Hi I’m Marc Jobst , director on Netflix’s THE WITCHER. Ask me anything about directing.

  1. Hello, loved the show and cinematography, especially the Geralt-Renfri fight scene composed of long takes. It's amazing to see that Henry Cavill is dedicated to the sword fighting and workout required for it.

  2. Y'all really don't know how tv works and it shows. If a writer says this, be worried. If a director says this, that's business as usual. There's no need to dive into the lore when your job is to bring together technical elements. Especially when the medium is television - directors who aren't producers have very little power (or prep time/time to film) and don't even edit their own episodes usually. They're on set to do their job. He did his job.

  3. How come in the big scene with nilfgard and cintras armies attacking each other there are no archers or siege weapons or projectiles of any kind? Any big battle would surely have had hundreds of archers. The cintrans don't even have pikemen or a defensive position. This seems like the most stupid battle ever lost by a defending army. Why was this done so badly?

  4. Why have you removed so many good moments from the books in the stories you included? For example:

  5. They had to cut down some episodes even from 90 minutes. They had a fixed amout of time alloted for each episode, it would be impossible to show EVERYTHING, cuts had to be made.

  6. Was there any influence you took from the game series? If so what aspects did you take? Were there any scenes which didnt make the final cut which you wish were in the episodes?

  7. Lol the comments on this post prove that Witcher fans went into this show wanting to be disappointed. The amount of nitpicking tiny fucking insignificant details I see happening all over the various Witcher subreddits is insane. People flipped on episode 1 with a stick already lodged deep up their collective asses, and every time they see brown Triss they scream, shove the stick farther up their own ass, then go online to scream about how Netflix shoved a giant stick in their ass.

  8. What was one of the biggest challenges of directing The Witcher as opposed to anything you've directed in the past?

  9. Hi there Marc, nice to see you here!In that swordfight scene we see Geralt getting cut a few times, is it to show how strong Renfri is or perhaps that bit of sympathy Gerlat has towards her?

  10. How do you liaise with other directors? Shows tend to have several directors, isn't it a challenge to coordinate to make sure it looks cohesive from ep 1 to ep 8?

  11. Why more Yenn than Geralt on the screen? Why blacks when there were none in the book? Why Triss looks like an elderly gypsy? In the book she was beautiful and skinny.

  12. I love diversity in shows but I want to ask why there are so few east asians considering they are 1/4 of the world population?

  13. Why are pilots so rushed and do a horrible job setting up a story? I feel like the 8 episode season hurt the writing process.

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