Israel's Israeli Arab member of parliament Aida Touma-Sliman claims that PM Netanyahu and his ministers are fuelling communal violence for political gain.

  1. Right now the local in-fighting in Lod, Ramla and Bat Yam is doing more damage to the country than the rocket attacks.

  2. This is what people don’t understand. The Arabs in Israel are being attacked, not just the ones in Palestine. Some of them are not even Muslim. They mob doesn’t care.

  3. I thought this the other day, it seems so convenient that all this kicks off days after benny couldn't form a government.

  4. Let's remember Netanyahu is a direct beneficiary, by design, of the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin. Never f**king forget that.

  5. Omg. Wow. They are aren’t they? Netanyahu just failed to form a gov. Time for a war. It’s classic playbook.

  6. Netanayu’s gov’t and soldiers have been applying subtle pressure to the Palestinians all Ramadan long for this very outcome to distract from his legal issues and to coalesce support to forming a coalition gov’t with him at the helm. This is a very concerted effort on the Israeli gov’t to make the Palestinians react and be a scapegoat.

  7. And don't doubt for a moment that Bibi's young relatives are all safe and sound somewhere waaaaaaay far away from the bombs dropping.

  8. You mean Binyamin (Netanyahu), not Benny (Gantz). Benny is the leader of a political party that wants to remove Binyamin by forming a coalition without Binyamin.

  9. It is always a great realization when a horribly powerful person is just, to their core, a maniacal fiend.

  10. It's obvious. What is less obvious is that Hamas and Bibi are in essence working together on this. For both, continuing violence and unrest are the only way to stay in power. They live in symbiosis. I'm not suggesting that they are actually coordinating, but they both understand they are working together towards the same goal by stoking the violence and they do it on purpose. Hamas launched rockets, Israel responds, people die and that is used to sideline the non-radicals on both sides.

  11. If its only for political gain and not personal financial gain its probably one of the more ethical things he is doing.

  12. just fyi, bibi actually stops being prime minister in november even if theres no new government. hes in a PM rotation with benny gantz of cahol levan. this is not particuarly good for bibi. yes he ensure bennet and lapid dont join up and he postpones his downfall, but its still coming and these events have made him look weak to most israelis.

  13. If memory serves me right I’m pretty sure my country just had a president who used similar tactics.

  14. Yep, fuck Bibi the US needs to advocate for the removal of him from power before too many people on both sides are radicalized and he and Hamas have enough support to be legitimized the first step to peace is descalataion.

  15. I think you are over-simplifying the problem. Clearly there’s has been a new war brewing in Israel for years already.

  16. "If citizens of Israel have to sleep in shelters then Gaza will burn. There is no other equation." Thats not Netanyahu. Thats Gaanz the moderate.

  17. Yeah it's not like Hamas shooting over 2000 missles over us. You want him to do what? Sit down and pray for it to stop?!

  18. At this point Bibi should just declare himself the PM for life like Putin, that way we don’t need to have these conflicts during every election time.

  19. As if the Palestinian election cycle isn’t literally guys I hate the Jews more watch me send 1,000s of rockets at a time to prove it. As if that exact example didn’t happen this month.

  20. It's because the term "Israeli Arab" is both plural and singular. It's an odd term anyway, mainly used by the government to avoid calling them Palestinians.

  21. Oh, it wasn't meant like that. I was just trying to follow what I read in the BBC article and trying to make it short, both at the same time. I understand what you're pointing out though. I didn't think that way because I'd read the article but if someone just reads that heading, they might think she's the only one (Israeli Arab) in the parliament. Thank you for pointing this out!

  22. That's exactly what he's doing and it's shameful. Israel needs to remove this tumerous fuckwit the way USA got rid of Trump

  23. Sadly I have family who live in Israel and their take is that Biden is siding with palestinians, and that Trump was the true strongman who kept them in check the last 4 years.

  24. Yes, this was so clear from the beginning. There are two parties that benefit from this bloodshed: Netanyahu and the Likud party, and Hamas. Neither one cares how many Israelis or Palestinians die, as long as they maintain power, and both are racist and hateful towards each other's culture. The real war is between regular people who want to live their lives and extremist far-right religious nutjobs leading Israel and Gaza.

  25. I am happy to stop all military aid and assistance to Israel until such time as Netanyahu is out of power. They are going down the wrong road.

