The Thirteenth Night of Protests in Iran: Teargas and Anti-Khamenei Chants

  1. For me, who has participated in the last 4 movements in Iran, this is literally a revolution. More awesome and bigger than all of them. A revolution that started with the progressive slogan "Woman, Life, Freedom" and was completed in a strange surprise now: "Woman, Life, Freedom. Man, Homeland, Welfare"! I hope in

  2. Correct me if I am wrong, but are the current protests not yet insignificant compared to Green Revolution?

  3. I hope so, but wouldn’t you need the military either on your side or to step aside? I’d love to be wrong about that.

  4. How much energy and forward momentum does this current revolution have? Are people backing down to severe crackdowns from the government or are additional senseless deaths only fueling the fires?

  5. We will succeed in the revolution, we just need to make sure not to fall for the trap of bringing back the shah or anyone else backed by the US.

  6. People fighting for freedom in Iran and Ukraine are an inspiration to the whole world. I fear the rotten theocrats will use unlimited violence to quash this revolt in Iran.

  7. I pray that Iran will be the first nation lead by women towards prosperity and peace for all in the country to be envied and role models in mid east. no more extemism, enough is enough I'd saym Go Iran!

  8. i just dont know how they are going to achieve anything. They are against a theocracy and the only way to actually have them step down is probably through armed struggle and idk if they have support for that

  9. Not possible when %5 of population control the power. I am optimistic but masses are easy to manipulate and they are good at games like that.

  10. Except there is no reforming whatever the current government is, it's literally a theocracy: there is no extant system like it. However it IS possible to transition away from it, Iran did it many times before. Iran actually had a very short lived democracy after the revolution before the mullahs did a bunch of insane shit to fracture it. So the people you are currently crediting with bringing ''stability'' to Iran were the first ones to erode it.

  11. Don't they already have a democracy in place that is superseded by the religious government? I believe they elect part of the government that administrates everything. It's just that the religious leaders are the supreme leaders who dictate religious affairs and social norms. But I don't think they administer anything.

  12. You’re right, most people are caught in the euphoria of the movement, while very little is being planned to endorse a stable aftermath. Maybe the moderates reform to a democratic islamic state, Otherwise more chaos and bloodshed.

  13. I know I'm about to be down voted to oblivion but I've spoken with 2 Iranians recently one said the demonstrations stopped in their families city last Thursday or Friday. Another one had a family member traveling over there and they reported so far everything is normal everywhere they visited. That was yesterday. Are these demonstrations just happening in certain areas or cities? Seems like a lot more is going on outside of Iran than in Iran.

  14. They killed and arrested many people. internet here is completely messed up and from i'm hearing, they plan to continue blocking whatsapp and instagram.

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  16. they should go back inside. nobody in western media ever made a big deal about china not being democratic, or israel.

  17. So next time there is news to report, forget about it because the same thing happened sometime in history before and wasn’t widely reported to my satisfaction.

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