Built some custom cabinets for our new home

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  2. I designed and built our new cabinets with a nod to Mid Century. This was definitely my most ambitious project, and we spent many, many hours discussing layout/colors. Our goal was to build something highly functional with a very unique look. So far we are really happy with the results!

  3. Can you link the aluminum channel and diffusers you used? I couldn't find em with google. Thanks much

  4. I don't know the exact number as we stopped counting long ago. I think there was at least 7K in plywood and drawer slides. Plus pulls, paint, varnish, hardwood, red bull, etc.

  5. How did you paint the drawer fronts to achieve such a smooth finish? Did you use grain filler first? Great job!

  6. Beautiful! I love the 2 tone vanity- Great styling. I am starting to adopt the casement window trend above the kitchen sink in my designs. A buddy from Chicago turned me on that feature/creature comfort...

  7. How thick is your ceiling/roof? I'm used to UK rooves (ours is nearly 60 cm /2ft thick with all the layers of tiles and insulation etc). But yours looks insane!

  8. Roof is a 3/12 pitch, with ceiling vaulted to match. I believe the trusses are about 4’ or so deep. The skylight is framed at an angle making it appear even deeper.

  9. This is top level work. I wouldn’t change a thing! Love the island, it really pulls in the different colors of the kitchen perfectly.

  10. The funny thing about electrical is you never know what you have, until it is all drywalled, painted, finished, and you turn the lights on.

  11. This looks fantastic! I saw your comment on the Graco and name of the paint color, but which paint base is it? I'm using a polyurethane enamel cabinet coat by Inslix and found that it tended to run. I'd be interested in alternatives for the future.

  12. I read all the positive comments and agree with them. I was surprised nobody else hates the cabinet to the left of the stove. It looks like it's plopped on the counter. The extra storage isn't worth the loss of counter space especially right next to the (presumably busy) cooking area.

  13. Yeah personally, that was not a chocie I'd have made. I'm one of those "you can never have enough counter space" people.

  14. I stopped counting. At least $7K of cabinet materials, plus finish, and hardware. And a ton of hours.

  15. lol. don't say that! I'm not trying to make anyone have negative thoughts, just sharing for inspiration and feedback :)

  16. We are in rural Nebraska. Thanks for the compliments. Definitely wanted something a little different, but sleek and clean. I personally have not seen anything like this on any home I've been in (parade of home, open houses, etc.)

  17. Really beautiful work! I’d want the upper cabinets to go up to the ceiling but I see how that would be a huge pain to do in this case. Otherwise, amazing job and I’m jealous of all the drawer space!

  18. I used to do a lot of cabinet carcasses like this in maple Europly or Appleply back when I did such things (and it was affordable) the detail in pic #14 is what absolutely sells this for me. Fantastic work.

  19. Damn right! We designed the house to have large windows and a shared kitchen/dining space so the windows could do double duty.

  20. I can't imagine ever having a rug under a dining room table. It would get stained so quickly! Especially with kids - wouldn't they ruin it?

  21. Wow. Those look amazing. The finishes are perfect and the color scheme works great. Did you do all of the design work yourself?

  22. Can’t imagine how long it would’ve taken to bend the Baltic birch let alone the entire kitchen🔥Amazing work!

  23. Wow! These look super professional, like designer kitchen level. You can really see the thought and effort that went into this.

  24. I sincerely appreciate that, thank you. Lots of thought and effort, but definitely achievable as a DIY project.

  25. The grain matched white oak and the perfect spacing! Jeez dude! You did such a great job! I love it!

  26. lol. No, I've been a hobby woodworker for a long time. I don't want to give off the feeling that this is NOT obtainable for a DIY project though. Just needs proper planning

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