Germany pledges quick decision on first heavy arms delivery to Ukraine

  1. 8 months IS the quick decision. With the proper paperwork, the delivery comes in 13-16 months, between 8:00 and 18:00 o'clock. Please be at home, to open the door

  2. Yes there is. It is 3x faster, from 9 months down to 12 wk. Exagerating of course, maybe down to 4.5 months, tho.

  3. I will believe it when I see them in the hands of the Ukranians. Nothing against the German people, but some politicians, specialy your Chancelor and Finance Minister are being very suspect and shady

  4. Scholz was sus even before the election. He won because his scandals are too complicated for most people and his opponent from the christian democrats was an idiot. Our current foreign minister lost to him because of anti-green propaganda.

  5. I once went drinking with some Germans, they spent 20 minutes standing in the street trying to decide which pub to go to. One of them was closed.

  6. So instead of taking the quick decision, they are taking the pledge to do so? Not very quick then, is it?

  7. Compared to democracies with strong presidents like the US and France, the German chancellor is often not able to just 'executive order' something into existence. Some parliamentary committee has to vote on it. In the German article he said he pledges that, once the committee meets they will present a decision on the same day.

  8. Quick? See how long it has taken the Germans to even come to this decision to pledge a quick decision on delivering heavy arms to Ukraine, since the last time when they ship helmets to Ukraine!

  9. I’d like to thank Germany on cutting 10% of its Russian oil purchases. That means that only 90% of Germany’s Russia oil purchases supports the raping and murdering of women and children in Ukraine.

  10. The German government is really embarrassing. The slowness of their help only shows that there is no will to help, business before ethics and Ukrainian lives. They say that due to WWII they can't provide weapons, but in my mind they should know the best due to their history and be first to provide weapons.

  11. Ukrainian should try to destroy pipelines to the EU. Force the EU off Russian exports. I mean it would be shitty for Europe but it stops the money going to putin.

  12. Edit2: Because of the downvotes, I think I'll have to make something clear. I'm not voicing a controversial opinion. Many other Germans feel the way I do. So many of us want the government to do so much more than they are doing. I have a unique perspective because I was born and raised in Germany and moved away 10 years ago to my other home country, the Czech Republic. I'm frustrated that there is this overwhelming will to help, but things go the slowest most burocratic way possible. Meanwhile innocent people are dying in the Ukraine every single day. I'm not satisfied with anything less than immediate action, because all of us in Europe were living peacefully together for the longest time. Now a friendly country is being attacked for what might well be a political stunt by Putin to stay relevant in his own country, just like he did years ago already while everyone looked the other way. And instead of helping a friend, we are still debating whether we should or not.

  13. Scholz will quickly decide that "no" is his final answer. Too many people in the German SPD are Putin sympathizers. Anyone who willingly aligns themselves with Russia is a fascist enabler, or an outright fascist themselves. And in either case, they aren't entitled to have an opinion anymore. It might be time for Germany to outlaw the SPD the way they did the Nazi party.

  14. The SPD is their moderate-progressive party. They are like a third of the country. Banning them would be utterly insane and stupid

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