What ya think about The Elder Scrolls?

  1. I particularly enjoy how ES lore is so ambiguous. Most of the lore comes from books or conversations that have the potential to be incorrect, which allows for a lot more lore discussion and headcanons.

  2. It's good lore, but they rarely make really good use of it in their games. They stick far too much to the human provinces, which tend to be a bit more bland than the non-human provinces, though to be honest I haven't been keeping up with the series past Skyrim.

  3. I like how it seems fairly vanilla on the surface, but when you immerse yourself just a little more it gets weird as hell (All of akavir, CHIM, the king of rape, Yokuda, etc.)

  4. Elder Scrolls has a lot of layers to it. On the surface, it's a generic fantasy world. For the people who don't care about the lore or the story, it's simple enough to get what's going on and just enjoy the games.

  5. I love TES, I think I read most (if not all) of the wikis, skyrim is my favorite game all time and the lore is really good and surprisingly consistent for such an old series. One of my biggest inspirations, even if I'm not thinking in that I add elder scrolls stuff in my worlds.

  6. I absolutely love ES lore and take it as a huge inspiration for my worldbuilding. In fact, I’m currently playing through Skyrim as one of my major original characters to further develop his character. It’s working very well!

  7. I love it, I once joked that I’d like to work as an anthropologist and fully explore the cultures of the world. I was at the time studying an undergrad anthropology major.

  8. I've only played skyrim, didn't even finished it as I was sucked into mods, I really loved the lore and watched tons of lore videos,

  9. I like it, but the lore of that world is freaking weak and eastern mysticism influenced. Makes me mad.

  10. I'm not familiar with Elder Scrolls, can you explain what it means for multiple things to be true at once?

  11. It's neat, but I don't think I could ever really enjoy it beyond the surface level. At most I like the mundane and slightly cartoonish aspect of the small-scale content, but all the major lore and whatnot is so bland and typical 'epic fantasy' to me that I can't really care about it.

  12. Arena and Daggerfall really let you explore a world, and I think more people should take inspiration from the ways those titles did so (cautiously optimistic about Wayward Realms.) Battlespire and Morrowind took some steps forward and some steps backward with regards to presentation of the world, but they definitely helped to really push the setting towards much deeper and more complicated and nuanced lore than standard fantasy tropes. Oblivion, Skyrim, Online, and Blades are all rather uninspiring to me personally. That about sums up my thoughts on the world and its presentations, I don't know what to make of any other titles in the series.

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