Russia's Putin says West wants breakup of Russia, he invaded Ukraine to stop it

  1. It sounds a bit as if he fears this actually happening and tries to preempt it by telling the Russians they'd be falling for a NATO conspiracy. Which would be pretty interesting.

  2. I remember the time when my friends wanted me to break up with a girl,they wouldn t stop so i broke in my neighbours home and burned them alive

  3. Can’t forget the part where, in the process, you were shot 27 times with the guns the neighborhood loaned them after they complained you were looking at them creepily

  4. So he invaded Ukraine to stop the breakup, and in so doing set in motion the chain of events that will lead to the breakup nobody was trying to make happen in the first place.

  5. It also wasn't possible before... whereas now he's bred the conditions where if the Russians on the ground wanted to splinter from Moscow with independence movements, they could... and would likely be better off for it than they will be stuck under Russian sanctions.

  6. It does, because nobody wants a lot of small cornered countries with nukes. US could break Russia into pieces in the 90's and didn't do it for the simple reason that united Russia is much better to the world than a lot small north Korea like states which try to murder each other. The best possible outcome for the West when it comes to Russia to keep it as weak as possible, but not too weak that it collapses

  7. The west definitely does want to weaken Russia and China, just as Russia and China want to weaken the west. That’s just good geopolitics in the current state of things. Been that way since the Cold War started. Its constant and usually behind the scenes. The only way it ends peacefully long term is if one supplicates to another.

  8. Indeed. The world won't be safe until Ukraine liberates everyone Russia has invaded, occupies, and annexed over the past 700 years. Welcome back to The Grand Duchy of Moscow, boys...

  9. What's interesting is that he didn't say [ETA fix: bupkes] bikes while most of Russia was really freaking out. I think this is his first "statement" since the invasions roof fell in.

  10. To be fair, no one sane would buy the original reasons they gave. So we all think it is for some other reason than to denazify Ukraine.

  11. He is desperately trying to rein in the narrative. Him saying this is admitting that it is a probable future. He must have trouble sleeping now if he didn't before. How will his life end?

  12. No it was to stop Ukraine from buying cheap beets from the west. Western beets are inferior and make bad borscht. Only Russian beets are good.

  13. If Vlad had put the same effort into developing Russia's interior as he did into fucking with his neighbors.......

  14. The effort was pretty terrible in reality. They wasted what military spending they did apply and apparently siphoned away the remaining into the pockets of oligarchs.

  15. He’s saying that thinking Ukraine is part of Russia. It’s not. He also thought he’d take over Ukraine in 3 days. How did that work out? Hopefully he visits a skyscraper with lots of those really well designed windows Russian hospitals always seems to have soon.

  16. Oh, I thought it was about a) defending Russian speakers, b) denazifying Ukrainian government c) neutralising Ukrainian chemical weapon labs, d) culturally countering the decadent west, but it seems that is was actually e) preventing the West from breaking up of Russia all along. I stand corrected.

  17. Putin truly made a mistake with this invasion. Not only did the west not even attempt to breakup Russia, the west was too scared to make a real move against it. Russia took crimea 8 years ago and they’ve been on the ground(in disguise) in Luhansk and Donbass regions for the same amount of time while the west would only sanction Russia.

  18. We didn't want a breakup of Russia... until now. Yes, now that he has done this shit I think it's a fine idea to break that thing up. Enough already.

  19. No one wanted or didn’t want it. No one in the western sphere gives a damn about influence spheres or geographical buffers; the west cares about business and profits. These 18th & 19th century motivations are juvenile and irrelevant to western powers.

  20. Gas, oil and rare minerals are mostly in Crimea and Donbass. That's the reason for the invasion: Monopoly of gas to Europe (for subjugation) and more leverage with oil and rare minerals.

  21. This is one of those times when someone does a bunch of stupid shit, hits people, runs around screaming and looking like they are on a bad trip, completely out of control and then acts sober and paranoid and accuses the crowd of wanting to throw him in jail.

  22. Europe allowed itself to become dependent on Russian gas. Russias high tech military is built with components bought from the rest of the world. Trade was pretty open. Russia had every opportunity to fully participate in the open economy of the west.

  23. You know, until he invade Ukraine we really didn't give a fuck about what Russia did internally. We mostly still don't, as long as you aren't threatening us or our friends we really don't care.

  24. And I say bullshit. He is a kleptomaniac psychopathic parasite that bled its host country and needed to find a new host to survive. Nobody cares about Russia, with perhaps the exception of their YouTube dashcam prowesses that keeps the developed world in amazement at the levels of stupidity at play there.

  25. We were just fine with Russia being what it was... a second rate petrochemical state run by thugs who had no delusions of world conquest or being invaded by a DEFENSIVE alliance.

  26. He brought this on himself. If he had just stopped with the wannabe supervillain stuff and been a decent neighbor, most of the West would have been happy to leave Russia alone and just buy their oil and gas.

  27. No, no, no. That’s not what you said before. You said you were undertaking a special military operation to “demilitarize and denazify” Ukraine. You tried to take over the whole country, including seizing Kiyv in an airborne/special forces-led attack on day-one. You can’t retroactively change the rationale because the capitol wasn’t taken, a war of attrition gutted your armed forces, and a historically-significant counter offensive was successful.

  28. This is clearly projection, what have republicans been saying? The same exact thing, “we’re gonna secede” who has been inflaming our politics, it’s actually absurd

  29. But I thought he invaded to stop Neo Nazis/to demilitarize and ensure it's neutrality/to liberate Donbas/to shut down biological research laboratories/to stop NATO's eastern expansion/to stop Ukraine from obtaining nuclear weapons/to reclaim Russian history because Ukraine isn't a real country anyway.

