‘West was preparing to invade our land,’ Putin says at Victory Day parade

  1. ...as a matter of fact they are already occupying our lands of Poland, Czechia Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Finland, the Baltic republics, the Balcans...

  2. as a finn I'm really entertained by the fact that some of the russians who've moved over here, are still drinking putin's koolaid and even long from russia to take over this country. yet they left russia because their lives there were shit and things are better here, but apparently they expect things would just get better if the russians first shelled this country into rubble and then in their dreams rebuilt it even better.

  3. They have extremely flexible definition of historical borders that give Russia right for land. If at any point in history land belonged to Russia then it's rightfully Russian. But if at that same time different land belonged to someone else then it doesn't matter and that border is not valid because for that region other timeframe is important - when that land belonged to Russia.

  4. Russia has historically claimed virtually all the land East of Germany as "Russian", turns out the people living their disagree, it really isnt that surprising that Russians are on this one, again

  5. This is the top voted comment so it's probably prudent to point out that this is not a direct quote from the article for those of you who are just reading the comments.

  6. If the west was preparing to invade russia, he has technically put russia in a much worse position to defend itself.

  7. For many reasons too. It's not just the wholesale destruction of their military equipment, they also managed to unite and strengthen NATO to levels that haven't been seen since the height of the cold war. It's going to be a lot stronger than that soon too, just Finland coming to the table adds a massive amount of military power and training. Russia wouldn't stand much of a chance against them alone as it is. Putin also found a way to make most of Europe's and a lot of other world leaders forget that they were bickering about stupid things and actually start becoming friendly and cooperative to each other. Nice victory Russia, it was really nice of you to throw a parade for the successful unification of Europe

  8. Na, he just figured he'd get his troops some practice. Nothing like a little trigger time to really get your troops in shape. All those Russian casualties were the weak and dumb ones, the rest will be better off without them.

  9. As a side note, a tad bit surprising that the speech didn’t indicate any sort of escalation nor deescalation of the conflict. It was a non-event.

  10. In a way, that's honestly good though. It means they aren't going to continue letting this disaster unfold in slow motion.

  11. What baffles me is all the Russians buying into and supporting this shower of shite. I have no sympathy whatsoever for them

  12. You know all those troop numbers the US was gradually reducing in Europe and how many European NATO members had a military that was just barely what they needed to defend themselves... It was all part of a cunning plan.

  13. Seriously tho, where is this western 'attack'? Why aren't we attacking right now, when Russian army is at its weakest? Why aren't NATO tanks and soldiers advancing into Russian territory as we speak?

  14. It's funny, not a single Western soldier has ever in the modern history of Europe or America ever fired a shot or stepped foot inside Russia, yet they've built their entire existence around that we are out to get them.

  15. i'v said this before but literally no one in the West is interested in waging a long protracted costly war over thousands of miles of cold rainy nothing to take Boringrad before marching over another thousand miles to take Depressingrod.

  16. Also if NATO would start an unprovoked war over territory they want to claim, I can guarantee you half of Europe would be in the streets rioting. WW2 may seem far away for some nations but for a lot of us we still see the scars, we don't want another fucking war in Europe.

  17. More importantly, no one is going to invade a nuclear power. Why would anyone risk MAD? If we would, then we'd already be in Ukraine ourselves, marching towards Moscow.

  18. If NATO really wanted to invade Russia this would have been the perfect, once in a lifetime chance because how laughably weak and crippled the Russian military is

  19. Utter bullshit. The NATO was stagnating, with most European countries having consistently failed to meet their treaty commitment of putting 2% of their GDP into defense.

  20. I think he knows the threat is bs. He invaded imo to keep power to raise public opinion about him. And. iw he shot himself in the foot.

  21. Nazis in Ukraine? The West wanted to invade Russia? Do Russians really fall for this shit? Geez Russia, you’ve been played by a very little man trying to make himself into a big deal for the history books!

  22. Yep. Somehow countries like Estonia just like to exist and remember the horrors what Russian forces have done. So strange they don't want that anymore.

  23. Meanwhile you get clowns in the West talking about how NATO is an aggressive imperialist force for just daring to entertain new memberships at all.

  24. Unfortunately his father lived from 1911 to 1999. That's 88 years. I wonder how long he will last with all his power and money.

  25. NATO now gets to grind Russia's military down to nothing without having to fire a single shot. No invasion necessary.

  26. a lot of russians have migrated to here in finland. it's wild when some of them express pro-putin opinions with the odd expectation that post-war finland after russian takeover would be somehow even better country for them to live.