  26. Because he is still the legitimate leader as per the law. Do you really want to the USA to coup him or get involved in their internal politics

  27. They've been doing it for 20 years - and it has worked. They'll keep doing it until the price they have to pay is unbearable. Since that pressure has to come from outside, I'm not optimistic.

  28. I think the thing that infuriates me the most is they hide behind the Holocaust. They are literally using the mass genocide of their people as a political shield/cover to commit their own genocide and maintain an apartheid state.

  29. That's obvious. He's under indictment, he lost the election, and is likely going to prison. A war with the Palestinians will distract everyone.

  30. He'll most likely never go to prison. But he did just lose the election and that's the one thing psychopaths hate the most, losing power.

  31. Bots man... bots. Israel spends a ton of money astroturfing the web. Even going as far as employing disinformation ops to accuse anyone who disagrees with anti-semitism & supporting the holocaust in some cases.

  32. This is one of the most vile and disgusting things a person, a government or a nation state can do. Use extreme violence, essentially war, don't tell me using air strikes against an over crammed ghetto isn't a war. Literally using it for political points and the world does nothing. Fucking disgusting. Remember Bibi yahoo was ex Israeli special forces, his whole life has been using violence against Palestinians.

  33. Of course he is. You'd be an idiot for thinking everything Israel did leading up to the current violence wasn't and intentional provocation to spurr violence. This isn't a case of spontaneous eruptions of unrest caused by some random interactions between Palestinians, this was a week of targeted attacks on Palestine and its people. They have abandoned all pretense of peaceful cohabitation and made it clear to the Palestinians and the world they want to "solve" the Palestine problem as quickly as possible, and if that means provoking Hamas to justify mass arrests, evictions, and bombings, all the more reason to do it.

  34. I try not to assume the worst in people or jump to conclusions before the facts are straight. But this does seem to be one of those looks like a duck sounds like a duck situations.

  35. Netanyahu probably needs a distraction, isn't he going down for accepting bribes or something?

  36. Isn't Netanyahoo currently on trial for corruption and bribery? What a way to distract the public...the guy is starting a war.

  37. Hamas and Bibi are both staring down elections. Can’t wait for them to both declare victory and marshal support from zealots.

  38. Damn, and here I thought it was the barrage of rockets they've been shooting down. I must be a kabob.

  39. I am still shocked how people make it sound like there is a tie between Palestinians and Israel, and that both are equally to blame.

  40. He definitely is... that’s not something new... Bibi has been profiting political gain from racism and violence for years now

  41. Yeah if anybody tries to tell you there's a good guy and a bad guy in this situation, they are at best, drastically oversimplifying

  42. You mean the recognised terrorist organisation that holds a majority in their parliament isn't just a bunch of good guys?

  43. Just to clarify, I don’t think anyone has ever said that Palestinian politicians have no blame in violence, but saying “they’re no angles either” totally forgets that this is an extremely lopsided conflict resembling any other colonial conflict of the late 20th century. Empire vs natives. Israel is colonizing land and pushing natives out, causing unrest. Then they storm into their holy sites and beat people up, causing unrest. Rockets are fired at Israel, and Israel retaliates by decimating native infrastructure and housing.

  44. Every time I see the rockets for airstrike tit for tat shit I become more and more convinced that Hamas is funded by Israeli right wingers to win free elections.

  45. Hamas leaders get an international pay day every time these tensions flair up. They crave the conflict just as much as Bibi so they can build another swimming pool in their compounds and mansions in Qatar

  46. There's his public speech, and then there's the sheikh jarrah evictions, attack on prayers in temple mount and the blockade placed on main street ways in Arab neighborhoods in Jerusalem.Who's in charge for all of these again?

  47. Same energy when trump spoke to proud boys or jan 6th riot or after Charlottesville or after attacks on synagoge..

  48. I mean having Arab parliament members in Israel shows that Israel is not apartheid (as commonly suggested on reddit)

  49. The area Israel controls between the Mediterranean Sea and Jordan River there is apartheid. Someone who is Arab who has lived in Jerusalem their whole life can't move freely in the region where a random Jewish dude from Brooklyn can parachute in and effectively live where he wants including sometimes in Palestinian's own damn house. That's apartheid and racial supremacy!

  50. That’s like saying that having a Third Estate shows that medieval France wasn’t ruled by king and court.

  51. Yeah and because Obama was president the US is not racist. Things aren’t black and white, Apartheid includes the grey areas of second class citizenship too.

