Still hasn't sunk in yet

  1. Great actor, lovable guy, huge fan of the world and character he was playing... It's crazy to think these writers messed up so bad they lost him.

  2. I don't think it's crazy that the writers lost him. Watch every fantasy show not done by HBO and the writing is shit. Wheel of time, the witcher and tings of power were all written by newbie writers with no experience and even less talent.

  3. In think in 10 year's time, Cavill will be remembered as one of the few good things about the show, a bit like that guy who played Bison in the Street Fighter movie

  4. The real risk is that Liam and the writers are bad enough that no one remembers it at all. I hate to speculate, but this must have been devastating for Henry at some personal level. It’s his favorite video game and he was bringing it to life. There is no other thing quite like it.

  5. For you, the day Bison graced your movie was the most important day of your life. But for him, it was Tuesday.

  6. who the hell is going to remember this dumpster fire in 10 years? its incredibly easy to forget it exists already

  7. I'm torn between morbid curiously making me want to watch and my sliver of good taste telling me to watch something good.

  8. Unpopular opinion but if you switch off your brain, season 2 is actually a very fun show. Certainly all the scenes with Geralt and Jaskier are usually very enjoyable. I didn't like what they did with Yennefer or the weird obelisks or the big bad of the season but I still appreciate the fact it exists and sort of enjoyed how much of a stupid ride it is.

  9. I couldn't finish first one, so I can't even imagine third if this was a constant slippery slope.

  10. The writers of the show deserve for their next job to go directly to write the obituary on the newspaper of a small town that still do obituaries... and newspaper

  11. I literally just had this thought and was gonna make a post. It just... consistently sinks in. Henry was as close to perfect on geralt for me as we'll get. This sucks so much. I really wanted to see the show improve and get further on, see Regis get cast (God DAMN I wanted this), have all the moments from the books brought to the screen like they deserve... it's such a loss. He's irreplaceable. It's not like Liam is a bad actor. But he has an impossible pair of shoes to fill.

  12. Writers that - allegedly - hate the source material and the computer games. What ever could go wrong?

  13. The writers have been open about hating the books and games. Cavil was quoted at willing to do 7 seasons but bounced due to the writers. Liam doesn't matter, the writers have poisoned the whole thing.

  14. I quite liked Enola Holmes 2. If quitting Witcher frees up space for him to do a Sherlock Holmes series, I'm all for it.

  15. Kind of a fun aside - it's made the rounds that the creator of Andor is also not a Star Wars fan - though not active dislike, just indifference. He just wanted to tell a good story, and was vaguely baffled at people getting into "star wars mode" in their head and forgetting what they're good at.

  16. He was literally perfect for the role. Henry Cavill was probably one of the only good aspects of this show. I most likely will stop watching rip

  17. I mean crazy thought. Could this be him pulling a final trick to try and get the show writer fired and have him take over everything? Seems like less than zero chance but maybe he holds some leverage here by doing this. Like an only way to get him to come back will be his list of demands.

  18. I cant wait for the producers to start shitting on Cavill and try to gas light fans into thinking he was the problem

  19. wdym ''we''? the fucking trash tier showrunner fumbled cavill by tarnishing the source material that he loves so much

  20. We? I don’t know about you but I don’t think I contributed to him leaving the show. That rests solely on the writers and the fact that their vision for the show deviates from what the books have established (among other things).

  21. I loved him since his role in The Tudors. But when I found out he was also a Witcher nerd, Warhammer guy, PC builder, dog lover, and Chiefs fan, my heart for him burst. I was so hyped for the Witcher series.. I should have learned my lesson from the Sword of Truth series years ago

  22. He was never that good and people need to stop with the the d riding. He’s a mediocre actor at best, and yes I understand some viewers just enjoy looking at him as a handsome guy, but he’s got all of one look and the overly forced deep voice is so cringey. And before you say he really cared about the source material and staying true to the books, his Geralt is perhaps the furthest from the books you can get and I would think that as an actor, understanding your source material is the bare minimum, so I don’t find his “knowledge” of the Witcher material impressive at all. So honestly he’s no loss. The show was awful from the start and what I hope is that him leaving buries it for good, and maybe it gets picked up by someone other than Netflix than can do justice to the more complex and gritty world instead of making a joke out of it.

  23. Just say you don't understand that actors follow a script, my guy. Blaming the show on HC is a take that's just completely divorced from reality.

  24. I fully admit that I didn't care that much one way or the other when he was in superman. Honestly, I kinda of still don't. Superman is a pretty boring character in my opinion.

  25. Lol at the downvotes, people really taking this stuff seriously lol. I am looking forward to Season 3 AS WELL AS any following seasons. More Witcher is not a bad thing. If you dont like who is in the cast...then who is forcing you to watch it?

  26. Well, as much as admire Mr Cavill's engagement, he's not entirely wrong. An actor caring about the material and trying to blend books and games is great. But even I was a little disappointed after season one and hoping for better (with a better budget). Ultimately I was off after Eskels situation... And no matter how much Mr Cavill loved the books, he jumped the the ship in time.

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