  30. It's all been Canada's secret plan from the beginning. Break Russia up and we become the largest country in the world. Soon, soon.

  31. I'm pretty sure this is his last attempt to try to pacify all of the Russian imperialist hawks. You know, the people who have bought Putin's worldview and strategies the entire time. They're starting to wake up to the fact that Putin has drained their military of all of it's power, and that Russia is now completely vulnerable.

  32. Very well written. But how do you explain the new contract between China and Russia and maybe Iran. This does not sound that Putin feels himself vulnerable? And the sudden death of a certain amount of russian managers and/or oligarchs and there families around Gazprom? And Russian journalists as well. To me, they are maybe forced to give up some parts of the conquered part of Ukraine but they won’t feel vulnerable at all because of their nuclear weapons. And with every year this conflicts lasts they will be able to build pipelines or stations to produce and transport liquid gas to sell more and more to China or India

  33. Funny, i feel like the west was finally starting to get along with Russia before the invasion of Ukraine. We definitely weren't about to be allies but tensions had been dropping and the people of each nation seemed fine with eachother even though most westerners always disliked putin. If anything the invasion of Ukraine has caused more people to want to breakup of Russia or at least the breakup of Putin x Russia.

  34. Putin knows that it’s him who the west has a cross hair on and not the territorial integrity of Russia

  35. He’s taking a page from the Trump playbook. They are both lying sacks of human excrement

  36. Lol didn’t he say there were WOMDs and biological warfare labs at one point? Here’s 100 narratives, pick your favorite and run with it. American politicians are taking frivolous notes

  37. Russia was committed to invading Ukraine prior to 2022. What Russia didn’t expect was Donald Trump to lose the US Presidential election. If Donald Trump would have been re-elected, Ukraine would have received no help from the United States. The only possible way for Russia to capture Ukraine was without US intervention. Russia does not have the technology or man power to fight a war where the enemy is supplied by the US.

  38. Before Russia invaded Ukraine, west could barely agree on a phone charging protocol let alone make decisions to break up a sovereign nation.

  39. I beg to differ, I think the west wanted Russia to integrate into the "western world" and gave it every chance to do so in the past 30 years or so. Wanted the give them a "piece of the good pie".

  40. Consider this, Putin did not want NATO so close to its borders. But if he successfully invades the Ukraine he is effectively moving Russian borders closer to NATO.

  41. Putin, like Trump know that if you keep lying and throwing baseless accusations it will inundate most people, and their supporters will believe it all.

  42. hm since Russia always mirror narcisstic about geopolitics it means ... Putin wants the breakup of Russia? Or Russia wants the breakup of the west? So many questions....

  43. More LIAS, pants on fire from Russia’s con man, he has now changed his reason for invading Ukraine, Russians should invade Putin’s luxury yacht and his famous luxury pad paid by Russians that is suppose to be secret and if you talk about it Putin will kill you. His pad is secret and it’s security surrounded. That meeting he had with Xi didn’t go well at all, Xi is not that stupid after all to believe a con man like Putin and now he’s a war criminal that no one wants to get close to maybe except killers like him.

  44. Naw Putin didn’t wanna die without obliterating a place he thinks disrespected him a while back. The entire war was because of this guy’s ego.

  45. so he changed his mind from "denazifying" Ukraine when russia loves white supremacists themselves n is allied with brazil that harbored nazis seems legit to me...putin needs to slip in the bath tub

  46. What’s this, the third or the fourth time he’s come up with a new lie to justify the invasion? I lose track.

  47. It’s not such a terrible idea given how much they seem to ignore certain parts of the country but I doubt some areas have the infrastructure to become independent right now.

  48. His lies are sounding so desperate. I thought it was a special operation against Nazi’s that happen to also be because he wanted a port and resources. Now it this …… wow someone is at the end

  49. We didn't care. Then this happened. Now we care, and yes, we want Russia to not exist in its current state any longer.

  50. Russia, the only reason we cared about you at all was election interference and the blackmail you have on Trump. Other than that we could give a shit about your backwater mafia state

  51. No, what we want is an end to Russian hyper paranoia. Your neighbors in Europe aren't your enemy nor is the US. You might want to look to your buddy PROC, before they conquer your weakened butt.

  52. Does he just think that if he keeps pulling new excuses out of the hat one will stick? Or that we don't have record of what he spit out as his reason last week?

  53. putin and donny boy went to the same making up stupid things class. It's a reflection of how dumb they think the people that listen to them are.

  54. I think it has kind of been the reverse. Prior to the Ukrainian invasion, the world was willing to turn a blind eye to most of Russia's bullshit and let them continue chugging along as the worlds largest Kleptocracy. I believe that post invasion, Western desire to breakup the Russian federation has increased substantially.

  55. Actually this dumb has worried about of the pigeons were infected by NATO of dangerous virus which kills all his electorate population.

  56. Putin's full of shit. He knows it. We know it. He knows we know it. Remember when he said that he invaded Ukraine because it was "full of Nazis"? Or because "the Ukrainian people wanted him to"?

  57. I doubt the majority want the breakup of Russia. We want to see a world with happy healthy Russians who aren’t brainwashed to hate by a pathetic dictator who should have been dealt with long ago, Rasputin style.

  58. And because of his stupid little imperialistic stunt - Ukraine may step in, take over Russia, and STILL break them up.

  59. The west doesn’t give a fuck about you. Just get the fuck out of Ukraine and carry on posturing and moaning about the west.

  60. Its because he considers the former territories if the Russian empire like Ukraine, The Baltics and the Central Asian Republics to be "Russia" and then asserting their independence is "the US breaking Russia appart"

  61. Actually, we don’t. Regime change sure, but if we break it up into states— China will absorb all of East Asia

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