I was tired of my coworkers stealing all of my hot sauce. It's getting bolted down.

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  2. How dare you mock my lock ( ha, that rhymed)?! I drove ALL THE WAY to the DOLLAR STORE!? How dare you? ... How. Dare. You.

  3. Actually, this master lock just uses a spring-loaded mechanism to hold the shackle in place and the tolerance of the shackle and receiver have quite a bit of slop, so a soda can and a pair of scissors can make a shim to pop that lock in less than a minute.

  4. Pop the top and put a straw down it .. Then cover the top of straw with finger .. Bam ..You got hot sauce , Or use a basting syringe and draw the sauce out of the jar with the top off ..

  5. Adding some reaper sauce to the bottle will definitely oust the culprit. Just look for the red-faced person balled up on the floor of the break room.

  6. considering that hot sauce may actually harm people, and you're doing this secretly, this may fall into legal trouble in the vicinity of booby-traps snd poisoning.

  7. Yes, it does bolt to a surface. Also, it's more a joke than anything else. I feel like if the worst they do is use more hot sauce than you'd like them you're doing pretty good in the coworkers category lol

  8. I was thinking the same thing lol like you can't invest a few dollars into a big bottle of a sub par hot sauce?

  9. I take it it's screwed to the table? Probably should have put something over the top, what's stopping them from putting a couple drops of visine in it?

  10. Zip ties!? I am a MOUNTAIN OF A MAN! A COLOSSUS! and you try to stop my saucing with zip ties?! ... Or I'm just a normal guy with access to snips, or scissors, or a slightly pokey rock. Idk, I'm just spit balling.

  11. Just sub it out with some Da Bomb that's over 200k scovilles. I got some in my fridge and I tell you what, they'll do it once and will never chance it again. Bet.

  12. Oh man! I got this friend that makes this SUPER hot nonsense. But people kept coming over and getting into his rare and valuable Scotch. Long story short his hot sauce is clear and he has access to food coloring. They stopped messing with his Scotch lol. Go, You!

  13. I would just pop the top and steal some by putting a straw in there and my finger over the other end. Drizzle it little by little.

  14. I'm new to reddit and this "sub" (did I say that right?), and all of this nonsense, but you people are AWESOME. Thank you. Never change

  15. Leaving the cap exposed just seems like a bad idea if people are driving you to this point. I could see someone viewing that as petty and either siphoning out the contents or adding something nasty to it.

  16. So I've got this side hustle I'm working on and my safe breaker, I mean locksmith, dropped out. You interested? My driver, I mean chauffeur, is also getting cold feet so bonus points if you can drive manual.

  17. You married? Wanna get coffee sometime? Nothing weird, I just like that you decided to include sex jelly in a post about woodworking and hot sauce. Again, nothing weird. Unless...

  18. I don't want to be that guy, but can't they still use the hot sauce? Just simply pick up the contraption pop open the lid on the hot sauce and turn it over?

  19. I’m just not getting the reason for building it with a hole for the neck of the bottle to stick out of lol. If you’re giving them windows to be taunted from, then lock up the whole damn bottle and put pressure sensors on it with spike attacks

  20. See, this is why the mines are painted to match the floor tiles. And an email is automatically sent to the grieving families.

  21. This whole project is mainly a joke, fyi. That being said, the "windows" are so they can see the sauce but not have lol.

  22. I don't. But I'm down for some Canadian justice. I mean, that crew calls ham, BACON, so you know they're into some twisted shiz lol

  23. Curious: why leave the top exposed? What’s to stop an enterprising hot sauce thief such as myself syphoning it out with a straw?

  24. Not a good lockup. Anyone can still access the flip lid and just flip that whole contraption upside down to get hot sauce. Lol

  25. Do what I did. Write your name on the bottle, add do not touch underneath, then add Carolina reapers to the sauce. Sit back and watch the mayhem.

  26. Am I the only one that noticed that the bottle has a flip-top lid, essentially you will be locking down an empty bottle unless the cap isn't accessible

  27. For the 10$ it costs to buy the value sized one at a wholesale or Costco type place seems like a small thing to just share to keep a happy work space desperate times when hot sauce needs to be locked down

  28. If I did this in Australia they'd just open the lid and it would pour out, because we are upside down.

  29. This reminds me the of the time we replaced a coworkers lotion (a very ocd guy, used that shit all day) with mayo, trust me it was hilarious.

  30. Locking away the hot sauce is a war crime worse than quite a few others that are not conversation topics for polite company. It's akin to a declaration of war by bombing the shit outta something like the statue of liberty.

  31. You know that scene in "The Patriot" where Mel Gibson kills that dude on the horse with a flag? I'm Mel, you're the guy and my hot sauce is the flag. Buckle the fu** up!

  32. Open top, pour in liquid soap. Enjoy food without hot sauce and wait until moment of realization.

  33. Put it into the bottom of a tubular container. Add as many springy snakes that you can stuff in. Put a lid on it and wait.

  34. I like that you can still use the sauce, and I assume coworkers can have some sauce, but stealing it is an inconvenience, but also still possible.

  35. Yes. True. This was mainly a joke. Because my coworkers are actually pretty awesome. BUT, I did say it's getting bolted down in the title.

  36. I don't put it past them for a second lol. They're actually a great crew and they'd definitely get a gang together to flip it over and use it anyway lol

  37. Honestly, I would see this as a challenge. I'd design and build a small pump, remove the cap, and extract the hot sauce. A straw and a finger would work in a pinch, but I prefer more elaborate solutions to such challenges.

  38. I say you order some of da bomb hot sauce from hot ones. Empty out a franks bottle put da bomb in it and leave it for others to use…

  39. There's a bit of a joke in the welding community of making someone a gift of a bottle of scotch caged in with a welded steel frame that requires an angle grinder or other destructive means to cut it open. I like the idea :-)

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