  52. Something tells me Palestinian TV playing vids with 'heroic' music in the background as Arab youths beat up Jews has a lot more to do with the current crisis than Netanyahu's security response.

  53. Hi. I’m Israeli and I speak Hebrew, so I understand everything that Bibi has been saying. I hate Bibi, but he has been urging everyone to put down arms and not take the law into their own hands since the beginning. I have no idea where he is getting this bullshit from. But as shitty as netanyahu is, he is not as stupid as Trump.

  54. Very few people are as stupid as Trump my friend, not a good comparison to make. The difference we fucked up and let him in but also kicked his ass out immediately after 4 years after trying to impeach him twice.

  55. It sure is mighty convenient for him that all of this happened right after his opposition was given the chance to form a coalition. It’s almost like he is a master of deception.

  56. If I were king of the world I’d move everyone out with force, then bulldoze the shit into a parking lot for a new Disney world attraction featuring a dark ride similar to “its a small world” titled “this is why we can’t have nice things”

  57. They're fuelling violence to give them an excuse to flatten Gaza and turn it into a Jewish settlement.

  58. Gaza was already full of Jewish settlements for years... They removed them all in 2005. You're saying they kicked all those people out, paid them a ton of money to move within Israel, gave Gaza over to Hamas, dealt with rockets and warfare for years and now are defeating Hamas to take Gaza back to make it into settlements? What was the point of all of that, from your perspective?

  59. That's what the fundies who Bibi is clinging to for survival want yes. That's the whole idea in fact

  60. This is a misunderstanding of the events. Israel has had four elections in two years, but it’s not because Netanyahu keeps calling a “redo” just because he doesn’t like the result.

  61. That's not how it works. Elections are automatic as long as a budget isn't voted and Israel is still on 2019 budget. Bibi isn't doing anything, it's the people who keep voting in a way that breaks even. And the Arab parties are absolutely to blame too since either of them abstaining at Knesset can stop Bibi as we speak.

  62. From the people whose land they colonized with that sweet US support and then were just flabbergasted when the local residents retaliated?

  63. Sadly this is also true for members of the Arab party Hadash. They also profit from this violence and extremism, from keeping the Arab population poor, not trying to help them and spreading lies in order to keep them extreme.

  64. This is also said by white Canadians (and Americans) when talking about the native/indigenous/aboriginal population here. Sound familiar?

  65. What other historical world leader fanned the flames of racism to gain power? Hmmmmm think think think

  66. The circle jerk here is truly disturbing. Hamas commits war crimes daily...they use human shields and put rockets in civilian areas (war crimes...) with the hope Israel responds to their rocket strikes. They hope Israel kills civilians to generate support.

  67. Yeah, I'm sure they love being barraged with missiles. Their outrage at being mistreated is a classic case of someone trying to be murdered for the sympathy, which they can definitely benefit from afterwards


  69. I don’t see any circle jerk here. I see that you are using the logic here which is a false argument. “Hamas is doing bad things, so Israel is justified to use any degree of response, no matter how much disproportionate.” Maybe you’re even suggesting “Israel is beyond any criticism because Hamas doing bas things”. So are you actually suggesting Hamas be used as a moral standard source?

  70. Netanyahu literally publicly said that violence is unacceptable by both sides,where the f are they making this headlines up?

  71. עזוב אחי זה פשוט לא שווה את המאמצים שלנו. ממש קשה לראות את השטויות האלה אבל אנחנו בחיים לא נצליח לשכנע.

  72. By whom? Also it’s not exactly like Nazi German. Yes, Israel deserves criticism. But you are still writing something very stupid.

  73. A tip on who's actually using who is the fact that Hamas only exists because of Israel's goverment, that supported them in a sick game of divide and conquer to weak the Palestinian goverment...

  74. Netanyahu is corrupt, he does not have Israel’s best interests in mind. That’s been apparent for years. This seems like a political power grab catalyzed by his ineptness at forming a government.

  75. Isn't it fucking obvious? This is Bibi's war. All he wants is to focus attention away from his trial and figure out a way to remain prim minister. Nothing else matters to him. So he provoked a war. Totally avoidable.

  76. Netanyahu is attempting the same kind of coup as Trump, he will ramp it up against Arab Israelis and occupied Palestinians and use it as pretext to grab power

  77. All the reporters, army men, officers, politician from left and right and the public call for keep this operation until hamas will lay down.

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