  27. Such a shame. Russia is actually a mind-blowingly diverse and beautiful place with an absurdly large array of cultures and landscapes; peoples and religions and customs you've never heard of, but it's been run by the most insane, psychotic, corrupt, short sighted and plain idiotic people since the days of the Tsars.

  28. Putin's idea of taking care of those families is giving veteran amputees a free sack of rice and some spam.

  29. It was totally an accident. We didn’t mean to let Ukraine shoot it with missiles, we totally meant to not be where the missiles hit, so, yeah, accident.

  30. We were literally just laying on our backs enjoying cheap gas not a giving a single shit about ruSSia until now. Fuck that cunt, hope his head will split soon…

  31. The level of lying the Kremlin does is staggering. There was no part of Russia that was at threat of a 'western' invasion. Its a classic dictator tactic to put on a show that the country is fighting some external enemy.

  32. The issue is that Redditors don't fundamentally understand the nature of the Russian propaganda machine. The constant lies are on the back of a 20 year media takeover by Putin which slowly introduced his political views/lies to Russians and eventually normalized the rhetoric we see today.

  33. Oh yes, that Bretton Woods Agreement after WW2 that guarantees even for Japan and Germany free trade to almost any world markets, if they support the US. After the fall of the USSR, Russia joined in on the free trade markets for 30 years. But Pootin found a way to fuck that up for his people and blames the west. He could have been happy, but instead decided to start a war with its neighbor and pissing off the free world. But ya know, that's the west's fault.

  34. The world view of Russia is that everything that was the USSR and Russian Empire before that "belongs" to Russia, and break-up of the USSR is a historical anomaly that needs to be "fixed". When Putin refers to "our land", this is what he has in mind: Ukraine, Moldova, the Baltics, Georgia and so on are all "Russian".

  35. If we did that in Europe, we'd always be at war. Every piece of land once belonged to someone else. That's why the EU is the biggest and most successful peace project in the world.

  36. Putin, the western world doesn't give a damn about Russia. Frankly, just going by the past thirty years, we barely even care about the former Soviet states. If we truly intended to do some sort of conquest, then surely we would have invaded Belarus or Ukraine ourselves by now instead to get at whatever resources they have that we might want.

  37. We’ve known about this whole Donbas thing for a decade now but what compelled him to start marching on Kyiv then if it was just about Donbas? Guy is a deleuded old fool. Too many deleuded old fools seem to always ruin it for the rest of us.

  38. The west/NATO was never going to invade Russia, proof, it is not invading now even though Russia invaded Ukraine!

  39. Putin and his Cronies have already joined Europe themselves. It is where they keep their wealth and prefer to live. The reality is that they seek more land and citizens to exploit to pay for their Mafia lifestyles. No one would bother to invade Russia, why would they. Anything you want from Russia can be bought cheaply.

  40. Ukraine and Russia highlight the difference between having Comedians and Clowns for politicians. One of those have a very good understanding about the absurdity of reality, the other enjoys an absurd reality.

  41. I'm trying to think how we'd react if they were to just give us Russia. Maybe in a pretend world they just hand over the reins to "The West." No fighting. No politics. Just here you go, Russia is yours.

  42. The irony here is that acting like everyone is your enemy (when they are not) over the past 30 years will eventyally turn them into your enemy

  43. To do what, exactly? Russians are completely obsessed with "The West" and cannot fathom that it's not the other way around. They refuse to believe that Russia is not dominating the news every single day or that people don't discuss Russia amongst themselves.

  44. Donbas, Crimea? Maybe. But Russia? That would be even more stupid than Russia invading Ukraine. There would be no civilian support for it and even if there was, there is no way west would be able to control it.

  45. Except now when Russia starts to fall apart from this failed war it will be the Chinese 'invading' instead to pick up the pieces. Congratulations, you played yourself.

  46. It's not intelligence, like 70% of people have group identity and their ingroup is an extension of themselves. Our lizard brains can't tell the difference between people on a screen and friends real life. So with mass media he can change their definitions of reality. I just talked to a pro-Russian that said Russia is communist, because they have flags with the hammer and sickle, and then described communism as the definition of fascism. Now Saudi Arabia and Nazi Germany are communist. It's really sad and scary what it does to people. Take media breaks, read something that's tied to reality after taking in propaganda. Keep the distance of an academic lens when you're viewing it. Be careful with ingroup outgroup defined material. And remember you got troll farms on social media.

