Zelenskyy vows to fight for 2 Americans missing in Ukraine, saying he'll 'get them back'

  1. Maybe that's what he wants. While Biden is trying to avoid a possible World War III, Zelensky only thinks about getting help by any means, no matter how it turns out.

  2. Which as cynical as it is, is not the worst outcome for Ukraine. Publicise that youre a good ally and will try and get them back. Either it works and you get points, or it doesnt and the Americans are guaranteed to help you for a few more months.

  3. If the Russians just so happen to kill them it would probably garner more support from the US. Politically, they’re worth more dead than alive.

  4. TBH, I thinkbthis is fluff. If exchange works, awesome. But zelenskyy can't promise to perform something that takes two to complete.

  5. Well obviously, it’s a strategic political move and I don’t blame him. Garnering as much American/Western support as possible is crucial.

  6. My good what an amazing leader... Hopefully he can rescue them, and maybe it'll help wake up Americans to what A REAL leader looks like.

  7. The US is giving them tons of bombs. I doubt it’s an act. If he gets a chance to do a prisoner swap or learns their location I have no doubt he’d try to get them back.

  8. Apparently those two Americans are worth more than the other people or foreign volunteers? Why are they getting special treatment? We read about 2 Brits who were given or about to be given death penalty very recently. Fuck knows how many more are in similar situations. And the number of Ukranians themselves who are trapped. So why do these two American volunteers get personal attention of the President?

  9. Swolensky 💪🏽, how can you not have love for this guy. Future books will tell about his and Ukraine’s tribulations. Our kids will have to write essays about their legacy and how they stood up to a imperialist tyrant. History is being written as we speak, i got nothing but respect for the men and women out there.

  10. He won’t do shit. Ukraine would be fucked without the support of the US. And now he’s going to say “I’ll get them back.” Yeah with the United States military training and equipment. The fuck.

  11. when he’s through being pres over there can he come run America for us for a little while? this man is a real leader. not the scum of the earth we have in the states.

  12. He cares more about Americans than our own government and courts. He even has bigger fish to fry and can set a better precedent than any of our elected or appointed officials

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