Who is the weakest character that could roast and shit talk Tatsumaki without getting murked?

  1. I think there was a joke answer in a similar thread about Dark-type pokemon being immune to all psychic attacks, so I'm going with that.

  2. Tornado could just drop a boulder on them instead. No rock-type resistance there. The only dark-type who can both talk and survive that is Darkrai, which is probably not the overall weakest character.

  3. Probably King. Even she would be careful about fighting someone she believe to be "the strongest man in the world" over a roasting.

  4. Idk if he pushed her far enough she’d might retaliate somehow, and even the gentlest of attacks will instantly splat king into atoms. Platinum sperm was completely willing and confident to fight king and I can’t see tats being scared of him.

  5. He said "weakest" character dude, Reigen is the #1 premier spiritualist of his century AND has the most powerful psychics in the universe as his disciples.

  6. I'm going to go with mr immortal, who would most certainly getting torn in fucking half, but woul just get back up again a little while later.

  7. Are real people allowed? Because if yes then the answer is Socrates. He could easily shit talk by only asking questions. He would roast Tatsumaki without roasting her and she wouldn't have anything to lash out at.

  8. Kuroko from Toaru? She could simply teleport away from projectiles, and passing through the 11th dimension could probably break Tatsu's psychic "grip".

  9. MJF. A normal human being with so much political influence that Tatsumaki will be pressured not to lay a finger on his in fear of the negative repercussions if she did so.

  10. Any dark type mon that can either tank or dodge large objects being thrown. Alolan Ratata has quick attack, an is not very strong, so I’d assume them.

  11. Although his works better on homelander because he can hear his heartbeat and sense fear. Tatsumaki would just assume he really was scared, and just hiding it. Homelander knew for sure that Stan just simply didn’t care.

  12. Anyone who speaks a foreign language she doesn't know, and maybe with a bit of acting skills. Like if they said really rude things but said it with the tone and body language of compliments

  13. Zoro, he tends to go off rails and blatantly insult people even to the extent of just not caring what others say, and it says they don't die while doing so, so by that logic if they have the hax or muscles to outdo anything Tatsu can throw at them they win. from being an incredibly inexperienced OPM fan in general it'd be easy for Zoro to insult her that much, all she can do is throw Meteors at him and they're otherwise childsplay to him after the Fuji Incident. twice.

  14. Probably not the weakest, but Hoid. He can't even fight back, but also can't die as far as we know. Plus he loves insulting people.

  15. I don't anyone but if there's a weak ghost-like character she would probably be too afraid to attack, she has fear of ghosts in of the filler chapters

  16. Maybe her sister, Fubuki. I don't really see her hurting her. It has been a long time since I've seen any OPM so maybe she doesn't give a fuck and still murks her.

  17. Rocko from Sesame Street. Has hax that makes everyone he isn't targeting favor him over his victim (usually Elmo). Tats wouldn't be able to murk Rocko since everyone else would be on his side.

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