Daily Wordle #384 - Friday, 8 Jul. 2022

  1. I was confused by this too. You play as normal (NYT) then head over to Scoredle and input the current puzzle plus your guesses - you can then share the images you're seeing

  2. For Wordle my brain's usually good to go about 15 minutes after drinking my first coffee. But for Octordle I have to be wide awake or I screw stuff up.

  3. Does anyone else use this method: For first two letters in this case, walk through keyboard with qw, qe, qt, qi, qo until end, then wq, we, wt, wi, wo... Generating all possible pairs of available letters looking for ones along with greens that suggest words.

  4. I will if I’m really stumped. Helps me figure out what letters are mostly in each spot that I’m not thinking of. Definitely have been using this technique less recently which feels like improvement!

  5. Ok I'm just pissed about this one. Especially since Scoredle tells me it would have gotten it in two with my starter. Forget you, scoredle.

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