US scrambles F-15 jet to shoot down Iranian drone that appeared to threaten US forces in Iraq

  1. They have been doing this for years, but Reddit excused it as "countering Western aggression" and "trump quit the deal so it's ok". Now Iran is mistreating women and suddenly Reddit finds out that their aggressiveness is a bad thing.

  2. Aren't you not pissed of that US is spending billions on other country bull shit when 107,000 americans died of of drug overdose in US last year alone ? I mean Like wtf ? Why does world affaird matter so much over lives of an average US citizen ? Something like 40,000 die every year of gun violence and god knows how man 10,000s due to lack of health care system. As a Canadian this is the shit that baffled me.

  3. Today's F-15 (and F-16) are related to the old ones only by their looks. The new models are very much new tech.

  4. You say that, but the new F15ex is a mean motherfucker. It will likely be able to take out the fancy 5th gen fighters like the SU57 and J20 from beyond visual range. You don't need stealth if you have good enough sensors to kill them before they see you. For the record though, this was not an EX. But the point is the platform is still one of the best out there. Something like 100+ kills with no combat losses.

  5. Why are there fucking US troops in Iraq? Why did it cost 1000x the cost of a drone to destroy it? That’s not a win.

  6. Scrambling a fighter jet to take down a drone seems v expensive way to fight drones which are relatively cheap to manufacture. The cost of jet fuel and missile fired at drone alone will be probably 10 times the cost of drone if not more.

  7. It comes down to the cost of not scrambling a fighter which would be much more costly. Anything to intercept the drone will likely be costly, but if you don't, well then your forces will be attacked.

  8. its not about cost per cost of fighting the drone, if you have infrastructure that is vastly more expensive than the missile used to counter the drone its worth it every day of the week.

  9. Depends on how close they are to you. You can use jamming on the drone, but it has to be close to your ground forces. You can also use some AA system, but again, the drone has to be in range.

  10. And these are the people Biden and Europe want to do business with? Trump had the right of it in defending American forces from Iranian aggression. Biden wants to lift sanctions so that Iran can continue to destabilize the whole region.

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