Putin has escaped to his secret palace in a forest amid anti-draft protests in Russian cities, report says

  1. Something about a Russian leader going to the forest during troubled times that kind of rings familiar for some reason...

  2. Czar Nicholas was out of power by then. Point being made is still funny but just wanted to make sure people didn’t get a misunderstanding of history

  3. If you'd ask him, he'd most likely trade all these luxuries for physical health, not having to assume that everyone in close proximity is a potential assassin, or just to be perceived as a good leader of Russia. I mean ffs, he must know his days are numbered.

  4. Reminds me of Görings hunting retreat. They had brought all the art captured by invading Europe and brought it there to be displayed in a crowded and unimaginative way. There were significant amounts of air defenses and a mock up build a few kilometers away that was purposely made more visible from the sky (such as leaving lights on and clearing the trees around) to distract allied bombing.

  5. Yeah the reverb travels really far and if you listen closely it sounds like the whole world applauding at the same time

  6. Ivan: The enemy has managed to break the front in a broad formation. In the south, the Ukrainians has taken Kharkiv and pushes on to Kherson, and in the west enemy has reached the line in Bakhmut, Soledar and Vuhledar.


  8. "Russian President Vladimir Putin escaped to his secret palace near Gelendzhik, about halfway between Moscow and St Petersburg, amid anti-draft protests in Russia, MailOnline was first to report.

  9. Zelensky and the Ukranian soldiers also need to rest their body and souls, but they are busy right now answering the call of duty.

  10. Clearly journalist couldn't bother to open G Maps and check where Gelendzhik is....."half way between Petersburg and Moscow"... It's in Germany, but Argentina, near Canada.

  11. In unrelated news, Egypt is planning to move its capital 45 Km away from Cairo into an ad-hoc built highly guarded luxury resort for the government officials and other elites, conviniently inaccesible to the people who have to live the consequences of whatever their government decides.

  12. Until it’s a bunker in Moscow he’s safe. Really he’s safest where he’s going. This is like hitler going to the Berchtesgaden where they know everyone coming in and out and only those allowed to come in do.

  13. It's amazing to me that something so decadent is simultaneously hideous. The actual features scream Bond villain, but the aesthetics say cult compound.

  14. I'm 99% sure that is not where he is right now and not where he would go to during a crisis. Afair he has some more places near StP and in the urals.

  15. lol the arctice says this palace is in Gelendzhik, half way from Moscow to St Petersburg, while actually Gelendzhik is on the coast of Black Sea.

  16. It takes a real strongman to announce that a whole shitload of more Russians are headed to the meat grinder - and then go hide in his palace in the woods.

  17. Greedy bastard. Sad that many russians still blame Ukraine for their mobilisation (because they believe it was them that started this war) rather than Putin.

  18. Yes he is a greedy bastard and he fled like a rat rather than "showing he is a leader..." and it is depressing that still many russians do despise and balme Ukraine and the West for this whole mess but they are brainwashed nazi zombies who serve the regime, they are not Russians, they are scum. There are good Russians out there but cannot speak nor have a normal life due to the regime...

  19. You have to image that there are multiple locations given to different high ranking officials. Once something funny goes down at one location, everyone with that knowledge falls out a window.

  20. Putin has many palaces. That is not the palace he is allegedly vacationing at now. The original Telegram post quoted by the Daily Mail mentions that the palace is at Lake Valday which is half way between Moscow and St.Petersburg.

  21. This is actually a huge display of weakness by Putin. If he thought he was in no danger from the anti-draft protests, he would stay in the Kremlin and face down the protesters.

  22. There are dozens of warlord-style gangs protecting Putin. He’s not in this alone. The rings of soldiers & allies around Moscow is quite thick.

  23. Very few people protest.. those who do, are immediately taken away. Doubt there is any risk really.

  24. Well, sir, normally this would be a cakewalk for the F-35’s stealth, but the GPS jamming negates that. And a surface-to-air threat necessitates a low level laser guided strike tailor made for the F-18. I figure, two precision bombs minimum. Makes it four aircraft flying in pairs.

  25. This is the first sign of internal revolt. When dictators go in hiding, it's because people loyal to the dictator have intercepted intelligence that would suggest that the dictator is in danger.

  26. "Secret". At this point in time, only one who doesn't know where it's at is that hermit from Serbia who's been living in a cave for the past 25 years, and even he might know where it is

  27. Reminds me of Nicolae Ceaușescu, former dictator of Romania, hiding in his palace during the Romanian Revolution.

  28. Good, hopefully he breaths in the toxic mold growing because parts of the mansion were too fucking big and the builders sucked. Apparently they've rebuilt parts of his mega mansion several times for the same reasons. Mold. Choke on it, Putin.

  29. Such a sad existence. He could retired, be beloved by the Russian people, and enjoyed the world with his wealth. Instead he chose war, killed tens of thousands, displaced millions, and destroyed Russia economy for decades.

  30. "Russian President Vladimir Putin escaped to his secret palace near Gelendzhik, about halfway between Moscow and St Petersburg, amid anti-draft protests in Russia"

  31. What a massive misstep by Putin. This guy's main concern is showing the world that he's this unpredictable bad-ass that can't be fucked with, yet he runs away with his tail between his legs at the first sign of unrest? What little respect the majority of Russian people had for him was just wiped away.

  32. business leaders need to remove him, before he puts russia into a 20 year recession that most of their companies will not survive.

  33. I will never understand it. He has just sent hundreds of thousands of Russians off to die, he vacations in his mansion while his whole country is screaming in anguish, and still they do not rise up against him. (Spare me the “years of Soviet rule” argument, I am from Ukraine).

  34. Would be a shame if they turned the palace to rubble with him trapped below it. Dying like a rat in a cave in.

  35. This is why you don't cave in to dictators. All those people that wanted Ukraine to quietly take a beating and let themselves be walked over because Russia was too set in its ways and the people would never rebel against Putin... Well here we are. It hasn't been pretty but the façade of power might finally be crumbling.

  36. Crazy how much of a leader Zelenskyy has been, out there visiting his guys on the frontlines and visiting the places that have been attacked.

  37. Must be nice to order millions of people to their possible death to carry out your personal vendetta as you hide out in your cushy palace.

  38. Instead of going to the front lines in order to lead the people he drafted, he's hiding like a coward in his palace. What a vile piece of shit he is.

  39. I mean let's be real. No one's been leading from the front for a very long time, that's the whole point of a command structure. Like neither Lincoln nor Jefferson was out there leading a charge. Hell even Lee would be out of cannonfire range checking on shit with binoculars and sending couriers back and forth. And in retrospect, throwing brigadier generals out into the field to lead a charge from the front is dumb as hell: Russia is just catching up to two centuries of war tactics, it seems.

  40. Signs a document saying deserters and people who surrender get 10 years in prison then he fucks off to his hiding hole. I can’t wait until he dies

  41. Actually, his speech anointing mobilization was pre-recorded, as well as other “meetings”, so it’s even more cowardly:

  42. I think Vlad is starting to realize just how badly he miscalculated when he decided to draft the reservists and by not giving up on Ukraine.

  43. This, this is how it all comes crumbling down for Putin. If half of the called reservists refuse to show up and instead protest, with the next call-up resulting in another half, he will quickly find himself in a situation where there are a half million "reservists" on the street, along with a million of their loved ones, he won't have enough troops / police to put down the protests unless he recalls them from Ukraine.

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