Afghanistan's Sikhs to 'make choice between converting to Islam or leaving country': Report

  1. So, FYI for everyone, they're citing "International Forum for Right and Security". When I went on their website, I got a malware warning.

  2. Luckily for the Muslims living in the west don't have to face the same choice... I genuinely wonder how Muslims , in general, feel when they hear this kind of inhuman treatment of other cultures by their own faith.? Is there any shame or does it just roll off them?. I'm not trying to provoke anyone but I'm asking a serious question.

  3. Look man, belive me when I tell you a lot of us hate radical Muslims more than you can imagine. Those bastards dragged my country into a 10 year civil war in the 90s. I used to know a lot of Syrian kids and they always said how much they despised Isis. I don't know about others, but I don't see them as part of the same faith

  4. There are only a few Sikhs left to defend the gurudwaras, last I heard the remainder were leaving for other countries before the Taliban arrived in Kabul.

  5. I remember some news back a month where it's mentioned that they didn't take flight to India because they want to go to usa and Canada.

  6. prosecuted minorities, except for the Muslim minorities indians wilfully kill, maim, torture and burn their places of worship and homes.

  7. I’m a bit confused what kind of version of Islam the taliban is on. Islam clearly prohibits forced conversion, everyone has the right to believe and do as they please and be treated equally and fairly regardless

  8. It can't. That's the beauty of basing news on reports. They sound official enough to pass as a source without needing to back their claims up with any verifiable evidence.

  9. The supposed “peaceful religion” vs. The actually peaceful religion. My thoughts will be with the Sikh population. Fuck Islam.

  10. It is not surprising. No people have been so oppressed by Muslims like the Sikhs. No faith has ever been put to the fire like the Sikhs with Islam. They survived, enduring such oppression and are a stronger people and faith for it.

  11. It didn’t matter if you had converted from Judaism to another religion. Jewish people are an ethnoreligious group, so if you were ethnically Jewish, you were persecuted.

  12. No such option was available for the jews to convert all of them deemed for the camps to be slaughtered.

  13. fundamentalist religious people are expansionist, natalist, intolerant, obscurantist, mysogine. seems quite close to hitler or other fascist leader view.

  14. “Its my magic sky being or the highway!” I still cant get over how the majority of us are basically toddlers who believe in magic..

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