of years. If something unpopular happens just blame the jews.

  10. Christianity + for much of history they were a people without a homeland. So they were foreigners in every country. When shit starts going bad in your country, it’s pretty easy to say it’s all the foreigners fault. They’ve been an easy target in that regard.

  11. Because they covertly influenced the German high command to surrender in WW1. Have you not read Mein Kampf?

  12. Let's say you're a politician with no moral compass. You want to pick a scapegoat to blame for all your shit, get people riled up behind you.

  13. On top of what others said, false narratives that implicate Jews were and are rampant across many societies.

  14. There’s a long history on it— I’d recommend at least reading the Wikipedia on it instead of just some Reddit comment.

  15. If you’d like to read a book on the topic, I would suggest Anti-Judaism: The Western Tradition by David Nirenberg.

  16. “Okay so that didn’t work either….ok guys, i say we now follow everything from Hitlers lost diary to the letter! I’ll try growing a stash” ~ Poohtin to Russian high command.

  17. In before the servile, bootlicking apologists write a 7th grade level essay on why this is actually ok because Judaism is the true Nazism.

  18. Everything Pooty accused the West or Ukraine of doing was something Ruzzia was actually doing. The nazi play just took a little longer.

  19. Remember that the protocols of the elders of Zion were written in Russia. Russia was never good for the Jews and probably will never be. In times of “crisis” self inflicted like in this case or by other means it’s always the Jews that are the scapegoats. Always been us

  20. I hope more Jewish Russians can make it out soon. I have a feeling there will be a string of anti-Semitic hate crimes in Russia when Yom Kippur rolls around next week :(

  21. It's like he's trying to fast-track his nazi roleplay before the buzzer. Do the outcomes just not matter because the symbolism and the intent are the victory for him?

  22. Less than a year has passed and they are already relying on the Volkssturm and blaming their defeat on the Jews.

  23. For fucks sake. Why is it always the Jews who get scapegoated in Europe? I eat my words from previous posts. Europe will never be safe for Jewish people.

  24. Always the jews, why? Because they won't murder innocent men, women and young children. Putin's war is the russian peoples war. Putin is an insane old man. What are you people? Cowards. Stand up to that beast and stop blaming the jews

  25. Shana Yova to all the other Jews out there. Shit's going to keep getting worse and we're going to keep being all right cuz that's just how we be. Fuck this Russian asshole, he's just another Anti Semite who's looking to blame others for his failures.

  26. “JTA — Soon after he rose to power 22 years ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin cracked down on the open antisemitism that nearly all of his predecessors had either encouraged, tolerated or ignored.

  27. Aaaah yes - now to the true nazi favourite - antisemitism. Because it's Use The Dartboard Week to tell us who's lining up to be Top Subversive Enemy of the Motherland.

  28. Doublethink at work. Claiming to liberate Ukraine from Nazis while being anti-Semitic at home.

  29. I mean, it was only a matter of time. When all else fails, blame the Jews! It’s the oldest trick in the book.

  30. Obligatory Putin is dirt, but I find it amazing how all of you love to co-opt Judaism when it’s useful and then decry it when it’s not. A lot of you calling him Hitler for this are the same ones who exercise blatant antisemitism and blame all Jews whenever a single thread about Israeli war crimes hits the front page. Then it goes from ‘let’s call Putin Hitler, antisemitism is real’ to ‘let’s advocate for the destruction of an ethnic group based on the actions of a nation-state, Jews aren’t oppressed’.

  31. Amazing - Gentile here who knows some amazing Jews. The same old fall back position of autocratic states - blame the Jews. Pathetic.

  32. What is happening over there? None of this makes any sense at all. It’s like that worm from Star Trek Wrath of Khan got put in Putin’s ear and he’s being controlled by a psychopathic alien.

  33. Sounds like the West needs to declare Special Military Operation on Russia and do some de-Nazification.

  34. Because the Russians were also doing holocaust work. That is why the term Nazi is different for Russia. They have to give it a different meaning

  35. Bro wtf sorta beef do fascist dictators have with Jews? Is it just the free space on their horrid-person bingo card?

  36. I wonder how far Russia has to push before Israel finally has enough despite their population of Russian Jews.

  37. Sigh. If I live to be 1,000, I'll never understand why so many people hate the jews. By and large throughout history, they have been excellent citizens of the various countries they lived in. Clean, law abiding, civil, if a tad distant (gee, I wonder why, lol) and they seem to have a healthy respect for law and order. Really, religion aside, the world would be a better place if more people were like them.

  38. Oh, this is interesting. So, this is how it started in Nazi Germany. The failures of previous wars needed excuses and reasons since clearly Germans were the greatest thing in the world. So, they pointed to minority groups and how unpatriotic they were. It was them that caused our previous failures! Eventually, they became enemies of the state.

  39. So Russia holds an annual "we beat the evil nazis" holiday every year since ww2 was over. Then they claim they are fighting nazis in Ukraine, then they start losing and threatening nukes left and right and indoctrinating elementary school children with guns and violence, then the concentration camps, now they are openly going after the Jews and minorities.

  40. What do they mean "as invasion slows"? Didn't it slow months ago, stop a while back, and completely reverse recently?

  41. I never understood Russia always putting down American civil rights or not understanding or fearing something BLM but they can hate Jews, Muslims and ethnic Asians ?

  42. So….who were the real nazis all along? Russia….oh no I’m shocked. This timeline is fucked, stop the timeline I want off ✌🏻

  43. This isn’t a new thing for Russia. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, one of the most famous pieces of anti-Semitic literature, was written first as pro-Tsarist propaganda.

  44. So ukraine are the nazis and you manhunt or prosecute the jews who won't fight against it? Brilliant plan. JFC what a shithole country

  45. What exactly was involved with "de-nazifying" Ukraine? Because it seems like they are really embracing nazi-ism themselves.

  46. Apparently, they're readying for the local version of the "stab-in-the-back myth", with Jews being blamed, along "liberals" and other "traitors", for the soon defeat in Ukraine, and I'm sure military and political leaders will use this to deflect on their unability to properly manage the military in the previous decade, much like Reichswehr officer did to blame Weimar leadership for Versailles.

  47. They were supporting the Ukrainians from day 1 with aid (just not ammo), took in more refugees per capita than anywhere else (outside of Europe), and tried to broker peace (in times when it was clearly Ukraine’s benefit). Don’t fall to propaganda, research a little.

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