Nigerian senator and wife charged with plotting to get child to UK to harvest organs

  1. Thank you for outlining it so clearly. That poor boy. I hope that evil couple haven't done anything like this before...

  2. I seen this on telly news yesterday and fuck me I kept having to double check and then triple check, I hope these evil fucks get a long time in prison.

  3. Don’t worry if you send me a small handling fee, then it can be sorted. Source - I’m a Nigerian Prince.

  4. How would that even work? Assuming this is organs for transplant, I’m very certain the UK doesn’t have any kind of black market for that.

  5. There is no functional black market for organ transplants. Anyone who says otherwise clearly doesn’t understand how organ transplants work. It doesn’t make any sort of logistical or medical sense.

  6. Well it's a good thing the supreme court overturned Roe v we can have more homeless children to harvest organs from

  7. I’m from Africa and I assure you we don’t kill or harvest organs. Some sick fucks may do that but they are abhorrent and vile. It’s like claiming Americans are cannibals because of the Donner Party incident or because of Jeffery Dahmer. Please don’t use the worst of us to define all of us.

  8. I posted this exact same news yesterday and nobody commented on it. How come this person is posting it again now?

  9. Disgusting evil man. I hope they never see the sunlight again. These people have lived in such wealth and power that they believe the poors exist to be solutions to their inconveniences

  10. I wonder why they didn't try China, which has a history of harvesting "prisoners" for organs. Pretty bold to try it in the UK.

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