new to gwent. is this accurate? or am i just bad haha

  1. I once played some merchant and between the two of us we played 15 spy cards in the first round (5 or 6 straight up, then replayed using decoys)

  2. This i have had several games where i play basicly 7 spys by having my own but also have shit ton of healers and decoys of course the opponet usually have some too but you can just replay them if you have more than your opponent

  3. Wasnt there some woman in the Gwent championship who has a lot of spies in her deck? Iirc i went up against her and we both ran out of cards to draw from our piles as we kep using decoys

  4. Yeah honestly, a few rounds of getting your butt kicked, and it's pretty easy to spot the AI's weaknesses. Biting Frost anyone?

  5. My whole style of doing that over and over again to them it never fails me i have been gotten most my cards in one turn in some lucky occasions my card pile only had line 3 cards left in it everything else was on my hand or already used

  6. That's why you also have decoys so when they decoy your spies and use them on you, you decoy them back for a second use.

  7. Scorch is why I stopped playing Gwent PvP because I would carefully nurse my deck, sacrificing a round where I made them eat-up cards, teasing out two scorch cards, and then playing my big units in round 3. Then they would pull out a third scorch and I would hulk out. Had to stop playing even though I was at 73% winning.

  8. You can get a bad hand from time to time. Sometimes happen as Nilfgaard or Scoiatel: you get three decoys, three healers, no spies, and no meaningful cards which add numbers to your side.

  9. You also need thaler and the mysterious elf to complete your spy collection. And a couple of decoys/revive yourself and you're good to go!

  10. Actually yes, the Monsters are my favorite deck in the base game (Skellige is super cool too). The lack of spies and medics is a bit annoying but oh well, you can still use decoys though it's rarely needed. I recommend using Eredin Commander of the Red Riders as the leader in this deck, he doubles the strength of close combat units and lets you use the Commander's Horn somewhere else

  11. When I first started playing Gwent it was very difficult. Got my ass handed to me in the first tournament I tried, but now I don't think I lose a single game that I actually try to win considering how easy it is to just rinse and repeat decoys and spies with the northern deck.

  12. While playing against Nilfgaard try not to use any spies in round 1, so his healers are useless in round 2.

  13. Always use it against them. Let them keep it. Keep using spies the first 2 rounds. Let them win the first or second round. Then let them use their spies on you the third round. While already having used all their good cards. They only get shitty cards or combo’s they can’t complete. The AI doesn’t think about the round ahead

  14. Decoys work both ways. Load up with decoy cards- forget about weather cards, except for maybe a couple fair weather if you use Foltest Siegemaster (as you should). Use your healer to good advantage. Sometimes it's more advantageous to decoy her out so you can replay her again.

  15. This is why you play your high point value spies first, so if they decoy them you’ll get the high points back on your side. Spy game, baby.

  16. i’m not as big a fan of nilfgaard cause their spy cards are worth a lot more points than nr like they are 7 and 9 points some of them

  17. Yes these are. Stennis you get in the base Northern Realms deck. Djikstra you win from the Bloody Baron. Decoys can be bought from merchants. The medic is from the Nilfgaardian deck.

  18. This is my problem with in game Gwent, and I’m so glad stand-alone Gwent overhauled the redraw system. The fact that simply having more cards than your opponent is the only viable strategy 90% of the time makes for such a boring and predictable game after a while. And yes, I know it’s just a mini game lmao.

  19. I don't remember who it was, but I remember dueling some guy who also ran northern deck and we ended the first round with 20 cards in each hand.

  20. Best advice I can give is to put all the decoys you have into your deck. Spies aside, they can you can also use them to get more use out of medics or other unit cards with abilities.

  21. Pro strat - use console commands to get about 10x of each skellige cards. You ate gonna win most games with just 2-3 plays.

  22. Using the nilgaard leader card that allows you to take a card from your opponents graveyard is a pretty good move, play your spy, hope they don't have a decoy, and then the beginning of the next round when your spy is still in their graveyard steal it back and use it again.

  23. If you can hold off playing your spy card until after they pass, it’ll eliminate the possibility of them using a decoy card on it

  24. Yeah this is why the multiplayer version of Gwent originally tried to nerf both spies and decoy, and the spies were still so unbelievably powerful that they simply removed them from the game.

  25. A lesson MtG learned decades ago - if there's a card so powerful it decides games, limiting it to 1 each just makes the games more of a coinflip, not less.

  26. It's stupid how high numbered Nilfgaard has their spies set at. Whereas I feel like Northern Kingdoms have more spy cards than "PFI" cards.

  27. I love spy cards. I know there's a decent chance they'll use a revive or decoy, but that's why I keep a few Reverse Uno cards in my deck so I can keep recycling spies. Play as Nilfgard with the Emyr that let's you take a card from your opponent's discard, and it makes it even better.

  28. I always try to have decoys when playing nilfgaard, I’ve been stomped so many times by this tactic, that I now uno reverse reverse my opponent when I can

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