  47. Well, if Russia continues to commit war crimes against western nations then yes, being invaded is one of the things Russia will need to live with.

  48. The NATO Jewish Nazis were preparing to create biological weapons to use in their invasion of MOTHER RUSSIA by way of Hunter Biden's laptop!

  49. Why the fuck would West want to invade Russia? It makes no sense... Every word that comes out of their dirty mouths is a lie.

  50. If we narrow down west to NATO, the only country with an army to really invade another country is the US and I cannot really think of why would USA want to invade Russia? The rest of NATOs armies are for defense at best.

  51. And the US military has been doing nothing else but preparing for war with China for the last five years+. Hell, the Marines got rid of their tanks to better fight China. If the US was gonna start a war with Russia, the Marines would have kept their tanks.

  52. common Russians have nothing to fear from NATO, Putin on the other hand might just get snatched in a surprise navy seal operation at some point if he doesn't stop this madness

  53. When your country lies so much about everything that it assumes everyone else does it too when they say they don't want to invade russia...

  54. ~scoff~ 'We' were too busy bickering between ourselves as to who had the biggest thing - both figuratively and literally - to even be bothered about Russia... until RF woke us all up by smashing their way across the countryside of a nation that didn't deserve Putin's greedy eye being aimed at it.

  55. It’s amazing how fast Russia and China have forgotten the help we gave them during world war 2. If it wasn’t for lend lease they wouldn’t have survived. And now I’m starting to think that maybe it was a mistake to help these selfish fucks.

  56. Ah yes. The allies are definitely planning an invasion. To procure some derelict urban infrastructure, rusted cars from the 80s, and a bunch of soviet mosaics. Not sure what else Russia has on offer really.

  57. I'm from the west, and I hadn't planned anything at all. I wanted to live in peace for a very long time with my European brothers.

  58. I mean some countries might be now that they found out the Russian military is Trash lol, who knows? Putin is an idiot.

  59. "It's not a war, it's special operations and even if it was a war, it's a war on Nazis and even if Nazis aren't involved, The West were going to invade us so we had to strike first."

  60. So what is it? Neo nazis? WMD? Pending invasion, what is it people do when they keep changing their story? Oh right it’s called lying.

  61. Me, a westerner: Wut? Our president doesn’t do stairs good and we’ve got 15 different problems over here ranging from inflation to rolling back women’s right to murdering what’s left of the middle class.

  62. Why the fuck would we want his shitty country? Cold, full of violent drunks and hardened criminals. We were happy just buying their gas.

  63. So if the west wanted to invade Russia, why isn't the US and Japan marching on east Russia and take over a strategic city like Vladivostock, now that a big part of Russian forces is focused on the east.

  64. .... so they started murdering civilians, raping women and stealing washing machines. That will show the west! That's how you keep Russia safe!

  65. The man’s a delusional fucking nutjob, sourrounded by weak minded backpatters. Real life Russia is the dollar store version of the utopian Russian Empire in his wicked mind.

  66. The cognitive dissonance this man must feel from his weird, confused "goals" and the unspeakable horrors, banalities and evil he has caused to Ukranians and the economic doom of his own country to achieve them. Not to mention the embarrassment and bizarre cost of lives and destroyed equipment. If he had any empathy or sense of responsibility his mind probably would cave into itself like a star turning into a black hole from all the $hit he has caused, but somehow he's holding out and able to speak coherently and still is defending his original reasoning. Either he's extremely deluded, or is able to hide very well. It's actually quite amazing from a psychological viewpoint.

  67. Think he had too much weed and got a bit paranoid. Nobody wants Russia. You can keep it all for yourself mr. Putin.

  68. Even in the current situation nobody anywhere in the world is advocating invading Russia. They have nukes, so what could we achieve? Sure we could destroy their armies but as soon as we are 30 miles outside of Moscow and it's looking like they will fall the nukes start to fly. It goes both ways but it's impossible to conquer Russia whilst they have nukes and there is no possible way to disarm them so it will never happen.

  69. Eh taking Moscow would be easy, the current Russian military is too weak to do anything about it. Luckily for them, Moscow is a shit hole full of nazi’s so no one wants it.

  70. So being friendly with neighboring countries who reject Russia's conquest doctrine is prelude to invasion? Ok mr. snowflake.

  71. Well technically true. As Putin is preparing to turn more parts of Ukraine into Russian territory. He is spinning the recapture of Donetsk by Ukraine as an invasion if Russia.

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